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Shelly Farrell
Cinematographer, Crew, Director of Photography and Gaffer/lighting Technician

Baltimore, Maryland

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About Shelly

My name is Shelly Farrell, owner of Absolute Independent Pictures and I am always seeking new video and/or movie projects to work on. I work within people's reasonable budgets.

Absolute Independent Pictures is self contained and I own my own video cameras and one of the larger movie/video packages in the area (see below).

I have personally shot 18 full feature films and have gaffed/key gripped for many industry professionals for MANY other projects & industry productions. I can pretty much shoot, light or rig anything presented to me.

I have also shot or worked on various network/industry productions(Fox, A&E, Sony, BET - to name a few) and local producers, production mangers, directors and clients always find me very friendly and professional. I would love to be part of your team.

Please take a look at my demo. and also which I have worked on. This is a very small portion of my work.

Available equipment – Red Epic(full package) (2 Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorders w with a full set of prime and zoom lenses(Zeiss/Nikon etc.) plus Ronin 3 axis gimbal, 3 EZFX Jibs/cranes, 5 dollys including a Dana dolly, Silent generator, HMI’s(including), Nila Boxer & Zaila(new technology), Kinos, LEDs, Mole, Arri(tungstun), car mounts, Steadicam(Flycam), and a complete grip & electric package, editing suite, plus much more.

All can be delivered by my van and/or 3 ton grip-truck and we absolutely do simply rentals also.

I gladly welcome any response.

Thanking you in advance :)

Shelly Farrell
Absolute Independent Pictures


One-stop shop for movie crews, rentals, shorts & features which I can give a GREAT complete package price.
No project is too small or large!

A few past projects -
Boundary - in post-production -
Moving Mountains
Traveste -
Traveste -
Tall Grass - .html
Drama Capitol - ?v=fA1SuBuTR_M
I Surrender All - ?v=DOPLep9rg7w&feature=channel_page
Law & Disorder ?v=j6ZbYbJaV1c&fmt=18
Good People - 2008 - ?v=he85xkaqAjE
Safehouse - ?v=he85xkaqAjE
Smalltimore - ?v=LlFY04tmnLY
Jack of Clubs
Verchwinden .html
On Top - short film -
DaCapo music video - ?v=p7V0Va2_dig&hd=1
Pretty Girls music video - ?v=6-LkrjZIwLA
Memory of a Free Festival - Music video and behind the scenes
10 questions for Henry Paulson - Time Magazine - ,32068,66153949001_1964039,00.html
10 questions for Ron Paul - Time Magazine - ,32068,40773645001_1924788,00.html

Wealth Management - ?v=HzrgbB80qtg&feature=plcp
PSA for Veterans Affairs -

Currently freelancing – Writer, producer, cinematographer, gaffer, location sound – Music videos aired on International MTV Documentaries, music Videos, corporate, commercials, training videos. I worked on and/or shot MANY short films and industry projects which are not listed below.

VARIOUS and multiple short films, music videos, projects and corporate productions not listed below.
Writer/producer/director/editor of feature movie “Franky’s Heaven” Produced staff and crew of 42 and cast of over 350.
Producer/Director of Award Winning International documentary "Unraveling Michelle" which screened Nationally & Internationally.
Currently teaching filmmaking/camera and lighting at the creative Alliance in Baltimore MD.
”Currently producing, directing, shooting/gaffing & teaching in the video and movie industry.

Full-length FEATURES:

"Boundary" the movie - Faust Productions
"Tall Grass" DP - Wildley Media
"Moving mountains" DP - Sunshine Films
"Closed Circuit" - DP - Pure Imagination Inc.
“2nd Chances” DP Screenscope Pictures
“I Surrender All” DP Marinba Productions
“The Gift” Gaffer Stevie G Entertainment
“Law & Disorder” DP Beaver Damn Productions
“JuJu” DPScreenscope Pictures
“Smalltimore” DP Steel Corset Productions
“Good People”DP Good People The Move Inc.
“Safehouse”DP Safehouse The movie Inc.
“Grey Tale” DP Lazy 8 Productions
“Holler Creek Canyon” DP Capitol Film Studios
“Vershwinden” DP Black Kraut
“The Wickeds” DP Capitol Film Studios
“Getting Even” DP Film Brothers
“Jack of Clubs” DP Film Brothers
“Almost Invisible” DP Skybridge Films
“Se Habla Espanol” Gaffer Forking Paths
“Weekends are for us” LD/Jib Operator Frank Turner
“The Lost Stallions” Electric/grip Scorpio Pictures
“The Derby Stallion” Electric Derby Productions LLC

TELEVISION & Webisodes:
10 Questions with Time Magazine DP Time Magazine
“Wheel of Fortune” Assistant Engineer Sony Pictures
WWF Camera A Assistant World Wrestling Federation
Life After Lisa DP Elena Moscott
Drama CityDP Jenise Davis Productions
New Detectives Grip Cable
“Top of the World”Producer, Jib Operator Baltimore talk show pilot
Flex Your Rights Gaffer Flex Your
WILL Interactive Camera op & gaffer Interactive web-videos


“Unraveling Michelle” Various National & International Award winner - Producer/Director (Documentary)
“Last Best Hope” DP - Full length Documentary Sorkin Productions
“Soler Vision” DP - Full length Documentary Ivy Street Productions
“DC Eagle” DP - Full length Documentary Ivy Street Productions
“The Mission” Camera Operator NBC
“Airline” DP A&E
“Classmates” Camera Operator/Audio FOX
“The Maryland Film Festival 2000” Producer and DP
MFC (Documentary) “Tangy’s Song” Gaffer B.E.T. (Docudrama)
“Multitude of Mercies” Key Grip B.E.T. (Docudrama)

COMMERCIALS for: Quickpost, Video Mesmeric & Black Ink Films TV Productions
*** References, Demo, Equipment list and Rates available upon request***

EQUIPMENT/GEAR - Please email for current gear/rate sheet

14' GMC Grip truck - Comes with Broom, Fire Extinguisher & First Air Kit
& set of cordless power tools w 2 batteries & charger & Construction work light

Red Epic X brain DSMC 1.8” SSD SIDE MODULE w PL mount

DSMC Side Handle

Red Touch 5” LCD

Optitek Nikon ProLock for Nikon - Red Epic kit

Stereo XLR A-Box (EPIC/SCARLET) [144000]

Complete Wrench Set for Epic


2 REDMAGS 1.8" SSD - 128GB

1 REDMAG 1.8" SSD - 64GB



4 Red Bricks 140WH

Red Charger w DC Power Cable

Cinema Oxide Battery Plate & Battery Plate Adapter & Pin Guard

Gini cage and Gorilla rig for Epic w Arri style sled/plate

2 Sony NEX-FS100UK Super 35mm Sensor Camcorders – 2 Batteries NP-F970
Nikon F adapter ABNEXN for Zeiss and Nikon primes

Zeiss Planar T
1.4/ 85mm telephoto lens
Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/ 50mm standard lens
Zeiss Distagon T* 2 / 35mm moderate wide angle lens
Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8 / 25mm wide angle lens
NIKKOR 20mm f/2.8 AIS Manual Focus Lens
Nikon 14mm f 2.8
Bower BO835SN SLY 358N 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens

Zoom Lens for NEX Camera E-Mount 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3

Nikon Nikkor 28-70 D AF-S ED 2.8 Zoom Lens

Zoom W/A-Telephoto AF Zoom Nikkor 24-85mm f/2.8-4.0D IF AF L
Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM Zoom For Canon D-SLRs

MacBook Pro with Duel systems P2 adapter

Marshall ElectronicsV-LCD70XP-HDMI-CM 7" LCD Field Monitor w/Canon Mount
SmallHD DP$ w viewfinder 4.3" monitor

Accessories available
Redrock wireless follow focus
Follow focus w/whip, handles & Matt Box 4x4 system
Lens cleaning accessories, Compressed air, Eye Shammy, Compass, Seat, Ear Plugs
Wide Angle Lenses for all cameras - Close up filter
FILTERS - Black Pro Mist; Misc. NDs; Ultra Con; Soft effects; Polarizer, .3, .6 & 1.2 ND grad
Kata Soft Bag Cases
Camera support

(1) Sachtler VIDEO 18 S1 head w 2-stage Cartoni or Manfrotto legs – cap. 4-40 lbs
Sachtler DV-6SB/2D Aluminum Tripod System w upgraded 2-stage Manfrotto legs
Dana Dolly
Ikan 17" Monitor
Sony Bravia 19" Widescreen LCD HDTV on c-stand
Heavy Duty Manfrotto tripod w/510 head
Short legs
Shoulder mounts (various)
French flag
3 Noga monitor arms
1 [AC-BF] Back Focus Chart 1 [AC-CR] Color Reference Chart 1 [AC-GSG11] 11 Step Grey Scale Chart
Utility/gadget box (2) Cables, adapters & Extra Sleds

Additional camera
EZFX Jib with extension and remote head
EZFX Junior Jib
Matthews Doorway dolly with side boards
Western dolly

Dana dolly
Long Valley dolly with PVC Straight Track Dolly Track or 2 10’ Mathews stainless steel dolly track
Mini skateboard dolly with swivel
Car Mounts (side door for camera/hostess tray)
LCD 6 in. Monitor w/chest mount/flex arm and camera mount
Wireless SD Video assist
13” SD monitor with stand & BNC cable

PROAIM 7300 STABILIZER SYSTEM(Steadicam) CARBON FIBER flycam with junction box and inbuilt input volt meter + vest + 7000 reverse arm + 7'' hdmi lcd monitor kit for (For Cameras Weighing upto 20lbs)

Lighting & electric

Power sources
Honda EU3000 3,000 watt gasoline SILENT generator
Genny sound box & 3 blankets
1,000watt power converter DC to AC

HMI & Daylight
Nila Boxer(800 HMI equivalent - new technology)
Nila Zaila(200 HMI equivalent - new technology)
Arri Sun Plus 1200 HMI par with lenses & scrims
Arri Sun fresnel 1200 HMI with lenses & scrims
K5600 Joker-Bug 125 Watt HMI (AC only)- HMI Head, Ballast, Beamer, Cable, Lenses, Barndoor Set with speed ring
LTM 200 Watt HMI (AC only)- HMI Head, Ballast, Beamer, Cable, Lenses, Barndoor Set with speed ring


2 Kino Diva-Lites 400 Fluorescent Light System Kit - Barndoors, Mount, Eggcrate, Gel Frame, Diffuser, Lamp Case, Travel Case – 3,200 & 5,600 Tubes 220 Total Watts
2 Kino Foto-Flo 400s Fluorescent 1 Light Kit - consists of: 1 Light Fixture, Ballast, Cable, Mount, Barndoors, Louver, Kit and Tube Cases – 3,200 & 5,600 Tubes - 300 Total watts
Kino Flo KI2SSK 2' Single System Kit

1 Kino Flo 4’ Single select system KISSK
1 Kino Flo KI2SSK 2' Single System Kit

4 LED car kit –w AC/DC inverter

LED & MoleFay/par lamps– Daylight

1 ePhoto 600 Led Dimmable Light/Sony V mount Battery 14.8V DC 110V-230V CN600HS"
Mole-Richardson Molefay 1.3KW Tungsten Par 2 Light Head - 5000 kelvin


Arri Softbank Light Kit $110 1Kw; open face (2)650w; Fresnel 300w; Fresnel Soft Banks (2); Scrims & Screens; Eggcrate – includes snoot
20” & 30” Chimera Lantern (China balls) softboxes 500 & 1k w/ fixture & pole
Chimera CHLPLBL Pancake Lantern Softbox – Large
2 Lee Colortran 2K Fresnels
Arri Lite 2000 watt Open Face
Mole 2k zip/soft light
Dedolight DLHM4-300U 150w/24v 120v w/SOFT CS KIT w DEDP1 Projection Attachment w/85mm
Mole Solarspot Baby 1K
1 Colortran Fresnel 1K
1 Mickey Mole open face 1K (no Barndoors or scrims)
Arrilite 1000 Watt Open Face Tungsten Light
Lowel DP 1Kw
1 Mole Richardson 1K large soft Light Model 2551
Arrilite 600 Watt Open Face Tungsten Light

Arrilite 650 Watt Open Face Tungsten Light
Smith Victor 600 Watt Open Face Tungsten Light

Smith Victor 600 Watt Tungsten Soft Light
3 Tota lights 750w w/gel frame
Strand nook light 500w
Ellisoidial 500w Effects Kit 1, for 4.5" Square Holder
2 Lowel Pro Light P2-10 w barndoors & diffusion
2 Midget Mole Richardson #2351 200w fresnel
2 Mini Mole fresnels 200watt
Various small (hidden) accent lights
Chinese lamps

3 Switch Dimmer Box
1.5K Dimmer
1K dimmers
3 practical lamp dimmers
100’ stingers
50’ stingers
25’ stingers
Power strips/Cube taps

Special items
"Chauvet Hurricane Hazer 2"
Fog machine
Flicker Box/ 2K dimmer
Face powder and brushes - First Aid Kit
Soft Focus (includes stands

Overhead 20X20 (kit) stands,frame w 1/4 stop silk
Overhead 12x12 (kit) stands,frame & 2 stop artificial silk & 1/4 stop silk
Overhead 8X8 (kit) stands,frame, single & double scrim, griff, quarter & artificial silk, silver Mathflector, 8x8 Greenscreen
Overhead 6x6 (kit) stands,frame, griff & 1/4 silk
4x4 Reflectors (white bounce) with stand
12 40” C-stands with head & arm
2 20” C-stands
2 Heavy duty baby stands
2 Triple risor combo stands
4 Double risor combo stands
1 Lowboy combo stand
3 High Stand Extensions for combo JR stands - 4.5 - 12'
2 Maxi Matthpoles14' 9" – Black
2 AutoPoles
2 Mini AutoPoles - 39"
1 Matthews Mini Matthpole (30"-53")
2 Norms Mini Meat axes complete w/ grip heads & clamp
2 Quacker clamps
Foam core holder
Gaffer grip
3 Mafer clamps w/spud
4 Mathellinis
1 Mini Mathelin
Chain vice clamp
Mole Junior Wall Plate
Misc. furniture clamps
6” C clamps w/2 baby pins
Triple header
Mini Spring Clamp
2 offset arms - 1 adjustable offset arm
3 Baby plates(pigeon plates) $2 each 1 Junior plate
4 Baby pins
3 Baby pipe clamps
6 Drop ceiling scissor clamps - 2 ceiling hangers
2 Magic fingers – 1 Male to male magic finger for Mafer clamp
Adjustible 90 – 360 degree swivel arm - Avenger Baby to Junior Swivel Pin
2 Pump Cup with Baby pin
1 Pump Cup with Baby 90% pin
2 Baby drop down pins
12 safety chains
2 Baby extenders
1 regular & 1 heavy duty flex(grieb) arm
6 Hollywood Hangers
4 Large grip heads (Lolipops)
2 Cheesebroughs
Flexgrip with Clip & A-Clamp - 12" - V-Clamp - 2 Flexi-Shafts - -Tota-Tatch
1x1 mirror kit
Flexfill white/gold $5 - Small flexfill
"Set in One" Wood Apple Box Set
2 Sets Apple Boxes plus 2 additional full
Cupblocks, wedges, 2X4’s Crate of block/wedges
Misc. Sand Bags (8)15lbs - (5)25lbs.$4 each, 12 Shotbags
Boa bags – 10 lb. & 5 lb. Boa bags
Misc. straps
Adjustible production Multi-cart w shelves
Flat production cart
Furny pads
Little Giant(magic ladder)
6’ ladder
18 position ladder
Misc. dish lights - Misc.- tarps;

Flags & Misc grip

2 4X4 Floppys
2 4X4 knife blade frame with diffusion
24x48" Mini Meat Axe Flag

18x48" Cutter
2’x3’ solid, silk, single, double– 1 extra 2x3 solid
2’x3’ Cucaloris
2’x3’ celocucaloris
2x3 knife blade frame
2X3 frame
2X3 frame (open end)
24x30" Open End Scrim - Black Single
24x30" Open End Scrim
18”x24” solid, silk, single, double
18x24 Cucaloris
18x24 Celacucaloris
12x18" Flag $2 each
Tota-Flag - 8 x 12" - Tiny kit - Dot - 6" - Solid - Lowel Blips - Pack of 2 - Finger - 4x14" Solid

Gaffer’s tape – paper tape – AC marking tape - Blackwrap
Jelly Roll w/special effects gels and cosmetic gels - CTO, CTB, ND, (Large Sheets)
Showcards (black/white, gold. Silver)
Foam core - Bobinette - Duvateen
Misc. paints/Dulling spray and other assorted expendables - Rope - Zip line
Cool blue lights and misc. lights for practicals

Audio Technica AT835b or Sennheiser 66 Shotgun mics
Schoeps CMC6 short shotgun
Sennheiser MKH-416 - (P48) Short Shotgun Mic

- w/pole/blimp/XLR and windsock

- Rycote RYWSK5 Windshield Kit 5 - Complete Windshield and Suspension System

- K&M KM23770 23770 Carbon Fiber Four-Section Boom Pole (Black)

- Avalon Series Aluminum Boompole - K-Tek KTKE144CCR KE-144CCR

Sound Devices 302 portable mixer & CS-3 production case
Zoom ZOH4N H4n Handy Mobile 4-Track Recorder
Wireless Lavaliere Mic - Sennheiser G2
Sennheiser G3 Camera Mount Wireless Microphone System with ME2 Lavalier Mic (G: 566-608MHz)
2 Sony SOECM44B ECM-44B - Omni-Directional Lavalier Mic (hard wired)
2 Sony studio MDR-7506 Headphones
Mic stand $4 - Extra XLR cables
Pearstone PEBPH Boom Pole Holder

Post Production - Final Cut Pro - Magic Bullet – Writing - Final Draft

Unique traits: DoP, gaffer, key grip. writer



  • 18 full feature films as cinematographer

    18 full feature films as cinematographer (2000)
    Film by Absolute Independent Pictures DP

  • DP, gaffer. key grip, writer

    DP, gaffer. key grip, writer
    Film by http://www.absoluteindependentpictures.com


  • I have won several awards for my cinematography including several Tellys PLUS FESTIVALS, SCREENINGS & AWARDS BEST BIOGRAPHICAL DOCUMENTARY First Glance Film Festival Philadelphia, 2008 “Ellie” Award for Originality - Winner Utopia Film festival 2010 AWA

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