Loglines & Screenplays by Michael D'Ambrosio

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Princess Pain

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

A violent female smuggler, reluctantly teams up with a fiery female rebel leader, against a power-hungry militia leader and a blood-thirsty female assassin seeking to rule their people. The stakes are raised when the women learn that the militia meader killed their parents many years ago.

Fractured Time

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Survivors of a crash on a hostile planet, battle the forces of a psychotic wizard responsible for their misfortunes in this journey of survival and vindication. Lead character Billy Brock becomes the target of the wizard's wrath as he is destined by fate to kill the wizard.

Space Frontiers

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

A naive rookie officer, a hippie parts mechanic, and a sassy, young priestess team up for revenge against a barbaric alien king who is determined to kill them.

Night Creeps

GENRES: Action, Horror, Sci-fi

A black sheriff from the big city comes to a rural white town and must win the support of his deputies to defeat aliens and mutant humans before the area is razed by the military for containment. A threat more dangerous than the aliens emerges when the mayor's wife becomes a mutant hybrid with her own agenda for power and conquest.

The Christmas Solution

GENRES: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sports

A hot shot PR executive rebuilds the career he lost in a legal battle against a competitor with a Christmas campaign to make Santa (Nick) and Christmas exciting again. The stakes are raised when he learns his competitor is a mobster who once dated his fiancee'.

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