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"Acting is my first love. I’ve done a heck of a lot of work, playing all kinds of roles in both comedy and drama.

My dream job is starring in a hit sitcom. I was a recurring character on the first Newhart show, recurred on “Taxi” and have done guest starring roles on dozens of others. It’s pure joy to go to work.

Writing is my second love. Four of my spec scripts have been optioned and the films I’ve written and produced have won over 30 awards. Another reason I love writing - I can work in my pajamas.

I’d like to write for other companies and I’d like to get my own projects made, hopefully with another production company.

I’m not a control freak who has to produce and direct everything. There are lots of wonderful directors and producers who are far better than I am. Since all of my scripts have great roles for women, I’d like to team with stars and production companies who are looking for female driven scripts. Currently seeking representation."

Unique traits: Improv, consummate comedienne/character actress, honest [totally unique in Hollywood! ;)], writer, director, producer, workaholic.


  • Jill Jaress Exposed

    Jill Jaress Exposed (2016)
    Video by Got A Laugh Entertainment, President (Comedy and Short) Writer, Director, Producer, Star For a fresh perspective on life, Jill Jaress exposes her brain. Meet all her wacky neighbors, friends, well-wishers, and Mom.

  • 1 Nighter

    1 Nighter (2012)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy, Music and Romance) Actress Six lives change when two strangers wake up in bed together - not knowing who they're with, where they are or how they got there.

  • The Paul Reiser Show

    The Paul Reiser Show (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actress A comedy centering around a real-life family.

  • While the Children Sleep

    While the Children Sleep (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Prosperous California couple Carter and Meghan find the perfect live-in nanny when they hire Abby Reed. But no sooner does she arrive than she begins to arouse suspicion in friends and neighbors who, one by one, start dying. By the time Meghan looks deeper into the past, it's too late. Abby's work has already begun. Written by Anonymous

  • Someone to Love

    Someone to Love (2007)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actress Looking for Love? Try Snooze You Lose Speed Dating Service where you're guaranteed to meet your soul mate in fifty-five minutes or --- not. Lauren's boyfriend is a jerk and everyone knows it but Lauren. So her girlfriends send her off to Snooze You Lose where she meets a very wise butcher who advises, "Your boyfriend's crazy. Dump him and find a guy with a good heart." But Dan, a kind hearted perfectionist, has just met four wacky bimbos and a beautiful psychotic who screams at him, "You're going to die alone 'cause nobody's perfect!" Can Dan and Lauren survive this speed dating fiasco? Could anyone? Written by Jill Jaress jaress@got-a-laugh.com

  • Back to You and Me

    Back to You and Me (2005)
    TV Movie (Drama and Romance) Actress Dr. Syd has a good practice in the big city but a bad day when her terminal patient finally passes away. Her surgeon boyfriend, who has been sarcastically nick named "Mr. Personality" and "Settle For" by Syd's best friend (Nurse Brenda), takes this opportunity to offer support and destroys it by telling Syd dying is part of life and she'd be a better doctor if she stayed more remote from her patients and, oh, by the way, "can I come over tonight"? He is surprised when she says "not tonight." Brenda tells Syd to get away for a few days and suggests Syd change her mind and go back to her small hometown for her school reunion. Brenda points out that since Syd hasn't been back since her father's funeral, she'll be the star of the reunion as a successful doctor who wears the same size as she did in high school. Since Syd hasn't talked to anyone in that village, not even her mother, in years, Syd is unprepared for the collision between her memories of the past and the truth she finds in the... Written by ccomly

  • Detective

    Detective (2005)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Actress Detective Sergeant Malcolm Ainslie, a Catholic priest turned distinguished investigator for the police, has agreed to hear the confession of a convicted serial killer sentenced to death in a just a matter of hours. What he promises to reveal to Ainslie is the truth behind the crimes and the reason he confessed to the one crime Ainslie doesn't even believe he committed. What unfolds between the two men is a serpentine trail into both men's pasts based on the bestseller from master storyteller Arthur Hailey. Written by Amazon.com

  • Guy in Row Five

    Guy in Row Five (2005)
    Film (Comedy) Actress "Guy in Row Five" is a comedy about a dreamer named Thess who moves to Hollywood to become a star. He lands a job as an extra on the hit TV series "Rodeo Nights". After pestering his way in to an audition for the show's new series regular, he is so convinced that he booked the role that he decides to document his last day of being a struggling actor. Written by guyinrowfive@yahoo.com

  • Wedding Daze

    Wedding Daze (2004)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Family) Actress Jack and Audrey Landry are a middle-aged couple who have barely gotten the hang of being a pair of "empty nesters" when their three grown daughters -- Teri, Nora, and Dahlia -- end up tumbling back home again. That's not so hard to take but just as the parents re-adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their offspring, all three of the Landry daughters fall in love. Happiness abounds until the daughters each announce they're getting married. At the same time. And guess who's footing the bill? Now it's a race to see which runs out first -- Jack and Audrey's bank account or their sanity. Written by Marc Hershon

  • The Long Shot

    The Long Shot (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress Annie Garriet is a young woman who moves with her irresponsible husband Ross and their seven-year-old daughter Taylor from Colorado to a ranch in northern California where Ross abandons them after he fails to land a job. With no money and no friends, and Taylor and Annie's prized racehorse, Tolo, to look after, Annie lands a job at a ranch hand and stable person at a stud farm owned by the stern Mary Lou O'Brien who is hiding some person demons of her own. Despite Annie's own setbacks in life, she decides to find an outing by entering her horse in a high-stakes riding competition. But when her horse goes blind from a race illness, Annie must struggle with her hardships to put the impossible to the test. Written by matt-282

  • The Parkers

    The Parkers (2003)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Mother and daughter Nikki and Kim Parker both attend Santa Monica College. Nikki got pregnant with Kim and dropped out of school but now, just as Kim is getting ready for college, Nikki decides it's her turn to finish getting her education.

  • Passions

    Passions (2003)
    Television (Drama) Actress In the world of power and money, the wealthy and powerful Crane family rule the town of Harmony from their mansion on Raven Hill. But behind the money are many lies and secrets. Most of what the Cranes do affects the other core families: the working class Bennets, the Russells, and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. The wealthy Hotchkiss family cause's a lot of problems in Harmony. They are heavily involved with the much wealthier Crane family. And everyone must watch out for Tabitha Lenox, who is thought to be the crazy neighbor of the Bennets, but is actually a 300 year old with who plays god with everyones life.

  • Unsolved Mysteries

    Unsolved Mysteries (2002)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Actress Host Robert Stack presides over an investigation into unsolved mysteries ranging from murders to UFO sightings. Through reenactments and interviews, viewers are presented with the known facts of each case. Anyone with additional information is then urged to contact the show's producers via a toll-free telephone number. Written by Kevin Ackley <kackley1@aol.com>

  • Smart Guy

    Smart Guy (1997)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actress Ten-year-old genius (Tahj Mowry) has skipped six grades into high school. This incredible promotion somewhat aggravates his teenage siblings. Written by Carol Braxton <carl@sigmais.com>

  • Life Happens

    Life Happens (1996)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Three of Hearts

    Three of Hearts (1993)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actress After her female lover leaves her, a nurse hires a male escort to seduce the lover and then break her heart so she will return. As the escort begins to win her over, however, he begins to fall in love and questions his task and the direction of his life. Meanwhile, an acquaintance has gotten out of prison and seeks to put a hurt on the escort, blaming him for his prison sentence. Written by Ed Sutton <esutton@mindspring.com>

  • Universal Soldier

    Universal Soldier (1992)
    Film (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress An elite team of soldiers has been used against terrorists where they use astounding physical capabilities to overcome them. Victoria, a reporter, follows them and discovers a part of their secret. When one of the team kills her cameraman she tries to escape. Luc, one of the soldiers begins to have flashbacks and turns sides and helps her as the remainder of the team follows to protect their secrets. Written by John Vogel <jlvogel@comcast.net>

  • Book of Love

    Book of Love (1990)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actress A friend delivers John Twiller greetings from a long gone high school girlfriend. This makes him open his school's yearbook - his "Book of Love" - and remember the old times, way back in 1956, when he was in his last year of high school and his family just moved to the town. He hung out with geeky Paul Kayne and tried to get the attention of Lily, who unfortunately was together with bully Angelo. Written by Tom Zoerner <Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

  • Pump Up the Volume

    Pump Up the Volume (1990)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Music) Actress Mark is an intelligent but shy teenager who has just moved to Arizona from the East Coast. His parents give him a short-wave radio so he can talk to his pals, but instead he sets up shop as pirate deejay Hard Harry, who becomes a hero to his peers while inspiring the wrath of the local high school principal. When one of Harry's listeners commits suicide and Harry- inspired chaos breaks out at the school, the authorities are called in to put a stop to Harry's broadcasts. Written by Denise P. Meyer <dpm1@cornell.edu>

  • Murder, She Wrote

    Murder, She Wrote (1990)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Former high school English teacher and famed mystery writer Jessica Fletcher has a gift for solving mysteries. You see, it seems murder follows her around, whether it be to the houses of her seemingly endless number of friends, nieces, and nephews or right in her hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine. Jessica is sometimes assisted by her friend Dr. Seth Hazlitt or the local sheriff, Amos Tupper (later Sheriff Metzger). Sometimes, later in the series, Jessica would only narrate the episode, which would be a dramatization of one of her novels. In later seasons, Jessica moved to New York City to be closer to her publisher and also closer to crime. Written by Mike Hatchett <hatchetts13@webtv.net>

  • Tales from the Darkside

    Tales from the Darkside (1988)
    Television (Fantasy, Horror and Thriller) Actress Each episode of this TV series depicts a short, strange tale...with a twist! With eerie stories vaguely reminiscent of 'The Twilight Zone,' viewers learn to appreciate that things are often not as they seem. The usual plot formula is comprised of an initial normal, mundane situation that gradually begins to get off-kilter, with suspense building up to the final, chilling, surprise conclusion. Written by Tad Dibbern <DIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>

  • License to Drive

    License to Drive (1988)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Les doesn't have a driving license yet, but to impress his gorgeous date Mercedes he borrows his grandpa's Cadillac for a night out... and has to witness the poor car going through more and more intense maltreatments. Written by Tom Zoerner <Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

  • Me and Mom

    Me and Mom (1985)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King

    Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983)
    Television (Adventure) Actress A housewife, Mrs. King, is handed a package by a secret agent who who is being pursued by bad guys. The secret agent, Lee Stetson, then has to track down the housewife before the bad guys do. Later episodes involve similar plots as Stetson and Mrs. King are teamed up together. Written by Schofield <KSCHOF51@Maine.Maine.edu>

  • Trapper John, M.D.

    Trapper John, M.D. (1983)
    Television (Drama) Actress This series brought the character of "Trapper John" from M*A*S*H in as the Chief of Surgery at San Francisco Memorial Hospital. Joining him on the surgical staff was a brilliant young surgeon, G. Alonzo "Gonzo" Gates, who had also served in a MASH unit - in Vietnam. The show covered standard medical stories, but it also took chances with such subjects as AIDS, the Epstein-Barr Virus, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Written by Linda Adams <Garridon@aol.com>

  • The Sting II

    The Sting II (1983)
    Film (Comedy and Crime) Actress Lonnegan is planning to get back at Gondorff and Hooker for bilking him out of half a million. At the same time Gondorff and Hooker are planning their next caper. And their mark is a man named Macalinski, who makes Lonnegan look like a pussycat. There con is boxing match and Hooker is the fighter whom they have to make look good but Macalinski needs some convincing, and Hooker is a little rusty. Written by <rcs0411@yahoo.com>

  • The New Odd Couple

    The New Odd Couple (1982)
    Television (Comedy) Actress This was a new television series version of Neil Simon's play, and subsequent movie, and television series which starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. In this version not only are he actors new but also of different ethnicity. Written by <rcs0411@yahoo.com>

  • Honeyboy

    Honeyboy (1982)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress Rico 'Honeyboy' Ramirez is a Puerto Rican from the south Bronx who finds fame and fortune as a middleweight boxer. But he soon learns that it's not all it's cracked up to be when he loses sight of his goals. First by becoming romantically involved with his attractive publicist, and then having to prove himself in the ring after learning that his biggest victory was rigged by his shady, mob-connected, promoters. Written by Matt Patay

  • Taxi

    Taxi (1978 - 1982)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Louie De Palma is a cantankerous, acerbic taxi dispatcher in New York City. He tries to maintain order over a collection of varied and strange characters who drive for him. As he bullies and insults them from the safety of his "cage," they form a special bond among themselves, becoming friends and supporting each other through the inevitable trials and tribulations of life. Written by Tad Dibbern <DIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>

  • Benson

    Benson (1982)
    Television (Comedy and Family) Actress In this spinoff of "Soap", Benson DuBois is sent out West to serve as butler to widowed state governor Gene Gatling, an honest but bumbling servant of the people. Although he has his rivals in German maid Kraus and persnickety aides Clayton and Taylor, Benson, armed with an acerbic wit and plenty of smarts, becomes the Governor's close friend and helper, and eventually is elected Lieutenant Governor! Written by Marty McKee <mmckee@soltec.net>

  • Lou Grant

    Lou Grant (1981)
    Television (Drama) Actress After everyone on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" got fired, Lou Grant went to Los Angeles and became city editor of the L.A. Tribune, owned by Mrs. Pynchon, with whom Lou often has loud but sympathetic arguments. Lots of social causes and interpersonal relationships. Written by Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>

  • S.O.B.

    S.O.B. (1981)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress Felix Farmer is an extremely successful Hollywood producer, whose movies for Capitol Pictures have never lost money,... until now, with his latest, most expensive film to date, Night Wind, ending up being a major flop. The film, starring his popular Academy Award winning actress wife, Sally Miles, who has a G-rated screen image, almost bankrupts the studio. As such, the studio execs turn on Felix, who want to take over creative control of the movie and re-edit it to lessen the damage. It also turns Felix suicidal, his mental state which in turn leads to Sally leaving him and taking their two children with her. As Felix tries and tries again unsuccessfully to kill himself, he finally stumbles upon an idea which gets him out of his depression. He plans to use his and Sally's money to purchase the movie back from the studio, and re-imagine it by adding a few new scenes, to drastically altar it from the G-rated fantasy film it is, to an R-rated sex romp, complete with Sally baring her ... Written by Huggo

  • Too Close for Comfort

    Too Close for Comfort (1981)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Jackie and Sarah Rush are two grown sisters who live in half of a duplex. Their parents, Henry and Muriel, live in the other half. Though one might think this proximity may be fun, both sides often feel that it's "too close for comfort", in this half-hour situation comedy. Written by Phil Fernando

  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer (1980)
    Film (Drama, Music and Romance) Actress Neil Diamond stars in this motion picture as Yussel Rabinovitch, a young Jewish cantor who strives to make a career outside the synagogue in popular music as Jess Robin. Against the wishes of his rigid father and his loving wife, Yussel travels from New York City to Los Angeles to play his music. Swept up by the excitement, he meets a spunky manager who believes in his talent and shares his dream. He grows apart from his family, and becomes confused about what he should ultimately do with his life. Written by Ted Kula <tkula@cs.wvu.edu>

  • Barnaby Jones

    Barnaby Jones (1973 - 1979)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Barnaby Jones was a former private eye who temporarily came out of retirement to track down the killer of his son Hal, who had taken over the family business. After bringing Hal's murderer to justice (with the assistance of fellow CBS gumshoe Frank Cannon), Jones decided retirement just wasn't his bag after all, and rehung his shingle with the assistance of daughter-in-law Betty, who ran the office and Barnaby's personal crime laboratory, and (later) young distant cousin Jedidiah, who did the cases' legwork. Written by Marty McKee <mmckee@soltec.net>

  • The Seekers

    The Seekers (1979)
    Television (Drama, History and War) Actress The sons and grandchildren of Philip Kent make a life for themselves in America.

  • Starsky and Hutch

    Starsky and Hutch (1978)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Tough Starsky and educated Hutch are plainclothes cops taking on dope dealers, muggers and other thugs, aided by their red 1974 Torino and informant Huggy Bear. Both bachelors' private lives play as interweaving threads in the drama. Written by Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>

  • CHiPs

    CHiPs (1978)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress "CHiPs," which stood for California Highway Patrol, followed the daily beats of two state motorcycle patrolmen as they patrolled the freeway system in and around Los Angeles. Officer Jon Baker was the straight, serious officer while Frank "Ponch" Poncherello was the more free- wheeling member of the duo; both reported to Sgt. Joe Getraer, who gave out assignments and advice in handling the cases. Each episode saw a compilation of incidents, ranging from the humorous (e.g., a stranded motorist) to criminal investigations (such as hijackings) and tragic incidents (such as a fiery multi-car pile-up with multiple deaths. Other aspects of Ponch and Jon's daily work were highlighted as well; the social lives of both officers (they were both single) often provided the lighter moments. On occassion, Ponch and Jon were assisted by a female "Chippie" at first, the very beautiful Sindy Cahill; and later, the more wholesome Bonnie Clark. In 1982, Ponch got a new partner, Bobby Nelson (series star... Written by Brian Rathjen <briguy_52732@yahoo.com>

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island (1978)
    Television (Adventure, Comedy, Drama and Fantasy) Actress Fantasy Island is a unique resort in the Pacific Ocean, where there is very little that the mysterious overseer, Mr. Roarke, cannot provide. Thus, we have visitors have adventures that should be impossible, but this island can accommodate them such as visits to any time period they want or meet absolutely anyone they want see to do something they request. However, what actually happens is often far more than they expect as they face challenges that test their character in ways they never imagined. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (kchishol@rogers.com)

  • Kojak

    Kojak (1978)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actress Lt. Theo Kojak is the main character in this popular television police drama. Kojak is a tough cop, but his trademark is a fondness for lollipops. Despite his difficult work, he tirelessly brings criminals to justice while staying upbeat and good-natured. Written by Tad Dibbern <DIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>

  • Black Sheep Squadron

    Black Sheep Squadron (1976)
    Television (Action, War, Adventure and Drama) Actress Pappy Boyington is the squadron-leader of a group of fighter pilots stationed on an island in the Pacific, during World War II. Pappy often needs to intercede in altercations at the base, but everyone seems to pull together when they are assigned missions in the air. Written by Tad Dibbern <DIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>

  • Marcus Welby, M.D.

    Marcus Welby, M.D. (1975)
    Television (Drama) Actress The show is about doctors Marcus Welby, a general practitioner and Steven Kiley, Welby's young assistant. The two try to treat people as individuals in an age of specialized medicine and uncaring doctors. Written by Anonymous

  • McMillan & Wife

    McMillan & Wife (1975)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Attorney and US Navy vet Stewart "Mac" McMillan is appointed Commissioner of Police for the city of San Francisco. He often handles the very high profile cases personally. Helping him out on many of them is his wife Sally, who's father was a detective for the SFPD. In fact, Sally gets so involved that she often puts herself in harms way. They are often assisted by Mac's loyal, but somewhat inept assistant Sgt. Charlie Enright and their hard drinking, smart mouthed live in maid Mildred. Sadly, a few years after Mac's appointment Sally dies in a plane crash. Also, Mildred quits her position and is replaced by her scatterbrained sister Agatha. Also, in later years Enright is promoted to lieutenant. Written by Brian Washington <Sargebri@att.net>

  • Police Story

    Police Story (1973 - 1974)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress Classic anthology series, which details the personal lives of the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department. The stories ranged from highly dramatic to extremely funny. Even though there weren't any real regulars, Don Meredith and Tony LoBianco were often seen throughout the run of the show as detectives Bert Jameson and Tony Calabrese respectively. Written by Brian Washington <Sargebri@att.net>

  • The Bob Newhart Show

    The Bob Newhart Show (1973 - 1974)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Bob is a successful Chicago psychologist who shares secretary Carol with Dentist Jerry. Part of the show revolves around his (usually comic) dealings with his patients. The rest involves his school teacher wife Emily and others in their apartment building. Written by Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>

  • Cannon

    Cannon (1974)
    Television (Action, Crime, Mystery and Drama) Actress The weekly adventures of Frank Cannon, an overweight, balding ex-cop with a deep voice and expensive tastes in culinary pleasures, who becomes a high-priced private investigator. Since Cannon's girth didn't allow for many fist-fights and gun battles (although there were many), the series substituted car chases and high production values in their place. Written by Marty McKee <mmckee@wkio.com>

  • Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Odd Couple

    The Odd Couple (1973)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Felix and Oscar are an extremely odd couple: Felix is anal-retentive, neurotic, precise, and fastidiously clean. Oscar, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: sloppy and casual. They are sharing an apartment together, and their differing lifestyles inevitably lead to some conflicts and laughs. Written by Murray Chapman <muzzle@cs.uq.oz.au>

  • Love, American Style

    Love, American Style (1972)
    Television (Comedy and Romance) Actress An anthology comedy series featuring a line up of different celebrity guest stars appearing in anywhere from one, two, three, and four short stories or vignettes within an hour about versions of love and romance.

  • The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler

    The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler (1971)
    Film (Sci-Fi, Mystery and Thriller) Actress A U.S. Senator is spirited away to a secret New Mexico medical lab after a serious car crash. His injuries are completely healed by a secret organization that has developed advanced medical technology. What does the organization want in exchange for saving his life? Meanwhile, a reporter who witnessed the accident decides to investigate the senator's disappearance. Written by yortsnave

  • McCloud

    McCloud (1971)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actress Sam McCloud is a town Marshal from Taos, New Mexico. He goes to New York to find an escaped criminal, and there falls for reporter Chris Coughlin, who is the cousin of the deputy police commissioner. After he tracks the criminal down, Chris convinces her cousin to request that Sam be assigned to temporary duty with the NYPD to learn modern police methods. He is assigned to the detective bureau headed by Chief Peter B. Clifford, who is less than thrilled with having McCloud under his command and gives him nothing but menial duties. Sam always winds up deep in homicides, drug busts, and various other major crimes. He is often helped out by Sgt. Joe Broadhurst, and solves them using a combination of good police work and good old country know-how. Written by Brian Washington <Sargebri@att.net>

  • Shepherd's Flock

    Shepherd's Flock (1971)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Actress Jack Shepherd is an ex-football star who has become a minister. The comedy revolves around his efforts to adjust to this new life given his quick temper and tendency to put his foot in his mouth.

  • The New People

    The New People (1969 - 1970)
    Television (Drama) Actress A group of young people crash land on a deserted island that was a never used atomic bomb test site. With the world thinking that they were all killed, "The New People" set out to form a civilization free from the problems and mistakes that their parents made, a task that soon becomes much more challenging than they had anticipated. Written by Wayne Coleman <waynecoleman@swbell.net>


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