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John Fantasia

Actor, Screenwriter and Director

Los Angeles City Center, Los Angeles County, California

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About John

Hi I've been in LA for about 4 years, before that NYC for 15 years were I studied acting and 7 years in Seattle.
I'm auditioning here and also writing, directing and producing my own shorts.
I would love to meet up with like minded people, DP's, sound guys and any other people who are interested in getting product out there.


  • The Woods: A New Beginning

    The Woods: A New Beginning (2016)
    Film by Jason Raphael (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actor A new horror, three-hundred years in the making. A couple fights to uncover the truth hidden deep in the woods concerning a string of mass-murders on the land, where they encounter Grey...the greatest terror ever known.

  • A Human Story

    A Human Story (2015)
    Film (short) by John Fantasia (Drama) Actor, Director, Writer, Editorial department, Producer What happens when the truth is found out about the lies told.

  • Unusual Suspects

    Unusual Suspects (2015)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor Just when you thought you knew who did it, a tip comes in that changes the direction of the case and shifts suspicion.

  • Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead

    Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead (2014)
    Film by Thomas J. Churchill (Crime, Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actor George A. Lazarus is an insurance investigator who schedules routine interviews with twelve employees and owner Mammon Beelzebub of the Deadly Sin Cigarette Company upon the receipt of a rather suspicious insurance claim. In the process, he learns that all twelve had recently been fired for being sick at the job,then subsequently and without a trace, they disappeared. Later, with Lazarus now a missing person, his heart-sick fiancee Bethany Loomis and Chip undertake the task of finding him. While retracing his steps, they learn that what was initially regarded as a simple fraud investigation case may actually be the beginning of the end of the human race in Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead. Written by Anonymous

  • Exit 13

    Exit 13 (2014)
    Film by Andretti Dante (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actor It was supposed to be the perfect getaway but Adam Payson and four friends are spun into a nightmare when a series of terrifying events forces them to Exit 13, trapping them in an abandoned cabin and in a race to escape the evil within.

  • Liberation! The Musical

    Liberation! The Musical (2013)
    Film by Nils Osmar (Action, Musical and Sci-Fi) Actor Liberation! The Musical is a musical science fiction action movie. The story begins on earth, two hundred years in the future, where a man named Rawlins is approached by an old enemy, Rip Merritt, to find Rawlins's missing brother, Billy. Billy's actually a clone who was created by ripping Rawlin's spinal fluid he was a child. Rawlins's mother was forced to bear the child, then escaped with Rawlins and went into hiding. She died there. Rawlins grew up in poverty, in the mean streets. He takes the job of finding Billy, not for the money, but intending to destroy both his missing clone brother, his father, and Rip. But he runs into a few complications, and an awakening of his own conscience, along the way. Written by Anonymous

  • Project London

    Project London (2013)
    Video by Ian Hubert (Animation, Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor Project London is an independent, almost no-budget, feature-length, live action movie with vivid, intense, and marrow-vibrating visual effects and animations created with the open source software Blender (and other traditional software) and 250 (or so) worldwide volunteers. It's the first independent movie from writer director, Ian Hubert and features a story set in Seattle, Washington. This special effects-rich science fiction actioner is about a grief stricken young man who joins a ragtag resistance force and engages in epic battles against Joint Command to avenge his father and save the planet. Written by Anonymous

  • The Prince of Arthur Avenue

    The Prince of Arthur Avenue (2012)
    Film (short) by Terrence Knight (Action, Crime and Drama) Actor Frank Bernardo's criminal life plays out each day on the streets of Arthur Avenue, that curious slice of little Italy where loyalty and betrayal stalk each other like predators. But it's not always easy to tell where fantasy ends and reality begins. When Frank meets his ever-faithful captain, Sonny, to plan a hit on an errant gangster, it soon becomes apparent that the intended victim may not be who they thought, leading Sonny to face the most tragic decision of his life. Derived from the short story by a former New York City undercover detective, 'The Prince of Arthur Avenue' is more than a mob movie; it's a dramatic and challenging allegory about the dangers of self-delusion. Written by Anonymous

  • Marooned

    Marooned (2012)
    Film (short) by Bryant Hodson (Sci-Fi) Actor Marooned is a science fiction short following the crew of a derelict spacecraft, lost and drifting into madness. Just when things could not get any worse, an unwelcome visitor arrives.

  • Step One

    Step One (2012)
    Film (short) by Max Gold (Drama) Actor A pivotal conversation in the recovery process of two addicts.

  • JustKiddingFilms

    JustKiddingFilms (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Teaching good things in a bad way.

  • Outlaw Empires

    Outlaw Empires (2012)
    Television (History) Actor Creator of "Sons of Anarchy" Kurt Sutter presents stories of real American outlaws, touching on everything from L.A. gangs to the Italian Mafia.

  • The Search for Kennyboy

    The Search for Kennyboy (2012)
    Film by Justin Wood (Comedy) Actor Bounty hunters Jim Sawyer and Ted Brown encounter financial difficulties after provoking a lawsuit while trying to capture the son of a powerful businessman. Needing cash for the settlement, they accept a mysterious woman's offer to track down Kenneth Lay, the deceased Enron CEO. Although skeptical at first, they soon expose a conspiracy involving mysterious government agents, tobacco executives, the military and possibly even foreign powers. Their attempt to unravel the truth about Lay's death ultimately leads into space and rewrites their understanding of America's past and present. Written by Justin Wood

  • Beautiful Brit Baker

    Beautiful Brit Baker (2012)
    Film by Allen Esparza (Crime) Actor Emily Rodriguez, a recently-retired FBI Agent, is contacted by an old friend, Joanna to help her find her missing daughter, Brit. As Emily begins the search, she quickly finds herself deep in a terrorism plot that could endanger hundreds of lives. As tensions rise, so does the body count as Emily discovers someone is killing members of the fledgling domestic terrorism group, W.A.R. Emily struggles through a tangled web as she searches for Brit and the killer, all the while doing her best to keep her own family from falling apart in the process. Written by Allen Cruz Esparza

  • The Tinsel Zone

    The Tinsel Zone (2012)
    Television Actor A series of classically told, satirical tales which all happen to uniquely concern the entertainment industry. Written by Anonymous

  • Regulate

    Regulate (2011)
    Film (short) by Nathan Vass (Drama, Mystery and Romance) Actor Eleanor Moseley plays Catherine Kenyon in an emotionally charged drama co-starring John Fantasia and Ryan Cooper. Catherine, recently remarried, is still tied down by years of emotional abuse from her ex-husband Vincent Arsenault (Fantasia), a quick witted but temperamental university professor. When their ideologically radical daughter disappears and is suspected of being involved in terrorist activities, Vincent and Catherine are forced to meet to assist in the search for their daughter. Reminded of the emotional vulnerability she still suffers from under the grip of Vincent, Catherine decides to take things into her own hands and find closure within herself, using her strength of character to overcome her timidity and eliminate once and for all the last thing standing between her and happiness- the power held over her by Vincent Arsenault. Written by Anonymous

  • Snorkel

    Snorkel (2011)
    Film (short) by Ross Hotchkiss (Comedy) Actor A boy aspires to be a fish, despite the best efforts of his parents to persuade him otherwise.

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2011)
    Television by Anthony E. Zuiker (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor This show follows the nights of the detectives working at the Las Vegas Police Department Crime Scene Investigations bureau. Being the second busiest crime lab in America, CSI officers use the best scientific and technical methods to solve puzzles and catch criminals. Written by Steve Richer

  • The Collapsed

    The Collapsed (2011)
    Film by Justin McConnell (Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor In the wake of the end of the world, a family of four desperately tries to survive against insurmountable odds. Their goal: escaping the city and traveling to the rural community they once called home, Dover's Bend. The constant threat of a violent death forcing them to stay as far away from civilization as possible, they take to the forest, soon to discover the danger posed by other survivors may be the least of their worries. Written by Unstable Ground

  • A/V

    A/V (2011)
    Film by John Silva (Comedy and Drama) Actor Duane is a successful salesman who wants to be a writer yet never makes time to actually write. After his coworker strays down a dark path, Duane abandons the corporate fast track for an easygoing job as a hotel audio/visual technician. But his colorful new workmates cause him to question whether this is the type of setting to nurture a dream or a hangover. A/V is a dramedy that looks at the unexpected paths one must follow while in pursuit of a dream. Written by AV

  • Guilty Shoes

    Guilty Shoes (2010)
    Film (short) by Ryan Clausen (Drama and Thriller) Actor When a high school student kills a violent bully he comes face to face with the monster he has be come.

  • The Right to Bear Arms

    The Right to Bear Arms (2010)
    Film by O.W. Tuthill (Drama) Actor

  • Daylight Saving Time

    Daylight Saving Time (2009)
    Film by Matthew Terry (Drama) Actor A group of people, challenged by the instructor of a time management seminar, use the extra hour of Daylight Saving Time to change their lives.

  • The Coffee Break

    The Coffee Break (2009)
    Film by Steve Piotrowski (Comedy and Romance) Actor The Coffee Break is the only film of its kind, shattering the illusions about relationships between man and the modern American woman. Racist? Sexist? Offensive? Yes, but only as much as the truth will allow for. Women will hate it, while men will silently reflect on the lessons, and possibly despair. Written by Anonymous

  • Anatomy of a Takedown

    Anatomy of a Takedown (2009)
    Television Actor

  • Family

    Family (2009)
    Television by Terisa Greenan (Comedy) Actor The series follows Gemma, Ben and Stuart, living together in a polyamorous triad.

  • My Name Is Harold

    My Name Is Harold (2009)
    Film (short) by Seth Wessel-Estes (Action, Crime and Romance) Actor In this hitman / love story modeled after the classic film noir style, we follow the story of a professional killer, Harold, played by Ernie Joseph. His newest assignment, a hit on a man named Silus Grey, played by Eric Noll, will set in motion a series of events that will change his life forever. A film about chance, violence, and human relationships in our modern times. Written by Seth-Wessel-Estes

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