Loglines & Screenplays by Hannah Hooton

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The Child In Us

GENRES: Crime, Drama

Fabienne Tremblay is a child psychologist tasked with the job of extracting information from 8 year old Millie, the only witness to her mother's murder. But not everything is as it seems. One location. Three actors (2 adults, 1 child).

The Dreamer

GENRES: Crime, Drama

Fiona is trapped in a manipulative and abusive marriage that seems impossible to escape. Every morning she fantasises about murdering her coercive husband but does she have the courage to commit such a treacherous act or will she succumb to her depression and end her own life?


GENRES: Crime, Drama

A couple drive home through the night after a successful day out at the races but the closer they get to home the more in danger their lives become... for one in particular.

What We Talk About


Based (very) loosely on Raymond Carver's What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, this short script tells the story of two couples having a picnic together, talking but not connecting, sharing but not really exchanging, hearing but not really listening, each with their own guilty secrets and insecurities. Set in one location, four actors.

Incarnate - Ep. 1 "Life After Life"

GENRES: Sci-fi, War

Catherine Jacquot is destined to die in Nazi-occupied France... or so history would have us believe. 66 years later three friends making a documentary on the authenticity of reincarnation discover they are able to manipulate the actions of their former lives, changing Catherine's fate and subsequently their own. Should they change it back or should they save an innocent girl from the horrors of the Holocaust? 

Operation Noah

GENRES: Adventure, Biography

Based on the incredible true events of one man and his five-year mission to rescue over 6,000 wild animals from the flooding of the Zambezi Valley, using the most primitive of resources whilst being buffeted by the colonial "Winds of Change" that swept through Africa during the early 1960s.

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