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Todd Zing & Irish Rivera

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Los Angeles, California

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About Todd

We're an optioned, diverse writing team that specializes in character driven sci-fi drama thrillers. Hailing from opposite ends of the globe – Todd is from New York and Irish is from tropical Manila – we share a passion for creating vibrant new worlds inhabited by flawed, likable characters. With backgrounds in psychology, we have participated in seven speculative science think tanks. Those experiences, along with our fascination with ancient mysteries and the impact of technology on the human spirit greatly inspired all of our scripts, several of which made it to the final rounds of notable contests and received strong recommends by top coverage services and consultants. In addition to writing, we're savvy investors always on the hunt for an exciting project to back. We truly enjoy collaborating with highly talented individuals.

Some of our favorite TV shows and films include Lost, Manifest, The Black List, Game of Thrones, The 100, Brooklyn 99, Chernobyl, The Matrix, Batman Begins, Inception, Jumanji, Pan's Labyrinth, Annihilation, Edge of Tomorrow... We'll add more soon. :)


  • Wavelength

    Wavelength Sci-fi Drama SERIES LOGLINE: When a crisis counselor discovers how to shift his consciousness back through time, he uses the ability to prevent traumatic events from happening to his patients – however his efforts draw attention from a dangerous cabal who seek his power for sinister purposes. PILOT LOGLINE: After a holistic psychologist discovers the power to shift his consciousness through time, he journeys back to 1996 and prevents a patient from being raped by her father - however, in the present, he learns that the woman he saved now blames him for her father's death and plots revenge. COMPS: "Manifest" meets "The Butterfly Effect"

  • Devil's Pitch

    Devil's Pitch Sci-fi Adventure LOGLINE: Desperate to provide for her daughter, a jaded rock climber accepts an assignment by a zealot billionaire to free solo a deadly mountain and retrieve an ancient artifact - but in order to summit, she must battle her darkest fears and regrets, all conjured by the mysterious relic's defense system.COMPS: "Free Solo" meets "Annihilation"  

  • Resonance

    Resonance Budget: $10M - $30M | Sci-fi Thriller LOGLINE: Obsessed with finding his wife's killer, a maverick engineer builds a device that can detect residual energy left behind after a vicious crime – however, when the FBI forces him to use his tech to help track down an elusive serial killer, he uncovers a disturbing truth about his wife's murder that could cost him his life.COMPS: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" meets "Deja Vu:"

  • Century Row

    Century Row Sci-fi Drama SERIES LOGLINE: An inquisitive metalworker and a dedicated soldier, both experiencing illegal emotions, flee the city and join with rebels who seek to expose the truth about what humanity has become – slaves to their android overseer. PILOT LOGLINE:  In a society that suppresses feelings and abstract thoughts, two strangers experience an emotional awakening after being exposed to a dangerous anomaly and risk their lives to seek each other out before being captured by ruthless enforcers."The 100" and "Altered Carbon" meets "The Matrix"


  • Devil's Pitch made it to the semi-finals of Story Pros

  • Devil's Pitch made it to the semi-finals of ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy

  • Devil's Pitch made it to the quarter-finals of Page Awards

  • Wavelength, received RECOMMENDS by We Screenplay, Screen Craft and more..

  • Wavelength made it to the semi-finals of Screen Craft's Screenwriting Fellowship

  • Century Row, received RECOMMENDS by We Screenplay and others...

  • Century Row made it to the semi-finals of Screen Craft's Screenwriting Fellowship

  • Devil's Pitch made it to the semi-finals of Final Draft Big Break

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