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By Cannon Rosenau

GENRE: Comedy

When a straight-laced bachelor finally meets his Miss Right, his screwball best friend ruins her chance at adopting her foster son and their chance at true love.

Think: Knocked Up meets Instant Family


Day in and day out, 30-something MITCHELL DONNELLY wakes up, brushes his teeth one tooth at a time, goes to work, comes home, cooks dinner, watches Lifetime, goes to bed. All that's missing is that special someone, and despite what his childhood screwball best friend thinks, it's not him. Fate finally graces Mitchell with the perfect girl for him, PEPPER KIM. They're both paralegals for Alferdink and Associates, very straight-and-arrow (or as some may call them: “soops boring”), creatures of habit with an affinity for lame chick-flicks. Everything is moving along perfectly – he loves everything about her, including her foster son, GREYSON. Mitchell has to get state-approved in order to stay in their lives. No problem – Mitchell's record is squeaky clean.

Until a night out with his childhood slacker best friend, TALON and his scheming girlfriend, FERRARI when they get arrested. Already on thin ice with Greyson's caseworker, Pepper has no choice but to cut ties with Mitchell or else risk losing Greyson. A heartbroken Greyson runs away. Mitchell finds him stowed away at his house. Throw on a kidnapping charge to his list of problems.

At least he has his work. However, Mitchell's boss, ZENA, who always had it out for him puts pressure on him to fudge the pleadings on the case he's helping her with. He refuses and gets fired. So begins a hopeless funk. Meanwhile, Talon finds out that Ferrari is pregnant (and the baby's his!), so he shows his dad spirit and whips Mitchell back into shape. Idiot savant that he is, he finally lets the world see his entrepreneurial spirit and offers Mitchell a job. But first, they help Pepper prove herself to the caseworker. Although she's thankful, she is reluctant to let Mitchell back into their lives. Except Greyson isn't having that. He concocts a plan to get the two love birds back together. And the three of them live happily ever after.

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