Loglines & Screenplays by Kris Kemp

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the rails

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Experimental, Independent, Thriller

A shy photographer goes on a journey to retrieve his camera, after it falls into the hands of his favorite subject--a young, emotionally unstable actress.

cereal world

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Thriller

When a dad discovers strange toys in his kid's cereal, he believes people from another world are trying to communicate with him.


GENRES: Comedy, Drama

The last week of 1989, a shy high school senior discovers the real meaning of friendship with his co-workers at McDonald's.

The Secret Life of Mr. Rogers

GENRES: Documentary, Drama

The untold story of Mr. Roger's time as a top sniper for the U.S. military, and the epiphanies that led him to become adored by children worldwide.

Lab Rats

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller

After 4 friends travel west for a high-paying medical experiment, they feel they are being monitored when two of them experience supernatural results.

The Last Pizza Delivery Driver on Earth

GENRES: Not selected

After discovering that his 15-year high school reunion is coming to town, Jim Wheeler, a 32-year old pizza delivery driver, who still lives at home with his Mom, is inspired to make something of his life.

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