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About Jerry

I designed, developed and produced an animated "movie" for my PhD from The University of Texas at Austin in 1980-85. My area of research was Science Education, and the audience was students struggling to learn abstract chemistry concepts. What I enjoyed most about this project was envisioning something in my mind (subject to the constraints of the task) and "materializing" it into a teaching module that was viewed by over 1000 students. This animation was interactive in that students had to input their "answers" before viewing the animation. This set of "answers" determined the outcome of the animation. If they picked an inappropriate set, then they received a message to "start again". In short I love using my imagination to produce something out of nothing.

I wrote a Romantic Adventure script about a Nerdy Grad Student who studies snakes but is at the end of his rope (Crisis). He envisions an alternate path to the PhD and pitches it to his Professor. Consequently, he must venture to the Amazon to collect venomous pit vipers. He meets a fellow PhD student who studies isolated tribes in dangerous places. She fears snakes but climbs cliffs, while he xxx snakes but fears climbing. They both venture to the TRANSITION ZONE between the Amazon and the Andes.

I'm working on a Sports Coming of Age script about a tiny high school basketball team that against all odds gets it together to play the Big City Machine in the State Championship game. The Captain of the Team is an Apache while the Coach's son is a nerdy linebacker who only has one basketball talent-- set shots from mid-court. They recruit to small, quick Black Brothers (who decide not to go back to Mississippi) to complement their Team-- a tall, slender redneck (mechanic's son), a mountain of man (a wealthy rancher's son), and a short Mexican vaquero (cowboy). Setting is in the isolated Datil Mountains of New Mexico.

I'm beginning to work on an adventure story where an old crippled lawman confronts a vicious gang of hillbilly outlaws who are terrorizing the Ozarks. Based in part on a true story, where the lawman was my maternal grandfather and the 5-membered gang included two of FBI's most wanted criminals. Granddad became a FBI secret agent soon after that incident.

As a 5-year old in the Ozarks I put on my sock cap (helmet), carried the stuffed bunny (football) and evaded many tacklers to score the winning touchdown every time. That is, the trees could never tackle me. I drew a sketch of a witch when I was 2 1/2 years old (but only my Mother believes this-- she saved and dated the drawing). In the isolated New Mexico mountains (Datil Mountains) I had hundreds of horses on four large ranches (cutout paper horses in all the rooms of the house). In high school I wrote several creative works-- satirizing politics (Beowulf adapted to 1964), school policy (got me notoriety with the English teacher and Principal), and speech class (how to swim across the English Channel while holding a glass full of wine without spilling any seawater in it). In college I wrote poetry, which only appealed to my hippie friends and Apache women.

Unique traits: Always obsessed with overactive imagination. Many, many transitions: Cowboy and Rancher (age 3-5 yrs), Football player (ages 0-5 and 12-17), Engineering student (3 years), Biochemist research student (Grad School) and Chemical Educator (PhD, how students learn and how instruction impedes or enhances learning). I love to be the Underdog and overcome against all odds.


  • Transition Zone

    Transition Zone Budget: $10M - $30M | Romance Adventure A nerdy graduate student studies snakes but the time to get his PhD has expired and he must collect venomous, jungle snakes to finally get it. He meets a woman who studies isolated tribes in dangerous places, and they trek to the Amazon where they encounter drug-smuggling guerillas, a tribe of cannibals, and a deranged army officer.

  • Long Arm of the Law

    Long Arm of the Law Budget: $1M - $5M | Adventure An old, crippled lawman who is a jack of all trades master of none encounters a vicious outlaw gang of hillbillies who are terrorizing the Ozarks.

  • Datil Mountain Lions

    Datil Mountain Lions Budget: $1M - $5M | Sports Adventure A tiny high school basketball team in the desolate mountains gets it together against all odds including racial tensions to play in the state championship against a big city machine. The captain is an Apache, and the coach is over-the-hill while his son is a nerdy out-of-sport linebacker.

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