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Bruce Manning

Camera Operator, Director of Photography and Producer

Los Angeles, California

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Bruce A. Manning

Born March 3rd, 1956 Michigan, went Rochester High school Michigan graduated 1975
Completed college from the “Art institute of Atlanta” with a degree in photography.
After college he landed an internship on the very first “Star Trek” the movie. One of the top production companies in the world, then Robert Abels, Bruce was hired as a production photographer shooting large art pieces and making them into Kodalith cells to be used for under light shooting from an Oxberry animation down shooter 35mm film camera. At Robert Abels, Bruce A. Manning worked many long hours on commercials like AT&T, Levis, Amtrak, Phillips Radios, 7up, to name a few. He moved up the ladder getting into the camera mans union, local 600 which resulted in better pay.
Bruce got a promotion and was assigned working on a “state of the art” computer controlled motion picture cameras on long rail tracks and motorized jib arms. Working on projects like Braun Shavers, PacBell Telephones, to name a few. Completing his internship Bruce moved over to the Walt Disney movie “Tron” He along with many talent artist and creative directors pieced together an eye popping collection of images including the “Tron” poster, and many composite photographs use in “Life” magazine, People magazine, and the “Tron” collectors book. After “Tron” Bruce went on to many other visual effects movies including “Black Hole”, “Indiana Jones and the temple of Dome”, “Buckaroo Bonsai” and “Star Wars” “Empire Strikes Back”.
Advancing forward Bruce continued to climb the ladder of success in Hollywood, and landed a position as 2nd assistant camera man on the movie “Top Gun” working closely to now famous film director Tony Scott and Director of Photography Wayne Kimball, Bruce was flown out 300 miles west San Diego to the navy fighter ship “USS Enterprise”. Loading 35mm Panavision film magazines and doing the clapper slate helped make the movie with stars including Tom Cruse, Meg Ryan, among others.
Next Bruce went on to the Walt Disney’s Movie “Turner and Hooch” He was promoted up the ladder to first assistant cameraman, a Prestigious camera position working with famous actor Tom Hanks, this new position 1st ac camera man was a lot of responsibility, making sure the camera was running properly and focus pulling was spot on. The producers, director and director of photography on a movie with a fairly big budget expects the films images to be in focus, and if not you might get the “ax” so the presser was on to perform!. Soon after “Turner and Hooch” Bruce landed a nice position on Terminator II, 2nd unit... Terminator II was a big movie, the biggest in Hollywood at the time, Bruce A. Manning learned valuable skills working with cars and camera cars, insert cars and odd camera mounts, attaching 35mm film cameras on assorted vehicles from motorcycles, cars, and trucks. Bruce learned a lot and sharpened his craft quick. Including remote follow focus pulling. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor: Terminator 2: Judgment Day then a cyborg from the future speeds by on his bike and sawed off, nothing could hurt him. The director, award winning James Cameron a very good director expected the best. The responsibilities were great with many crewmembers coming and going keeping Bruce on his toes.
Others were “Patriot Games” Directed by Phillip Noyce. Starring Harrison Ford “Maverick” (A Richard Donner Film) Director of Photography Vilmos Zsigmond.
Maverick was a fair sized movie with big stars like Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson and James Garner, among others. Bruce was hired on “Maverick” to perform the dudes as first assistant cameraman on the Steadicam. Steadicam is a camera mounted on arm that a camera operator straps on and runs around getting steady shots its easy to get into tight spots with the steadicam, but our job cameramen was to be on an old fashion stage coach riding down a very bumpy trail.
Vilmos Zsigmond the DP was always putting on the pressure using all the cameras in the truck, usually 8 cameras with only 4 camera crews to man them making every one work harder then need be. On the movie “Sliver” directed by Phillip Noyce. Starring Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, Tom Berenger , Bruce was involved in a bad helicopter accident where 3 crew members were stuck down inside the volcano on Oahu, Hawaii. Why? loss of engine power due to a lack of oxygen, They shouldn’t been flying over an active volcano, fortunately everybody survived, but its no fun to see your camera buddies get hurt. It took a while to get those three out of the volcano. The helicopter might be still down there.
After many years of being an assistant cameraman, Bruce learn the trade enough to progress to operator / director of photography on the movie “Eve's Bayou”. 1997 American drama film written and directed by Kasi Lemmons, who made her directorial debut with this feature. Starring Samuel L. Jackson a nice little movie shot down in the swamps of Louisiana the story is simple-- the lead female star Jurnee Smollett could see the future and Bruce A. Manning used his years of camera expertise to capture usually graphic black and white images all captured on 35mm film. After Eve's Bayou Bruce was noted for doing lead style camera work. Soon after he started producing his own productions and also developed a popular stock footage library of 35mm film images that brought in income from royalties for years. Highlighted images in his cache were road images shot in Joshua Tree National Park these special road and car images were shot on 35mm film cameras out the back of his 1992 silver ford mustang using a Ubangie to off-set mount in the trunk of the car putting the camera inches off the road giving a very close look to the road, these images propelled him upward. National car commercials used these images in Ford, Chevy, Toyota cars and trucks.
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Bruce A. Manning used his knowledge from Terminator II, cars and car mounts to get the perfect shot. Propelling to the next level Bruce A. Manning started producing and shooting music videos. one series of exciting film work, a Japanese production company stationed in Santa Monica, CA . The videos called “Flags” or “Five Lovely Asian Girls Sing”. The budget was around $21,000 dollars and shot on 16mm film. The five videos directed by HARADA Daizaburo were shot in seven days, one video per day, of each of the girls by themselves, out doors on location then a video of all the girls on a stage as a band performing together.
Bruce worked with Michael Jackson, when Michael Jackson broke out of the “Jackson Five” on his own and did a video called Triumph in the video Michael Jackson and his brothers towering over the city of Los Angels, throwing fairy dust over the city. Back then it was a huge music video, but now would be considered small.
On to “Wayne’s World II” Bruce got to shoot the amazing rock band Aerosmith. Close-ups of the lead singer Steven Tyle were used in the movie.
Other top rock bands include Mötley Crüe an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles. Drummer Sheila E. played with Azteca, the Latin jazz-fusion band led by her father, percussionist Pete "Coke". Madonna, Barbra Streisand is an American singer, actress, film producer and director. She has won two Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, four Emmy Awards, The Lords, and
Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Some of Bruce A. Manning’s latest works have been a special video that made it up to the top videos of the month. “Carly Patterson” performing “Temporary Life” (Ordinary Girl)
Bruce helped produce the production, hiring crew members, finding locations, getting production insurance, Lighting crew, grips, trucks, and stage rentals with green screen capabilities.
“Temporary Life” (Ordinary Girl) was shot with one of newest and best digital cinema cameras called the “Red One Digital Cinema Camera” (4k)
Bruce A. Manning’s recent archives of work a independent film, or indie film, called ”Magic Mentah”
Magic Mentah – an exciting science fiction movie shot entirely on blue screen, with backgrounds created in auto desks Maya
The movie is about two brothers stuck on an asteroid, similar looking and flavor to Amsterdam UK.

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