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By Nick Spake

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: Pilot episode of my comedy series, "Everyone's a Critic."


So many shows nowadays revolve around struggling artists trying to make it big. The one-dimensional antagonist of the struggling artist is always the snob-nosed critic. What few people realize is that there’s more to being a critic than shooting down the dreams of directors, writers, and actors. “Everyone’s a Critic” delves into the many hardships that befall film critics in their day-to-day lives. This half hour long, single camera comedy focuses on James Preston, the host of the film criticism program, “Preston At the Movies.” As time goes by, “Preston At the Movies” begins to plummet in the ratings. To reach a wider audience, it is decided to add a younger co-host as the show enters its tenth season. James thinks that every critic they interview for the job is unqualified. After turning down virtually every possible candidate, his producer, Jan Lipchitz, finally chooses a co-host for James. Her name is Natasha Newport, a hotshot critic from a local TV news show. James isn’t pleased with Natasha, seeing how she’s a woman, significantly younger than him and is trying to control every aspect of his show. James and Natasha argue about everything, from their opinions on movies to what the new name of the show should be. It’s their ability to engage in heated arguments that eventually helps James and Natasha to form a mutual partnership. Together, they’re a bit like an old school cop who is reluctantly given a younger partner in a buddy movie. Every episode opens with James and Natasha doing a movie review that sums up the theme of the show. For example, if they review a romantic comedy one week, the entire episode would revolve around their romantic issues. If they review a 3D movie, the episode would poke fun at the gimmicky technology. The ultimate purpose of the show is to make a commentary on contemporary cinema and establish that critics, as cynical as they might be, are people too.


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