Loglines & Screenplays by Ron Micci

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GENRES: Romance, Drama

A gentle lesbian love story between two financially strapped sisters turns murderous when they seek the assistance of an older woman, who comes between them romantically, and whose sudden accidental death leads to a revenge killing and murderous climax on the sands of Montauk Point.

Shark Watch

GENRES: Crime, Drama

A wiseguy is sent to make a drug buy on the Jersey Shore, where a gypsy fortune teller is acting as the middleman in the transaction, but he is double-crossed by another hood posing as a fed.

Queen of Cups

GENRES: Comedy

A tarot-reading young secretary plays Queen Mother to her boss after their architectural firm is forced to downsize and merge headquarters with a lingerie company.  

Trueblood & Cochise

GENRES: Drama, Comedy

On the eve of graduation, Native American Harvard Law School buddies use their detective skills, and more than a bit of pluck and humor, to solve a murder involving a drug deal gone bad, and decide to throw in together in practice and get the last laugh on the white man.

Mooselight Serenade

GENRES: Family, Comedy

Family friendly comedy with ne'er-do-well teen brothers crashing out of summer school to rescue camp cuties from a monster moose stampede in the wilds of Maine, only to find themselves in the midst of a shooting war between the local militia and the antlered marauders.

All the Wolves You Were

GENRES: Horror, Comedy

"Do you take this werewolf -- I mean woman -- to be your lawful wedded wife?"  "I -- I -- I -- ulp! -- do."  In Victorian England, a wedding between a British aristocrat's son and a mysterious Romanian princess is thrown in jeopardy the night before the nuptials.  A very droll, witty werewolf farce (aka "All the Wolves You Were") adapted from my stage play.


GENRES: Family, Comedy

Comedic misadventures of a bunch of aspiring actors in a Hollywood boarding house, run by a retired, elderly British music hall husband and wife dance team.

The Axeman Cometh (aka: Slaughterfest One, Summer Break)

GENRES: Thriller, Horror

A giant, ax-wielding Swede with a brain the size of a pea, acting as tour guide, terrorizes a group of eight high-schoolers on a chaperoned summer camping trip to Vermont. As the body count rises, the local cops are no match for the lunatic, and the kids are forced to take matters into their own hands.

Dark Snow


A sexually repressed woman in her 30s overcomes her inhibitions when she meets a man at an office Christmas party, then races north to her maiden aunt's cabin in the woods to share the joyous news, only to encounter bitterness and jealousy and a poignant parting of the ways.

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