John Kevin Bell Aka Jkb

John Kevin Bell Aka Jkb

Owner at JKB Studios
Colorist, Director, Editor, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Producer, Screenwriter, Visual Effects Artist and 3d Animator

Stillwater, Oklahoma

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June 2019
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About John

The short of it
I have a BS in Illustration / Graphic design from Oklahoma State University. I took screen writing courses at Pepperdine University and Falmouth. I have studied animation and use Maya and Blender. I have as to date 13 spec feature scripts with 3 more in the pipeline. I have shot several short films, commercials and 1 feature as to date. Currently Writing and Directing a reality television series. I mostly write Metaphysical Sci-fi. Something where there is hidden meaning. think The Matrix.

About me and my road to this point.
I am originally from Stillwater Oklahoma. After college, moved to Prescott Arizona for 12 years, Did 12 years in Miami Beach Florida and 1 year in San Diego OB. I have worked most positions in a film shoot and have worn many hats. Previously, I was a writer, I have 3 ebooks on Amazon Kindle. I went the indy filmmaker route first cutting my teeth and just grabbed a cheap camera and began making videos. Ended up shooting a full feature by myself with a zero budget that was daunting and kicked my ass. Did it all! A green screen shoot and all of the editing and coloring which is bad mind you and all quite laughable! I broke every screenwriting rule I could but wow did I sure learn a lot! Then a few short films just to make something. Became quite proficient in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Then I wrote a sci-fi novel, then wrote a screenplay for it. Found out I love writing screenplays and directing the shoots to flesh it all out. I took 3d animation courses as well and have a good feel for Blender and Maya. Love pulling off a good key and VFX sequence! credit goes to Andrew Kramer and his tuts!

Currently, I am editing a bunch infomercials and weddings. I have written 13 full sci-fi specs and a couple shorts for competitions. I am cooking up a few different scripts. 3 full feature specs with 1 being a true hard hitting story and 3 TV shifted script for a TV series or Miniseries. I've been approached to write and direct a Reality TV series in Houston later this year and a Paranormal series in Louisiana. So, I'm in the trenches doing it, always shooting for a Hollywood A slot. Watch for me!

Unique traits: Also a tattoo artist for 14 years Im covered in full color tattoos!



  • Jump point

    Jump point Budget: $30M+ | Fantasy A girl finds love while being hunted through earth's timelines only to discover how to divert planetary annihilation.


    OPHILIUM Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Earth's demigods use two Humans and the Nephilim (Giants) to form a plan to disrupt the formation of a weapon of interplanetary destruction by the Reptilian Empire to save Earth and establish galactic peace.

  • Little Round Top

    Little Round Top Budget: $10M - $30M | Sci-fi Historical An Army Ranger is teleported back in time to the battle of Gettysburg to assist the south to win the civil war thus altering modern society.

  • Terra 3000

    Terra 3000 Budget: $10M - $30M | Sci-fi An unlikely hero assists Mars fleet in defending Earth's resources from a mining operation from negative aliens and falls in love in the year 3000.

  • Centrafuse

    Centrafuse Budget: $10M - $30M | Sci-fi Adventure A scientist life is cut short after he creates the fountain of youth serum creating a future entanglement of reincarnations to ensure the continuation of his life's work to get his karmic revenge.



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