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By Khiray Richards

GENRE: Horror, Comedy

A group of friends adjust to their new life after surviving an encounter with Bloody Mary.


When their initial plans get cancelled, a group of friends arrange a trip to cabin for a weekend.

While there, they stumble upon the topic of the well known “Bloody Mary” trick. George

decided to take a stab at it and shows it to be all rumor. Casie reveals a piece that not many knew

to truly complete the “trick”. Once everyone sleeps, George decides to attempt it on his own.

Everyone awakens to a scream from the bathroom. They discover George is gone and a woman

appears that claims to have been trapped for years. Determined to rescue his brother, Quint finds

a way to get back to Mary’s Domain with a caveat that they must return by sunrise.

Upon arriving, things get hectic, but Quint is given confirmation by Billy that he has George.

Upon returning to the real world, George is nowhere to be found and Billy denies all claims.

Right before returning, an alarm goes off signaling sunrise. It’s too late.

Some time passes and everyone seems to have adjusted well..aside from Quint. He begins

hallucinating and believes his brother is still alive. He takes necessary measures to find him

based on a theory he has.

Deborah Wagner S.E.

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