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LA-based colorist & online editor specializing in using DaVinci Resolve on all sorts of projects, from feature & short films through commercials & promotional, TV, music videos and web-based content.



  • The Untold Story

    The Untold Story (2016)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Editorial department Once Hollywood star Edward Forester's career and personal life have hit rock bottom-but not his spirit. At age 63, the handsome actor moves into a tiny apartment and must start over again. He quickly learns who his 'real' friends are and meets Catarina, a neighbor who can barely make her own life work. It is through her encouragement, and "in-your-face" friendship, Edward realizes the only way back to the top is to believe in himself for one more shot at success. Written by Annonymous

  • Diced

    Diced (2016)
    Film (Horror and Short) Colorist Things are never what they seem below the surface.

  • State of Desolation

    State of Desolation (2016)
    Film (Horror) Colorist The story of an unusual relationship forged between an aging mercenary and a young pampered suburbanite as they both try to survive the Apocalypse.

  • The Church

    The Church (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Colorist After agreeing to sell the church to make way for a new development, the church board and the development team are met with supernatural disapproval.

  • December

    December (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Visual effects Callum, a weary mid-level manager who's losing his way, is being taken advantage of by his out of control office staff and manipulated by a nightmarish ex-girlfriend. On a dispiriting New Year's Eve, Callum finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Will the life and death encounter show him the way out of his self-destructive rut?

  • January

    January (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Visual effects Terra, a young woman facing a messy and unproductive life, wakes up on New Year's Day with 'memories' of an exciting and romantic New Year's Eve. However the visions of Terra's better and happier self become disturbing as she learns they apparently aren't real. But when a mysterious encounter seems to be an auspicious harbinger, will Terra find a way to become the girl of her dreams?

  • 20/20 Hindsight

    20/20 Hindsight (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Editorial department A young woman facing a messy and unproductive life wakes up on New Year's Day with 'memories' of an exciting and romantic New Year's Eve, which she soon discovers apparently didn't take place. A man who's being taken advantage of at every turn, finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Will these dispirited souls find a way back on track?

  • In Neon Lights

    In Neon Lights (2015)
    Film (Drama and Fantasy) Editorial department Cal, struggling with his sexuality, follows Broc, the man that he loves, into the red light district. When Broc suddenly disappears Cal is met by a strange Woman who wins over his affections. Cal is swept away in an odyssey of illusion and desire. As the fantasy takes hold, the woman transforms his entire world, now vibrant, beautiful and tender. However, as the relationship progresses and moves towards deeper intimacy, Cal is forced to come face to face with his true feelings. Plunging into the hopes, dreams and mind of a lonely young man, the film submerges itself within Cal's fantasy that ultimately overrides his reality.

  • Justification

    Justification (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editorial department A man is attempting to explain his action to be right.

  • A Director Prepares: Bobby Roth's Masterclass

    A Director Prepares: Bobby Roth's Masterclass (2015)
    Television (Documentary) Colorist Famed TV director Bobby Roth described the business and craft of his occupation.

  • Twelve

    Twelve (2015)
    Film (Comedy) Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • Wacko Smacko

    Wacko Smacko (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Editorial department A comedy that explores female friendship and the harsh realities of learning how to love yourself while being a Hollywood twenty-something

  • Instant

    Instant (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sci-Fi) Editorial department After a desperate criminal takes a bar hostage, 6 people must face their demons - past and present - in order to survive. But one of them is keeping a secret that could change everything in an instant.

  • Benjamin Troubles

    Benjamin Troubles (2014)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Editorial department A dark comedy and the story of Ben Ramsay. Ben, who's day goes from bad to worse, has given up on life. In his final moments of desperation, a homeless man gives Ben a pair of magic jeans... These special jeans produce a one hundred dollar bill every hour on the hour - 24/7. The journey to discovering this power leads Ben down a winding road of back room poker games, drug dealer dens, desert death and life changing romance - all wrapping up in a twist end you never see coming. Rising star Manu Intiraymi stars in this thriller from the writer of 'Downloading Nancy', opening in theaters 2013 Written by Anonymous

  • Tiebreaker

    Tiebreaker (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Sport) Editorial department A father, a son, their rackets and their balls.

  • Drain-O-Way

    Drain-O-Way (2014)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama, Fantasy and 1 More) Editorial department When Wes finds out that his writing partner, Bob, has ruined their six figure deal he begins to listen less to his instincts and more to the schizophrenic voice coming from his Drain-O-Way bottle.

  • Look in the Mirror

    Look in the Mirror (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Editorial department A distracted middle-aged lawyer unwittingly becomes involved in a series of murders after he goes on a 'business trip' with a pretty, gold-digging paralegal from his firm.

  • Pizza and Bullets

    Pizza and Bullets (2014)
    Film (Short and Action) Editorial department James is a pizza delivery guy and a hit man. When his unsuspecting girlfriend Elly gets taken by a crime boss seeking revenge, James must get her back.

  • Crazy Bitches

    Crazy Bitches (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Editorial department 7 girls and 1 fab gay guy plan a getaway to a remote ranch for a week of gossip and grub. They start off where they always do, old rivalries in place, extreme vanity covering great insecurities, but with a true love for each other underneath the bickering, sniping and sassing. A number of drinks into night one and a dark secret is revealed. The house they rented is the site of a mass murder of teenage girls 15 years earlier. Blood still stains the floors under replacement carpets. The killer still runs free. The girls take it for what it seems - a fun story for a rainy night by a roaring fire. But after one of them disappears and is discovered dead, the story doesn't seem so fun anymore. 1 by 1, they die, killed by their own vanity. The fun-filled week turns into a race against death. Who will make it out alive? Written by Jane Clark

  • Living Things

    Living Things (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Editorial department Rhona, a yoga instructor committed to a vegan lifestyle, must entertain Leo, her red meat-loving, blue collar father-in-law, as she waits for her husband to join them for dinner. When Leo attempts to apologize for a past insult, he instead opens up a debate that challenges her belief system. Their conversation quickly escalates into a heated argument that scrutinizes animal cruelty, climate change, health, morality, and spirituality. Endorsed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and reminiscent of the classic film My Dinner With Andre, Living Things presents a compelling dialogue about humanity and the benefits of a healthier, environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Written by Cinema Libre Studio

  • Inglorious Kill Dogs

    Inglorious Kill Dogs (2014)
    Film (Short and Crime) Editorial department Trailer for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming movie, a revenge crime homage, inspired by the incidents of The Hateful Eight script leak.

  • Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy

    Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Biography and Comedy) Editorial department Actor and comedian Alec Mapa's one-man show about how his life has changed since he and his husband adopted a child through foster care.

  • The Last Man on Earth

    The Last Man on Earth (2014)
    Film (Romance) Editorial department Uniquely blending romantic comedy & science fiction, "The Last Man On Earth" is about two teenagers exploring the nature and rejection of first love, when a cataclysmic event leaves them inexplicably stranded and alone. If they can each find a way to understand one another, then they might just have a chance at survival. Written by Anonymous

  • Winky Face

    Winky Face (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Editorial department Simon knows every girl is just waiting to find that guy who will ride in on a white horse and sweep them off their feet. If only he could tell which girls wanted to just be friends. Winky Face is romantic comedy about love and miscommunication. Written by Anonymous

  • Grace of God

    Grace of God (2014)
    Film (Family) Editorial department Having lost his faith many years ago, Detective Bill Broadly is called to investigate the disappearance of the local church's collection plate. As he questions its various church members, rumors swirl as more congregants learn about the theft. When one unexpected church-goer confesses to stealing the funds, the confession resurrects Broadly's views on God, and helps him see that through faith and belief there really is rebirth and redemption.

  • Seeing Each Other

    Seeing Each Other (2014)
    Film (Drama) Editorial department A group of friends deals with a break-up.

  • P.D.A.

    P.D.A. (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Editorial department 'PDA' centers around an urban gay couple who are comically disputing their very different views on holding hands in public, leading to a much bigger exploration of their relationship and more. It was shot on the RED camera on the busy streets of West LA in September, 2012. Written and directed by Patrick Hancock, 'PDA' also features a quirky original theme song by 1980s pop icon Debbie Gibson, composed specifically for the film. Written by Anonymous

  • The Last Templar

    The Last Templar (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Editorial department Captured a lone Knight Templar must free himself from captivity and reclaim his lone possession, the Holy Grail.

  • Fresh Blood

    Fresh Blood (2013)
    Film (Short, Action, Comedy and Fantasy) Editorial department An action comedy writer pitches to his narcissist Hollywood agent a movie idea in which the two female lead characters pitch their own action script to a someone they think is a big shot Hollywood agent. But, not everything is as it seems. In Hollywood, dreams are killed everyday. Written by Johanna Vanderspool

  • Shiner

    Shiner (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Editorial department An idealistic dishwasher falls in love with a waitress, but their mutual affections are threatened by each other's inability to move past their own insecurities. Simple, understated and human, it explores how two people must learn to love themselves before they can love each other. Written by Anonymous

  • Dig: The Incident at Sumter Plantation

    Dig: The Incident at Sumter Plantation (2013)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Editorial department In late 2012, four History graduate students attempted to unearth the truth of the tragic 1871 love affair between the owner's daughter and a freed slave from the Sumter Plantation.

  • Undying Love

    Undying Love (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Horror and Romance) Editorial department David and Rebecca stand at the altar when Rebecca first learns of the 'zombie clause' David has written into their wedding vows, requiring each of them to kill the other should he or she become a zombie. Rebecca's protestations lead to a series of increasingly violent and bloody hypotheticals traded before a chapel full of horrified guests in this comedy about love, commitment and rotting corpses. Written by Anonymous

  • What If

    What If (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Editorial department A sketch comedy series exploring several crazy and unique 'What If' scenarios.

  • Co-Op

    Co-Op (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • Sound of the Dead

    Sound of the Dead (2013)
    Film (Short, Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Editorial department Chris, a meek, recently divorced man spends his spare time building anatomical models. When he is sent by his ex-wife to a motel in search of their drug addicted daughter, a string of shattering events are set into motion. Chris finds the last thing any father would ever want to face. His only memento from the tragic scene, his daughter's cellphone, which he uses to gain insight into her final days. The cellphone reveals more than he bargained for, but there is something far more sinister hidden within. Already battling grief, Chris must face inner demons as a life and death struggle with a strange new virus pits him against forces that may spell the end of human existence as we know it. Written by Anonymous

  • I'm Not an Accent

    I'm Not an Accent (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Editorial department A French immigrant to the U.S. is determined to prove that she is indeed more than a French accent.

  • Afterglow

    Afterglow (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Musical) Editorial department 1961, Texas. It's Jet's 18th birthday and his girlfriend, Kitty, has thrown him a surprise party. However, Jet ends up leaving his friends behind to meet with Lady, a prostitute as a nearby motel. While there, he learns they may have a lot more in common than he thought... Written by Afterglow

  • Bad Mofos

    Bad Mofos (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Editorial department Andy and Steve turn to a life of crime in order to pay off a bookie.

  • Pass the Salt, Please

    Pass the Salt, Please (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Editorial department Dinner. A glass of wine. Stimulating conversation. What better way to wind down the day? A couples dinner repartee quickly morphs into a scene ripped straight from the script of an adult film. Who wins this battle of the sexes is anyones guess. Written by Jeffrey James Ircink

  • The Racket Boys

    The Racket Boys (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Editorial department THE RACKET BOYS is a modern comedy about two men and a woman driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco for individual reasons, but the same goal -- finding happiness and a reason for it all. A simple story of friends on the road, searching for meaning in an indifferent existence. Written by Anonymous

  • Summer of the Zombies

    Summer of the Zombies (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Editorial department A newly turned zombie struggles to navigate the land of the undead.

  • Behind Your Eyes

    Behind Your Eyes (2011)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Editorial department Young couple Erika and Steven have the world going for them as they embark on a weekend retreat to meet Steven's parents. Things take a turn for the worst when the couple is unexpectedly kidnapped and held hostage. Now, it's a fight for their lives against their mysterious abductor and the secrets he possesses. As he tortures and teases them, secrets from the past emerge and change everything. When Erika escapes, things only get worse, and the twists and turns take the viewer into uncharted territory and unyielding mayhem. Written by John Oliveira

  • Game Night

    Game Night (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Editorial department About four dysfunctional friends and their quirky lives as told over their weekly Game Night.

  • Halfway Where?

    Halfway Where? (2010)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Editorial department A down-on-her luck former newscaster-turned actress disconnects from reality when she checks in as the only sober, pay by the week tenant at a rowdy halfway house for women.

  • Death and Cremation

    Death and Cremation (2010)
    Film (Thriller) Editorial department In a typical American suburb filled with middle class morals, a lonely 59-year-old, Stan, contributes to society by offering cremation services from his basement. In fact, Stan murders neighbors he perceives to be social bullies. Jarod, a fatherless 17-year-old high school outcast, lands an after-school job in Stan's cremation house and the two develop an unusual working relationship that quickly evolves into a partnership. As detective Matt Fairchild puts together clues from local disappearances, Stan must decide if protecting his newfound trainee is worth killing for. Written by AJI Productions

  • Frankie's Jewels

    Frankie's Jewels (2009)
    Film (Action and Comedy) Editorial department Mafia Comedy about 2 men on a journey to recover the stolen Family Jewels of aging Mobster Boss Frank Mancini. So he can rest in peace - in one piece.

  • Saving Rent

    Saving Rent (2009)
    Video (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Editorial department Six roommates finding their way during this recession - told in a nostalgic 80s sitcom style.

  • I'm Alive

    I'm Alive (2009)
    Television (Documentary) Editorial department Featuring the death-defying and moving stories of people who-regardless of the obstacles or consequences-were determined to survive an animal attack. Driven by thoughts of loved ones and the desire to live, these individuals found the strength to survive terrifying and unexpected encounters by some of nature's most dangerous creatures. This inspirational drama combines victim interviews with true-to-life reenactments, giving a replay of the split-second decisions that saved lives. Over the course of 10 episodes, I'M ALIVE immerses viewers in the psychological experience of those involved, focusing on what pulled them through and what left them powerfully changed. Every survivor had something to live for, and in that fleeting moment of chaos, their desire for life outshone the attack. Written by Anonymous

  • Keep Dreaming

    Keep Dreaming (2009)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • Stand

    Stand (2009)
    Film (Documentary) Editorial department Broadcaster Tavis Smiley dissects this national discourse with ten Black male friends over several days during a special road trip through Memphis and Nashville. While visiting places like the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King died, and Stax records, credited with laying the roots of southern soul, Smiley and friends explore the diversity and complexity of the Black male experience in America past, present and future. STAND reveals the journey of a unique group of scholars, musicians, comedians and social critics as they gather for a rare reflection of brotherhood while confronting their own roles and responsibilities as pioneers of social progress. Written by Sheryl Flowers

  • I Love Money

    I Love Money (2008)
    Television (Game-Show and Reality-TV) Editorial department VH1 gives their contestants who failed to win in love a chance to win the next best thing: cold, hard cash.

  • From G's to Gents

    From G's to Gents (2008)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editorial department Young rowdy guys compete to become respectable gentlemen.

  • New York Goes to Hollywood

    New York Goes to Hollywood (2008)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • Swimming in Auschwitz

    Swimming in Auschwitz (2007)
    Film (Documentary) Editorial department Six Jewish women, from different countries and different backgrounds, found themselves deported to the notorious concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, during the Holocaust. This film attempts to chronicle that experience through those same female eyes. While subject to the same physical hardships as men, these women do not dwell on that. Instead, they speak of camp families and faith, uplifting one another while trying to remain human. It was this path of spiritual resistance that, while not responsible for their direct survival, led to their ability to survive with healthy minds and spirits despite the constant barrage of their surroundings. Swimming in Auschwitz gives us a perspective of the camp, its surroundings and the Holocaust that we need to understand and remember, so that we never forget. Written by Jon Kean

  • The Chase

    The Chase (2007)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department After stealing something very special, a nameless office worker runs for his life, chased by a shapeless, pursuer through an endless series of hallways and doors. Through his panic, our thief comically struggles to find his way out of the corporate labyrinth. Written by Philip Abatecola

  • Three Card Stud

    Three Card Stud (1999)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Actor Add a Plot »


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