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Actor, Costume Designer and Screenwriter

Los Angeles, California

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About Nancy

I started studying to be a screenplay writer when I was a teenager and this is my passion.
I worked on films and T.V. productions from 1979 - 1987 and in 2009. I worked as a Costume Designer and Costumer. I became a psychic medium channel writer in 2009 and channel write and speak for famous spirits and write metapsychical movies as a screenplay writer for goodwill.

About Nancy
Prophet writing has been my proffesion since 2009 June when I became a medium clear vesel of light for God and Jesus Christ and many important spirit guides. I started my channel writing "Medium For God" business then and hand wrote in a sacred light trance everyday to save lives and sent the information I channel wrote all over the world to save people. I did not know my proffesion would be psychic writing as I suddenly became a full medium clear one day and I use my gift to its fullest to save life on earth and the world. I started channeling on my Angel Board in 2005 everynight by a white candle light and I started my save life readings this way everyday. I then started channel typing and do this for years, I write many important reports to save lives all over the world. I created my artistic Prophet business, channel writing poems and writing my own save life poems also in addition to my spiritual screenplays as I'm a studied screenplay writer and studied poetry and song lyric writing for many years and it was always my hobby and passion. I planned to be a screenplay writer since I was 17 years old. I completed my first screenplay in 2004 called " Angel's Anonymous" and I have two other screenplays I have been working on, the movie treatments are called " The River Farm Drive Mom, I Became A Medium To Stop Slavery Internationally". It's a true story about myself, how we were stalked , slandered, victimized at our house on River Farm Drive in Westlake Village and I was framed and set up and became a medium clear there as I felt the blood of Christ pass through me and started my channel writing and try to use my gift Ive been given to its fullest and I am devoted to this as an obligation and put my heart and soul into it for over nine years to save people and the world. My other screenplay treatment I have been writing by my past life psychic readings and its called " Carly Wilkinson, Based On My Past Life Readings" which was the life right before this one as my readings say I died 1958 Dec and knew I would be born as Nancy Fox and do my save life psychic work in this life as I do in every life , ten zillion lifetimes God says as we are the same person in every life, the same spirit and soul inside and I am called " The Emergency Angel, The Angel Of Stopping Emergencys" and my readings say I am " The Gaurdian Angel" in the painting someone did of the Angel saving children crossing on a bridge over a river as I died in that life when we lived on the prarie in covered wagon days and I saved my grandchildren from heaven as their "Gaurdian Angel" and my children who are the same children in this life,one a Angel Board Ouija Board spiritual geru as I and my other daughter is always a medium as I am and shes a healer of the earth and world and a real genie and thats what shes doing and has been studying for her proffesion since age 18 when she decided this was her plan and my older daughter is an Angel Board reader in this life as she did it also and they are always my geru spiritual psychic daughters and my gift really kicked in in 2005 at our house on River Farm Drive as I felt so spiritual there as it was by a church and we could hear the church bells gonging every hour and a wall of Angels was all around and suddenly I was so psychic channeling on my Angel Board. I also channel write " Songs From Heaven" and its my save life business.

In addition to my "Medium For God" writers business I work as a psychic medium reader for nine years.

I was a Realtor from 1999 to 2009. I sold many properties and I did my writing in my off time and felt selling real estate would support my writing career as I planned to be a screenplay writer since High School. I worked in the movie industry from 1979 to 1997 and again in 2009 as a "Costume Designer" and Costume Supervisor" as I wanted to work on films to learn about making movies so I could make my own. To be a screenplay writer was always my plan as a Costume Designer, A Realtor and I learned about characters being a Costume Designer and as a Realtor I knew which house a person would want to buy by the style and by their personality and I am great at criminal profiling which is why I cracked the case of how they run slavery internationally.
Nancy Gail Fox
Medium For God DBA Buisness Owner

Unique traits: I'm a psychic medium for famous people, I speak on my youtube channel for them and channel write for the famous legends since June 2009. For nine years I report my psychic crime tips as the "Medium For God" channel writer to stop slavery internationally. That's also my screenplay I am writing about my true life story " The River Farm Drive Mom-I Became A Medium To Stop Slavery Internationally"

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  • Carly Wilkinson- Based on my past life readings

    Carly Wilkinson- Based on my past life readings Budget: $30M+ | Historical Drama CARLY WILKINSON By Nancy Gail Fox ..........................................................Aka Fox-Taylor GENRE: Drama                                                                                                                  LOGLINE: We are the same being in every life, a spiritual Beverly Hills Tycoon geru stops nuclear war attacks and reincarnates to finish her psychic mission and her money and mail and owned Hotels are stolen by the criminals running slavery and the Best mom.A A old timer is set up, The River Farm Drive Mom and becomes a medium clear vessel of light and channel writes to stop slavery internationally to stop doom’s day and discovers she owns the world. SYNOPSIS: Carly Wilkinson A screenplay treatment. Based on my past life readings. Carly Wilkinson was a camera actor in the early 1900s for Hershey’s Coco, Geradeli Chocolate, and Campbell's Soup since age seven and for many years and in films with Vivian Leigh and many other famous actors who attended the Beverly Hills Hotel funeral in 1959 which they owned. Carly married a Hearst Family Castle relative in Carmel   by the Castle and his name was Wayne Tate reincarnated to her boyfriend of this life as she predicated. Carly was a well known geru clairvoyant healer who worked for the United Nations reporting crime tips to stop slavery internationally from Beverly Hills, California. Her husband invested her modeling income into Wall Street and quadrupled it, they lived an elite lifestyle and owned half of wall street, The Beverly Hills Hotel and Rodeo Drive Merchant. Their daughter's are reincarnated to her in this life and they secured their money at their reincarnation birth, as Carly Wilkinson Tate predicated their name and birth dates accurately on her death bed she signed her trust as the executor to her new name, the inheritance trust named Fox Smith and Tate. Their daughter's were actresses , Carol Tate Smith was starred in many television films into the 1970s and lived in their Bel Air Mansions and was also a healer. The other daughter was a theatre actress married to a rugby player from their private academy High School, she lived near Maple Drive and was in the Beverly Hills elite lifestyle. Carly Wilkinson Tate bought many landmark properties so all would know her when she returned to earth, such as the Empire State Building among many properties as she's known as The Emergency Angel, the oldest soul in time as she's a psychic geru who predicts emergency’s and in another past life in China geese followed her as a spiritual being and Katherine Roman numeral seven and known as the Earth Angel in their past life as Indians in the Conejo Valley where they lived for fourteen years in this life in the City of Westlake Village, California. Many actors attended her funeral, some are actors she worked with in this life as a Costume Designer shopping on Rodeo Drive and at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor. The Kennedy's, Eisenhower and Truman family attended and she is their medium in this life and her guides she channel writes for who explain the whole story. Lucille Ball is also her guide and she was at the funeral in the long precession line in the midst of those saying good bye to a dear one who loved deeply, more than anyone with sincere wisdom and sentiment who had the longest hand written signed guest book and left her will with detailed instructions and said my name will be Miss Nancy Gail Fox The named Son of God, The Lordess on Earth, and the daughter of the Lord born in Los Angeles and John F. Kennedy knew this and announced it to the Baptist Churches in the South and planned to have her work with him in The White House as a psychic clairvoyant and the first word she wrote was firetruck, the words she writes now to explain people are taken to slavery this way by false reports people posing as The Department of Health and Welfare write to sell people to medical research as dead bodies, the case she was to crack in The White House and at three years old ran through their backyard on Ranchito Avenue, the street she predicted accurately and yelled oh no JFK's been shot.

  • The River Farm Drive Mom

    The River Farm Drive Mom Budget: $30M+ | Biography Drama Subject: "The River Farm Drive Mom"SynopsisThe River Farm Drive MomBy Nancy Gail Fox Aka Fox-TaylorGENRE: Biography, Crime, Documentary, Drama, HistoricalLOGLINE: A mother’s devotion and determination heightens her psychic ability to save her daughters.SYNOPSIS: The psychic mothers world collapses by stalkers who spy at the single mom and lovely daughters home on River Farm Drive and she figures out how the run slavery internationally to save her daughters lives. She does Angel Board readings and find out they are being framed and sold to slavery in the summer of 2008, a mom sober since 1985, a family Realtor with no enemies is shocked by stalkers and lies about her by predators trying to adopt her two lovely teenagers to sell them to slavery, a Ballerina actress and a hunter jumper sober teen, the mom tells the whole world by channel writing by her many guides and mind reads the spies who do this. She tells the whole world for four years and no one tells her a word of the danger, a thousand frame her to murder her daughters and her and she;s always alone reporting crime tips.

  • Angel's Anonymous

    Angel's Anonymous Budget: $30M+ | Romance Drama LOGLINE: Clean and sober meets ghost.SynopsisA lighthearted spiritual AA reincarnation love story, a forty year old charming musician depends on his grandmother, she suddenly dies and helps him get sober from heaven and guides him to fall in love with a woman she wants as a mother when she returns to earth as his child.


  • Costume Designer-Costume Supervisor

    Costume Designer-Costume Supervisor (1979 - 2009)
    Credits Fudge Fudge (1995) TV Series Costume designer Death in Small Doses Death in Small Doses (1995) Film Costume designer Tales from the Crypt Tales from the Crypt (1991) TV Series Costume designer Hi Honey - I'm Dead Hi Honey - I'm Dead (1991) TV Movie Costume designer Deadly Desire Deadly Desire (1991) Film Costume designer The Stranger Within The Stranger Within (1990) TV Movie Costume designer The Ghost Writer The Ghost Writer (1990) TV Movie Costume designer Return to Green Acres Return to Green Acres (1990) TV Movie Costume designer No Holds Barred No Holds Barred (1989) Film Costume designer Kansas Kansas (1988) Film Costume designer Sledge Hammer! Sledge Hammer! (1986 - 1988) TV Series Costume designer Adam: His Song Continues Adam: His Song Continues (1986) TV Movie Costume designer CBS Schoolbreak Special CBS Schoolbreak Special (1986) TV Series Costume designer Credits Credits Awards Emmy Nomination Babies Having Babies (1987)

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