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Monterey Morrissey

Actor, on-camera & voice over artist at MDT Agency, Inc.

San Francisco, California

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September 2012
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About Monterey

Owner/ Operator of one of the most unique talents and voices around. Real to Unreal, on-camera to voiceover. Easy to work with, directable and dependable. film, television, internet and voice-over actor @Tonry Talent. Credits include: Nick Bradley Might Be an Alcoholic, Deep Dark Canyon, History Channel, Pathfinders:In the Co. of Strangers...



  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy (2018)
    Film (Drama) Actor Chronicles meth addiction and recovery through the eyes of a father who watches his son as he struggles with the disease.

  • The Etruscan Smile

    The Etruscan Smile (2018)
    Film (Drama) Actor Relative newcomers Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis are directing from a script by Michael McGowan, Sarah Bellwood and Michal Lali Kagan. The story follows tough old Scotsman Rory MacNeil as he travels from his home in the remote island of Vallasay, Scotland to San Francisco. Seeking treatment for a terminal illness the colorful character stays with his son and his family. Rory finds his precious days left alive transformed as he bonds with his American grandson. Based on the Spanish novel La sonrisa etrusca by José Luis Sampedro, the story's setting has been shifted from Italy to the US. Written by anonymous

  • 39 and a Half

    39 and a Half (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Kara, a single experimental filmmaker pushing 40, is determined to have a child before time runs out.

  • Jimmy Kendrick

    Jimmy Kendrick (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A son seeks the help of a bounty hunter for revenge when his father is swindled out of his life savings.

  • When We Rise

    When We Rise (2017)
    Television (Drama) Actor A dramatization of the real life San Francisco centered fight for LGBT rights from 1972 to 2015 is presented, the LGBT community which arguably has had the most numerous organized campaigns against them of any minority group to suppress those rights in the United States during that time period. It focuses on the advocacy and other supportive work of four individuals, Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, Diane Jones and Ken Jones, whose experiences focus on different aspects of the issue. Cleve's story focuses primarily on the political and legislative fight for gay and ultimately LGBT rights. Roma's story focuses primarily on her fight for women's rights, especially safe places for women, within that where she as a lesbian fits, ultimately a fight for universal health care in San Francisco, and her personal relationships particularly with Diane. Beyond that relationship with Roma, Diane's story focuses on her work as a nurse in caring for AIDS patients, and her want as a lesbian to have a child. ... Written by Huggo

  • Sweet Kitty

    Sweet Kitty (2017)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor Friends are put to the ultimate test when a Demon invades their internet startup.

  • Chance

    Chance (2016)
    Television (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Modern day noir story about Psychiatrist Eldon Chance, who's in a rut. He's middle-aged, his wife wants a divorce, which might put a strain on his relationship with his astute teenage daughter he deeply cares about, and he's getting tired of his professional work. Chance's natural talent for psychoanalysis allows him to easily assess everyone that wants his help but that doesn't mean he can actually cure them or even help them. Everything changes however, when he meets mysterious and attractive Jaclyn Blackstone, who turns out to have both dark secrets and big psychological as well as private problems. But her most immediate problem is her abusive ex-husband Raymond Blackstone, who also happens to be a corrupt cop with connections. Chance falls for Jaclyn and becomes obsessed with helping her but he quickly realizes that he's in over his head. Help eventually comes in the form of a hulking man called D. While clearly a bit unhinged, asocial and disturbed, D is also highly skilled, ...

  • Runoff

    Runoff (2016)
    Television (Drama) Actor A political newcomer's law-and-order message is catching on with white voters in his campaign for City Council.

  • American Wrestler: The Wizard

    American Wrestler: The Wizard (2016)
    Film (Drama and Sport) Actor In this inspiring tale based on true events, 17-year-old Ali Jahani is a newcomer to a small California town, where he stands out as different in an unwelcoming community. Living with his embittered uncle, the boy faces a mountain of adversity everywhere he turns. Rejected by everyone but determined to fit in, he joins the school's floundering wrestling team. With a chance to change how others see him, Ali must step up and learn to be a hero. Written by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs (2015)
    Film (Biography and Drama) Actor His passion and ingenuity have been the driving force behind the digital age. However his drive to revolutionize technology was sacrificial. Ultimately it affected his family life and possibly his health. In this revealing film we explore the trials and triumphs of a modern day genius, the late CEO of Apple inc. Steven Paul Jobs. Written by Anonymous

  • All the Others Were Practice

    All the Others Were Practice (2015)
    Film by Brian Tolle (Comedy and Romance) Actor Meet Jôrge. He's looking for his Mr. Right, but, well, you know how hard it is to meet new people. With the help of his friends and colleagues, Jôrge navigates setups, hookups, and the guy who works upstairs - in this sweet, truly independent romantic comedy. Written by Brian Tolle

  • Minutes After Midnight

    Minutes After Midnight (2015)
    Television (Drama) Actor The year was 1962, and World War Three was ravaging the Earth. After years of severe destruction, Lucas Hash, the leader of The Order of Seven, stepped in, created peace and became the new government. Rose was five years old when the war began, and was locked in a bunker for ten years. She doesn't remember her life before the war, and doesn't even know her last name. Entering an unfamiliar world at fifteen, she finds herself on the run from the government, and seeks shelter with Hopper, an ex-secret service agent and bounty hunter. The news of the unlikely union of Rose and Hopper makes its way to the top, and the race for answers and survival in this post-apocalyptic world has begun. Written by Anonymous

  • Project: User

    Project: User (2014)
    Film by Miles Levin (Drama) Actor A feature length film, made entirely by high school students, Project: User is the story of Adam, a teen math prodigy, who grapples with an abusive father, and an eccentric best friend, who's manic on-line behavior threatens the few relationships he has left, as well as the security of the nation. Adam must attempt to maintain control of his small world, or risk losing everything he has left. Written by Anonymous

  • The Weigh In

    The Weigh In (2014)
    Film by Hart Perez (Short, Comedy, Romance and Sport) Actor 'The Weigh In' is a short film that knocks out homophobia!

  • Deep Dark Canyon

    Deep Dark Canyon (2013)
    Film by Silver Tree (Action, Drama and Thriller) Actor Bloom Towne is a small-town sheriff under the thumb of the well-established, deeply influential Mayor Dick Cavanaugh's family. When Bloom's two teenage sons, Nate and Skylar accidentally shoot and kill Dick during a deer-hunt, Bloom's long-held allegiance to the reigning Cavanaugh clan is tested. Skylar (still a minor) decides to take the wrap for his older brother Nate, claiming he fired the fatal shot. The Cavanaugh family's quick retaliation sends Skylar on his way to county jail, soon to be tried as an adult. Desperate and guilt-ridden, Nate breaks Skylar out of jail and sets off a chain of lawless acts, which send them deep into the woods and on the run. Bloom's choice between the law and his sons leads to revelations of old family secrets that threaten to destroy everything he loves. Written by Anonymous

  • The World's Astonishing News!

    The World's Astonishing News! (2013)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Popular Japanese Television series, chronicling unusual or outrageous stories from around the world, most notably the United States. Many episodes deal with infamous crimes, but there are also stories about interesting individuals, notorious moments in history, tales of heroism during disasters and notable unsolved mysteries. The episodes are filmed in Japan and the United States. Written by H_Nakamura

  • Hemingway & Gellhorn

    Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)
    TV Movie by Philip Kaufman (Biography, Drama and Romance) Actor A drama centered on the romance between Ernest Hemingway and WWII correspondent Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway's inspiration for For Whom the Bell Tolls and the only woman who ever asked for a divorce from the writer.

  • Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers

    Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers (2011)
    Film by Curt A. Sindelar (Action, Drama, History and War) Actor Untold and lost history. A true story of the American Pathfinders, the volunteer paratroopers whose deadly mission was to land 30 minutes before the Normandy invasion, locate and mark strategic "drop zones" and set up the top-secret navigation equipment needed to guide the main airborne assault on D-Day. Written by Charlie Armstrong

  • Nick Bradley Might Be an Alcoholic

    Nick Bradley Might Be an Alcoholic (2010)
    TV Movie by Brianna Barrett (Comedy) Actor An irresponsible young man is forced to take over his father's company the same week he's court ordered to alcohol recovery after a DUI.

  • Man Maid

    Man Maid (2008)
    Film by Chris Lusvardi (Comedy) Actor A second-generation male maid fights to save the girl he loves and their historic hotel from the clutches of a hostile developer.

  • Man, Moment, Machine

    Man, Moment, Machine (2006)
    Television (Biography and History) Actor This program discusses a specific moment in time where a person has changed history somehow with a new invention or technology.

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