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By Babz Bitela, President

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: here's just a snap shot of what we are going out with... all budgets, all genres, all gems!


ACTION – MULTI PLATFORM – 3 D – FRANCHISE/TENT – BIG BUDGET Clause 13 – A security guard father-to-be pisses off real super heroes by accidentally killing one, and has to run for his life—when he learns you don't have to be super to be a hero. (In the vein of X-Men by way of The Fugitive.) (Big budget, multi-platform “tent” pic.) Superb coverage. C. Sabin*WGA Gods of War - On the verge of retirement, an accomplished Major reassembles his team for a final rescue, but he must face and possibly kill one of his own who's defected. C. Clyde. (THINK A FAR LESS EXPENSIVE EXPENDABLES. Gripping.) Laserbladers – A super hot skate rink changes dimensions on five select teens--one of the five is kidnapped inside, and the remaining four must find a way to perform a dangerous rescue. (We represent the author and the screenwriter.) R Powers. Based on the novel by L Garrett. (Think modern day Wizard of Oz meets Tron.) Overkill – Seconds into a new life a common thief can’t resist one last heist which gets him killed—over and over, and over again. C. Sabin (WGA) OPTIONED Pirate Hunter – In the year 1700 a Naval Lieutenant embarked on a search for the most bloodthirsty ship on the seas, as he sought his revenge. It found him. Clyde & Stroncak Treasure of the Black Sun - An artifact hunter is hired to find Hitler’s ashes before they fall into the hands of those who will use its power to ignite a Nazi cult. Robert Powers Penitent Man – Seeking vindication for the death of his daughter, an Irish policeman with nothing to lose leaves all behind to track a terrorist to the USA--but within hours his carefully laid plan is destroyed, and everyone he meets seems to have an agenda as hidden as his own. J. Bortz She Be Pirate - 1718, Nassau, a young woman sees her town sacked, her father killed, and sets out to avenge his death, but risks becoming the very thing she may despise. R. Powers. Sinbad and the Seven Curses - A damsel in distress tale unlike any other, as Sinbad's crew must battle seven curses hurled at them by an old adversary when a princess gets in the way. Story by Ray Harryhausen, Script by Ted Newsom and Brinke Stevens.

Jona Doug

These look great!

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