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By Kelsey Lynn Stokes

GENRE: Adventure, Independent, Music
LOGLINE: In Serena’s search to find her missing sister, she discovers Mark, an abandoned teenage orphan unable to speak apart from beatboxing, and they struggle to find a grounds of communication in order to find Claire.


After witnessing a tragic shooting that claims the life of his father, Mark harbors a debilitating fear of startling, explosive noises. His mother enforces this phobia, sheltering him until a July 4th picnic erupts in a firework display that spooks Mark to run away, horrified that his mother may also been claimed by the afterlife. Mark takes up residence in complete isolation in an abandoned factory nestled in a forest clearing. Twelve years later, Serena crosses paths with Mark, now grown, in her search for her missing younger sister, Claire. In the absence of human companionship, Mark’s communication has regressed to ‘primitive’ sounds and noises, though after increased exposure to Serena, he begins to regain a basic vocabulary. As a music teacher and professional beatboxer, Serena’s boyfriend, James, can adequately communicate with Mark, who holds valuable insight into the whereabouts of Serena’s sister.

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