Loglines & Screenplays by Jerry Suits

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Transition Zone

GENRES: Romance, Adventure

A nerdy graduate student studies snakes but the time to get his PhD has expired and he must collect venomous, jungle snakes to finally get it. He meets a woman who studies isolated tribes in dangerous places, and they trek to the Amazon where they encounter drug-smuggling guerillas, a tribe of cannibals, and a deranged army officer.

Long Arm of the Law

GENRES: Adventure

An old, crippled lawman who is a jack of all trades master of none encounters a vicious outlaw gang of hillbillies who are terrorizing the Ozarks.

Datil Mountain Lions

GENRES: Sports, Adventure

A tiny high school basketball team in the desolate mountains gets it together against all odds including racial tensions to play in the state championship against a big city machine. The captain is an Apache, and the coach is over-the-hill while his son is a nerdy out-of-sport linebacker.

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