Jerry Bader

Jerry Bader

Screenwriter, Producer, Photographer (Still) and Casting Director

Toronto, Canada

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November 2012
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People ask, "What do you do?" You could say we inform, enlighten, innovate, and create; you could also say we deliver our clients' marketing messages in memorable ways using video, audio, webmedia campaigns and websites; all created in-house from concept to implementation, from graphic and motion design to Web-design, from script writing to video-production to post-production, from music composition to signature sound design.

What do we do? We motivate action by speaking to your audience's real needs. We tell your story so your brand, your message, embeds in the minds of your clients. We are corporate storytellers; we turn advertising into content, and content into a memorable experience.


  • The Method

    The Method Film-noir A down-and-out LA actor with a knack for impersonations finds his circumstances completely reversed by a chance meeting with a look-alike stranger. 

  • The Coffin Corner

    The Coffin Corner Film-noir A beautiful psychiatrist with a heart-breaking childhood hires a second rate Private Eye, with an equally tragic past, to find her missing husband. The husband has disappeared without a trace or any evidence of ever existing despite being gainfully employed as a bartender.

  • The Comeuppance

    The Comeuppance Film-noir When mob boss, Carmine DeSalvo, finds out his accident-prone, amnesiac right-hand man, Arnie Bernardo, isn’t who he thinks he is; when he decides Arnie’s girl, Lonnie, is too tempting to resist; and when hit men, Vito and Sid, figure Carmine is past his best before date; somebody ends up dead. Meanwhile Seymour Kratz, the guy running the mob’s movie operation, is skimming, and something has to be done about it. In the end, somebody always dies. The question is, who is it going to be? Teaser Video:

  • Grist For The Mill

    Grist For The Mill Film-noir Things get complicated for Detectives’ Grist and Dime when they run into a case of murder that reeks of California corruption. When wannabe actress, come party girl, Lizzie Short, turns up dead on a beach behind a prominent studio executive’s home, a creep that works for ex-mobster Arnie Bernardo, anything is possible. Finding a murderer in a town thick with sex, betrayal, and revenge is no easy task for Grist and Dime.

  • The Black Crane

    The Black Crane Film-noir A beautiful Japanese American graffiti artist seeks to revenge the murder of her revered tattoo master father, murdered on orders from a rogue CIA-FBI black ops operation, to cover up a bizarre mind-control plot to disrupt the increasing foreign influence of the LA Yakuza. 

  • The Gold Cricket

    The Gold Cricket Detective Joanne Leslie has a fondness for the finer things in life, including the best cocaine money can buy. Unfortunately her lifestyle and a detective’s salary don’t comfortably coexist. Drug dealer Cheesy Johnston wants his money, cash he needs to replace the five thousand dollars he’s paying Jake Klein to get him out of the country. What Cheesy doesn’t know is Klein is a bounty hunter tasked with bringing him in for trial.

  • The Bastard

    The Bastard Film-noir A Russian gangster’s wife kidnaps her estranged husband’s illegitimate son and murder’s the Yakuza affiliated mother in order to protect her own daughter’s birthright as sole heir to her husband’s substantial legal and illegal business empires. As an adult the bastard son surreptitiously reappears to reclaim his share of his father’s fortune. 

  • Cine City

    Cine City Drama A-list actor, Bobby Richards hires a second-rate film producer with a gambling problem to make an art film that’s guaranteed to lose money. Richards signs over his rights to the film to his wife in a spiteful attempt to make sure she doesn’t get a dime out of their nasty divorce battle, but things don’t work out exactly as planned. 

  • The Jockey

    The Jockey Film-noir Ronny Kleinberg, son of concentration survivor, is a tough kid looking to make his way in the world. His small size, physical toughness, and hard-ass attitude make him a perfect candidate for becoming a jockey. He quickly learns that a jockey's life is dangerous and that survival means playing ball with men like Rocky and Pooch, New England gamblers looking to make a quick buck.  


  • Summit Creative Award

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