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Rachanee Lumayno

Rachanee Lumayno

Actor, Dancer, Host/presenter and Puppeteer

Los Angeles, California

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April 2012
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About Rachanee

Life-changing revelations can come at odd moments. For Rachanee, it was during an interview.

Unable to choose between pursuing a career in music or a career in photojournalism, her interviewer Nancy suggested she flip a coin to decide which one to focus on for a year. "But," Nancy warned Rachanee, "picking one means completely giving up the other. So if it comes up photography, you stop writing songs, you quit the band, you put away your guitar... Are you ready?"

Rachanee replied, "Don't flip the coin."

Seven years, three albums, and several national tours after that fateful interview, Rachanee still loves to tell stories - not only through music but now also through acting.

"I've always loved the theater," she says. "What started as a hobby during my non-touring months became a true passion.

That passion would take her from her native Michigan to Los Angeles, California, where she has already been gaining notice in both worlds. As an actress, she has steadily been booking work in theater, film and TV. As a songwriter, she has been working on her third full-length album while venturing into writing for musical theater.

Career Highlights:

"With Me Always" from the album 3 am is featured in the movie Stay Cool, with Winona Ryder and Hillary Duff

Multiple awards for songwriting, including Best Contemporary Christian Song (Independent Music Awards) for "Here with Me" and 2nd Place (Great Lakes Songwriting Contest) for "From Here"

Accepted as one of 12 songwriters for the ASCAP Pop Songwriting Workshop in Nashville, TN. Led by Dennis Matkosky (writer of "Maniac" from Flashdance and Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me").

Appeared twice on the Mitch Albom Radio Show, a nationally syndicated program.



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    Stay Cool (2009)
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    Sons of Legend (2008)
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    The Exquisite Continent

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