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By Vasco Phillip de Sousa

GENRE: Comedy, Family

Elbow Haggis is called to leave his peaceful life and go on a mission to help steal something for a bunch of housebreakers. Not even Elbow knows why he agrees to go. Can Elbow survive plate breaking dwarves, an army of cheap 3D trolls, and a three picture deal of a seemingly never ending franchise?


Elbow: a tired bloke who'd rather mind his own business, but acts irrationally on occasion to keep the plot going.

Gadawful: A tall, bearded, gadfly who spouts philosophy but would rather leave to go to the toilet. Created to test spell checks and make average height actors look short.

Gollum: unfortunately, only in it for a brief cameo.

Dwarves, trolls, and Forego Haggis: bit parts for crowdfunding pledges and buddies.

This is a 10 minute parody / satire of The Hobbit, and unexpected wait.

We open with Elbow, speaking to his nephew, about a book that he can't see. Then, he meets Gadawful, and they discuss nothing, until some housebreakers jump in. Finally, we are set off in an adventure, which is a series of scenes set out to mirror the most silly scenes in the movie.

Kids who loved Spaceballs, Robin Hood Men in Tights, and Hot Shots enjoyed playing this script as a sort of immersive theatre experience. I think it could also work as a film, especially so we can use the cheap 3D trolls.

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