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By Nathan Smith

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

A shut in living in New York is forced to step outside his door but can only do so by adopting the persona of his own made up comic book superhero and quickly gets more than he bargained for.


Returning home from a mental institution, comic book nerd and shut-in MAX(25), is forced to face life in the real world once the inheritance left by his parents who where killed in a hit and run when he was just a child is running out and he needs a source of income.

Scared to death about walking the streets of New York, Max has a mental breakdown when he has a visit from his original comic book hero Tech-no, the crime fighting DJ. Deciding to take on the alter-ego of his own creation, Max makes himself a costume and with the help of Tech-no, hits the streets. It's not long before he finds himself in a heroic damsel in destress situation but being far from an actual superhero, manages to mostly fumble his way through it.

This is where he meets MINDY(25), a drug addicted young woman who befriends this masked nerd and together they decide to put their lives together and help one another through Max's mental fears of society and Mindy's addictions.

Unfortunately, Max makes an enemy in ANGELO(30), the leader of a street gang who wants revenge on this masked freak for butting into his business.

As Max struggles to find a life for himself while pushing others away and trying to learn the true meaning of friendship, he decides that if he is going to dress like a superhero then he better start acting like one. When he learns about Mindy's drug relapse he finally takes matters into his own hands to be the hero she needs him to be.

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