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Anton Diether

Dianton Prods., Polar Pictures, Wildfire Films
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Austin, Texas

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About Anton

ANTON DIETHER is the writer of the Hallmark TV miniseries Moby Dick, the highest-rated long-form show in basic cable history for 14 years, nominated for five Emmys and two Golden Globe Awards; ABC-TV miniseries Cleopatra; and Hallmark miniseries Stranded. Anton developed Beauty and the Beast for Fox, Land of Oz for Disney, Gold Fever for Phoenix Pictures, Operation Greylord for Showtime, Lost At Sea for TNT; currently Gang of Dreams TV miniseries for Little Studio Films, The Revolt for Revolt Prods, Taj Mahal for Threshold Ent., Dead Guys Don't Talk for THC Films, and TV series Inspector Chen & Me for Keller Entertainment Group, to be filmed in 2019.




    SWIM FOR YOUR LIVES Budget: $5M - $10M | Adventure Family A dysfunctional father and his rebel daughter vacation together in a tropical resort and clash over his pending divorce from her mom, when they suddenly become survivors of a plane crash at sea.  They try to swim long miles to the nearest coast, forced to resolve their differences as they battle both natural and human elements of danger.  Alternate version set in British Columbia, Canada.


    THE POOL Budget: $1M - $5M | Horror Thriller Character-driven psychological horror thriller set in a suburban house, with a disturbed female lead and a shocking twist ending, inspired by Henry James' "Turn of the Screw". Low budget, limited number of characters, location restricted mostly to one suburban house. Semifinalist at the 2012 Austin Film Festival.   Logline: Two children seem to be haunted by the ghost of their dead mother's secret lover, as seen through the eyes of a young, troubled woman hired as a nanny while their father leaves town on business.  Their suburban house evolves into a nightmare world of psychological evil that seems to emanate from the back-yard pool.  Hook:  is there a ghost in the house, or is the nanny imagining it and turning insane?


    CONFESSIONS OF AN ACCIDENTAL ALIEN Budget: $1M - $5M | Biography Comedy Fictionalized autobiographical dark comedy about a UFO fanatic turned screenwriter on a rollercoaster ride of Hollywood success, failure and a nightmarish marriage that nearly destroys his career.  The existential journey of an "alien" stranded on earth, from his teenage years raised by lesbians in the 50's to his adult struggles to survive in the film industry of the 70's through the 90's, to his globetrotting adventures as a miniseries writer from London to Morocco.  All based on true events.


    WILD CARGO Action Thriller A maverick ex-convict drifter and a habitual thief, alienated from society and prone to violence, bonds with the pacifist woman owner of a Louisiana Bayou monkey sanctuary. When animal smugglers invade her wildlife preserve, the ex-con is forced into a confrontation that finally redeems his lost humanity. Inspired by "Key Largo."


    JIMMY & JARA FROM OUTTA SPACE Budget: $5M - $10M | Comedy Sci-fi A twisted sci-fi road comedy with heart, a la “Little Miss Sunshine” with aliens, an interspecies romance and a spoof on classic sci-fi films and the American Southwest’s UFO subculture. JIMMY, a Venice Beach boardwalk hustler, discovers beautiful alien JARA and her two intergalactic circus performers stranded on Earth.  He cons them into his “family” of misfit street performers and takes them to Las Vegas.  Along the way, sweet-tempered aliens touch jaded human hearts.  Ultimately Jimmy must save Jara and her E.T.’s from a ruthless casino kingpin, with the help of Nevada’s hardcore UFO buffs. PKA “Alien Circus”, a three-time script contest winner and two-time finalist.


    NARCOVILLE Action Adventure "The Dirty Dozen" meets "Black Hawk Down" in Mexico. Seven post-stressed war vets are hired by Mexican businessmen and a billionaire mercenary contractor to rescue a Sierra Madre town overrun by warring drug cartels. High-tech merc warfare, twisted heroism and ironic plot twists climax in a battle that inspires the locals to take up arms against the cartels, giving birth to a new Mexican revolution.

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