Loglines & Screenplays by Joe Giambrone

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Lori's 18th

GENRES: Drama, Independent, Thriller

A found-footage massacre, set at a wild birthday party, where a twin brother and sister come to terms with their childhood sexual violations and their monstrous father.

Body Strippers

GENRES: Crime, Drama, Independent, Thriller

Body Strippers is a crime thriller where a young dancer must help a local cop stop an organ-harvesting ring that is protected by US intelligence.

Dead Lake

GENRES: Action, Horror, Independent

A teen brat, stuck on a non-functioning houseboat, must battle a lake full of zombies, elude the military bombardment and save her traumatized friend.


GENRES: Action, Comedy, Independent, Sci-fi

Plasm is a twisted space journey about a paranoid loner captain whose ship is invaded by a glob, and the alien lifeform proceeds to infect every human and turn them into hybrid mutants.


GENRES: Comedy, Experimental, Independent, Other

Vamped is a spoof comedy about a suicidal warrior lesbian vampiress who falls insanely in love with an air-headed American cheerleader and must win her over or face the final sunrise.


GENRES: Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Independent

BASS! Is a satirical comedy about a shy young man who falls for a studious Asian girl, but he is outclassed by the rich boys, and a lake full of giant mutant man-eating bass await.

Horny Teens

GENRES: Comedy, Horror, Independent

Horny Teens is a coming of age satire about a high school editor who must go undercover at a radical church to uncover the ‘Horny Teens Must Die’ serial killer.

Time of Death

GENRES: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Independent, Thriller

Freshman drama student dies each night for several minutes, where she meets a ghost, and she must solve this mystery or else one of these nights she won't come back.

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