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By Robert Grubbs

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: As disease spreads through their valley and winter approaches, a clan of cave men faces deadly enemies from both within and without.


ROCK is the lead hunter for his tribe of Cro-Magnon cave people. The game is plentiful… for now. But a sickness has infected many of the animals. Rock’s brother THERNAR insists that it is time to leave their valley, but their shaman father HEILOS is dedicated to the Old Ways, and refuses. Their clan’s food stores are raided by the KATOGHA, a savage and intelligent grizzly bear thought to be only a legend. The Katogha leads a pack of hungry bears in a hunt of Rock’s people. Between the sickness and this new trouble, all signs point to escaping the valley where the Katogha hunts. But Heilos still holds the minds of the people, and is more concerned with punishing tribe’s people for minor transgressions than strategizing against the Katogha. Rock reluctantly goes with the status quo, while Thernar burns for a change. The Katogha and its bears directly attack the tribe’s caves. Rock and his hunters are barely able to fight them off, but at a high price. It is clear that, if the tribe is to survive the winter, the Katogha must die. Rock sets off on a hunt. But, twisted with bitterness, Thernar uses the hunt as an excuse to murder Heilos, and pin the blame on Rock. The tribe’s elders banish Rock as punishment. The moment Rock is out of the picture, though, Thernar seizes control of the tribe, and begins his reign of terror. Rape and murder become the order of the day. He slaughters anyone of no use, and takes the rest with him on a suicidal trek through the mountains. Little does Thernar know, he is stalked by two very different hunters: Rock and the Katogha, both with very different ideas for the fate of the tribe…. RATING: R


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Emmanuel Duchez

Good work Robert, very interesting and complex script, ambitious too. You write very well. I wish you the best luck for making your film. Please have look at my scripts posted here, I'll be honored. Friendly, Emmanuel

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