Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Stunt Performer, Author, Art Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Other and Playwright

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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December 2012
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About Vasco

The first time I saved the world, I was only five months old. I saw a Neptunian Pterosaur under the water and dived to save her, averting an intergallactic* war. My dad jumped in a suit, thinking I just wanted to swim.

Then, when I moved to Colorado, I started liking watching movies. My parents said, "get out more, go make some friends." So, I did. Unfortunately, when summer came, they melted.

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.

Anyway, as a kid, I was involved in school plays, poetry, and underground magazines, as well as amateur films. But, what I really wanted to do was play in a band like Wild Stallions, with Billy The Kid as my roadie.

I love those kinds of movies that are pure fantasy, that don't try to present the real world. And I love films from other parts of the world besides just Los Angeles.

My greatest disappointment in lockdown is that most of the cartoons I see in Dutch, French, Portuguese or Romanian are dubbed from English. Okay, so I miss the characters from my childhood, but I think children around the world deserve to see their own nation portrayed.

So, I have a renewed purpose in life, to somehow ensure that these films get made, that small languages don't just dub their cartoons. The Hollywood Borg must not destroy other cultures any longer.

* I'm not sure how to spell Intergalactic. I grew up with American spelling, but then started using British spelling. So, I use both.

Unique traits: Every time I type, someone looks over my shoulder. Okay, almost every time. We all think we're unique, and we all are in a way. It took me a long time to develop the ability to blend in and become invisible. The stories I tell are of characters with traits that are at once unique to them and yet that an audience can relate to. I can make those traits which are invisible, visible. But, my favourite ability is to see the talent and develop talent in others.


  • Bonjour Dewi

    Bonjour Dewi Budget: $100K - $1M | Other Animation Dewi is not easily motivated. He’s not even bothered to change his hoodie, but he’d go to the ends of the earth for his dog, Ryan. So, when Ryan gets kidnapped and taken to France, it’s time for Dewi to confront his deepest fear: the French language.

  • Today's News

    Today's News Budget: $0 - $100K | Independent What do you do when your childhood heroine goes soft and "mooshy"? How do you celebrate her birthday? What do you do when your inspiration panders to patriarchy? Or, how do you react when a lonely woman claims your life’s fight inspired her spite?

  • The Slimebag Project

    The Slimebag Project Budget: $1M - $5M | Independent Comedy Ever heard of the Blair Witch Project?  So did Pitcher.  Now Pitcher wants to make her own little-big movie, but can the short filmmaker achieve her goal without actually working for it?

  • The Habbit

    The Habbit Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy Family Elbow Haggis is called to leave his peaceful life and go on a mission to help steal something for a bunch of housebreakers. Not even Elbow knows why he agrees to go. Can Elbow survive plate breaking dwarves, an army of cheap 3D trolls, and a three picture deal of a seemingly never ending franchise?


  • Dara Says

    Dara Says (2014)
    Film by Ptara Ltd (Comedy and Drama) "Jack", Writer, Director, audio post-production, visual effects When Molly invites her favourite life coach, she takes over. I recently saw "You Me And Dupree" which seems to be loosely inspired by the same theme, but our film is more weighted toward the female roles, and is way lower budget.

  • What caused the War of 1812?

    What caused the War of 1812? (2012)
    Film (short) by Ptara Director, writer, presenter, graphics, editor

  • Bonjour Dewi

    Bonjour Dewi (2011)
    Internet by Ptara Creative executive, audio post production, visual effects, voices, writer, animator


  • Employee of the Month, BT Aberystwyth

  • BAS High School tournament Shotput, first place


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