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By Katheryn Maddox Haddad

GENRE: Historical, Family

The God-King arrives on earth as a carpenter and travels the kingdom helping people with his superpowers. Some search for him, some run from him, no one is ever the same.




TEASER: Andrew and Philip, both 12, exasperate their rabbi schoolmaster by taking him in circles about prophecies of the coming God-King. After school, jealous schoolmates throw stones at them “because Philip is an Egyptian Jew”. Suddenly it is 17 years later. They run into a mob beating up on a tax collector. They decided the country needs them to find the God-King before things get worse. But how?

ACT ONE: Andrew and Philip meet several times to make sure they have found all the prophecies of the God-King. Then they hear John, the hermit priest, has seen the God-King himself. Andrew and Philip go on the highway to find John. In their caravan they ask around day after day to see if anyone knows where John is. They go into a town and a man in a tavern sends them on a wild goose chase in the wrong direction. Finally, they realize, “We’re lost.”

ACT TWO: More days and nights in the caravan. Sometimes someone saw John a week or two ago. Finally, when they hear a sure thing, they become impatient. They crawl out of their tent in the middle of the night, go on the highway, and are beaten, robbed, and knocked out. The caravan finds them. When they come to, they are shocked. Their list of criteria has been stolen.

ACT THREE: They get back on the highway. At last, in the southern province of Perea, they find John. They hear him order people to stop lying, stop cheating, stop stealing. Andrew and Philip decide to be immersed for the ceremonial cleansing. While waiting the God-King to show up, they become John’s helpers and direct traffic down to the riverbank to hear John every day. In private, John tells them the God-King’s name is Jesus. It has no effect because half the men in Palestine are named Jesus. They are dumbfounded one night when John explains God descended into Jesus’ body.

ACT FOUR: They stay with John and help him for about a month waiting for Jesus to come back from the wilderness. During that time a friend joins them. When they finally see Jesus, they are shocked. They had all known Jesus while growing up. John must be mistaken.The new member of their group becomes disgusted and marches off. The other two go to Jesus’ rented room and argue all night. Their heads swim. This cannot be. Well, maybe. No. Impossible. We wasted our time. Are you really...are you... Jesus matches all the evidences given by the ancients. The evidence says yes. At dawn they believe. When Andrew runs out into the street to tell everyone he found the God-King, he sees a friend from home who tells him Peter has come down from the north to Perea to sell dried fish. Andrew runs to find him and introduces him to Jesus. Andrew remembers friend Nathaniel lives there, and goes to get him. Jesus tells them all, "Come with me. I am going to establish the greatest kingdom in the history of mankind. I am going to take over the world." "Without an army?" "Watch me. Come! Fly with me."

SYNOPSIS OF THE ENTIRE SERIES - Each episode is about someone different that Jesus meets. It is not the usual birth and death of Jesus and that’s all, but his every-day life.

Season 1 – HEARTS AFIRE; Season 2 - DREAM MAKER; Season 3 - FOLK HERO; Season 4 - FLOOD GATES; Season 5 – PROMISE KEEPER; Season 6 – SHADOW OF DEATH; Season 7 – COME FLY WITH ME; Season 8 – STAR SONG (How it All Began)

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