Loglines & Screenplays by Alejandrino Martinez

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GENRES: Sci-fi

DSU (Dream State Universe) is about the next level of social media and reality. In this story, people turn their dreams into their very own lucid world where anything is possible and you can even invite your friends. We follow a melancholy detective who’s been tracking a serial killer in the real world only to see signs of him the DSU. This killer moves through the DSU with ease, disconnecting people, and killing them as a result. Our depressed investigator must work from two plains of reality to stop a mass-disconnection.

Time hop

GENRES: Sci-fi, Comedy

In the year 2079 a revolution has began against a totalitarian regime.  The rebels are inspired by rap music from the '90s and 2000s. This monolithic government will do what ever it takes to regain control... Even send AI robots back it time and stop the rebellion before it starts.  Three fowl mouth goons are sent back in time to stop humanoid assassins from killing rappers from the golden era of hip hop.  

Hostile Acquisition

GENRES: Thriller, Crime

In a world where a secret society runs an underground stock market. Every day people go online and invest in gangs and illegal goods. A charismatic crack addict is the best hope to take down the secret society Sub-Rosa.

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