How to Find the Right Sales Agent + A Deal Terms Sheet Walkthrough

Hosted by Daisy Hamilton

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Daisy Hamilton

Webinar hosted by: Daisy Hamilton

SVP of Acquisitions at TriCoast Worldwide

Daisy Hamilton is the SVP of Acquisitions for TriCoast Worldwide where she has acquired over 100 packages and titles. TriCoast is run by Strathford Hamilton and is a full service media company committed to acquire, develop, produce, market and distribute audio-visual content. Hamilton also founded Rock Salt Releasing as a boutique production company and US distribution outfit. Rock Salt Releasing follows a 50/50 gender parity on all the films it invests in, acquires, or distributes. Daisy co-founded a new AVOD platform called Dark Matter TV, focusing on curating libraries of sci-fi and elevated genre films and series. She has acquired over 600 hours of content for Dark Matter TV, the app is available to download across all platforms in the USA. Daisy’s Producing & EP Credits Include: Vice:Versa Presents CHYNA, Ivan Sen’s LOVELAND with Hugo Weaving & Ryan Kwanten, HICKOK with Luke Hemsworth & Bruce Dern and SMITTY, with Mira Sorvino & Peter Fonda. Full Bio »

Webinar Summary

If you are a writer, filmmaker, digital content creator, or producer, it's important to not only understand the role of a sales agent, but how to find, vet and hire the right one. This is a vital, yet extremely overlooked aspect that could make or break the viewership and profitability of your film or project.

In this challenging and competitive world of film and digital content finding the right sales agent is key. Understandably, many creatives, producers and digital content creators find venturing into the world of sales agents to be daunting. But it doesn't need to be!

There are few who know the world of sales agents better than Daisy Hamilton, the SVP of Acquisitions for TriCoast Worldwide who has been involved in acquiring over 100 packages and titles. In this exclusive Stage 32 Webinar, Daisy will give you all the tools to navigate the minefield of sales agents.

Just some of the questions Daisy will be answering include:

What does a sales agent actually do? Where do I go to find a sales agent? How do I know if a sales agent is reputable? What sales (pre-sales, theatrical, TV, Streaming, AVOD) can I expect from a Sales Agent? How can I navigate deal terms. What does a deal terms sheet look like? What is actually selling right now?

Let Daisy demystify the world of sales agents and help you protect the films, shows, and projects you worked so hard to conceive and create by getting your work seen and by increasing your likelihood of profitability!


PLUS! Daisy will walk you through a Deal Terms Sheet so you know what to look for in your own deal!

What You'll Learn

  • What do Sales Agents Actually Do?
    • The relationship between filmmaker, sales agent, and distributors
    • Shopping your film
    • Negotiating the deal
    • Chasing money
  • How & When to Find the Right Sales Agent for Your Project
    • Researching on IMDBPro
    • Red flags to watch out for
    • When/How to approach
    • Knowing your tier
  • Approaching Sales Agents
    • Finding contact information
    • The best way to connect or reach out
    • What you should and shouldn't be sending to sales agents
  • What Sales Can You Expect
    • Pre-sales
    • Theatrical
    • TV
    • Streaming
    • AVOD
  • Navigating Deal Terms
    • A walk through of a deal terms sheet
    • The most important aspects to look at
  • A Look at What's Actually Selling Right Now
    • Genres that do and don’t sell internationally
    • Genres in different countries
    • Expectations vs. estimates vs. reality
    • Upfront MG’s vs. Flat deals vs. Rev Share
  • Q&A with Daisy


About Your Instructor

Daisy Hamilton is the SVP of Acquisitions for TriCoast Worldwide where she has acquired over 100 packages and titles. TriCoast is run by Strathford Hamilton and is a full service media company committed to acquire, develop, produce, market and distribute audio-visual content. Hamilton also founded Rock Salt Releasing as a boutique production company and US distribution outfit. Rock Salt Releasing follows a 50/50 gender parity on all the films it invests in, acquires, or distributes.

Daisy co-founded a new AVOD platform called Dark Matter TV, focusing on curating libraries of sci-fi and elevated genre films and series. She has acquired over 600 hours of content for Dark Matter TV, the app is available to download across all platforms in the USA.

Daisy’s Producing & EP Credits Include: Vice:Versa Presents CHYNA, Ivan Sen’s LOVELAND with Hugo Weaving & Ryan Kwanten, HICKOK with Luke Hemsworth & Bruce Dern and SMITTY, with Mira Sorvino & Peter Fonda.


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The Actor's Toolkit with Alysia Reiner: Acting Techniques + Monologue Workshop

Exclusive to Stage 32! Workshop a monologue from an Emmy-winning show (BARRY) with an award-winning actor from the Emmy-winning ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK!   It takes a lot to find success as an actor. It is, after all, one of the emotionally hardest jobs out there and involves facing constant rejection, putting yourself out there, being vulnerable for strangers. And with overwhelming competition, roles can be scarce, which makes it even harder to sustain a career. Yet being an actor can also be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences, especially for those with the passion. Experienced actors know that finding success involves looking past the obstacles and built-in challenges and instead looking inward. Even with difficulties standing in your way, there are always ways to improve yourself and your craft to not only find more work, but to enjoy it more as well. It’s easy for actors to get so wrapped up in the industry and the system, in who they know and the projects they’re being turned down for that they forget to instead work on themselves and their craft. Yet it’s never too late to start. Investing this type of energy in self-improvement over more negative or cynical practices will unquestionably help you and your career. There are a number of techniques and strategies you can apply to your own life and your own craft to improve as an actor and lead to opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise found. Practices like line memorization, calming your nerves, and moving forward with the right mindset can truly make all the difference. There’s no time like the present to explore these techniques. Alysia Reiner is an award-winning actress best known as the villainous warden Natalie "Fig" Figueroa on Netflix’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK for all 7 seasons, and won a SAG Award as part of the cast. She also stars as Sunny on the critically acclaimed, Peabody Award-winning BETTER THINGS on FX and Hulu and Kiki Rains on HBO’s THE DEUCE. She both starred in and produced the Sundance Film Festival hit EQUITY and Tribeca Film Festival favorite EGG. A few other recent adventures include getting naked in an Emmy Award winning episode of Comedy Central’s BROAD CITY and going head to head against Viola Davis’ Annalise on the ABC/Shonda Rhimes series HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Alysia has been invited to speak at The White House, The United Nations, Google, Cannes Lion, Women's Media Summit, Collision, and countless film festivals and other events about breaking barriers for women in all fields, specifically the entertainment industry. Alysia has led a long, successful career as an in-demand actress largely by working on her craft, her mindset, and other strategies for success, and she's excited to share her lessons learned with the Stage 32 community. Alysia will share her secrets tips and tools that she has learned from booking her first commercial to being on 7 seasons of award-winning must watch television. She will cover everything from acting techniques (learning lines, calming nerves, follow up) to mindset tips to business tools. Plus, Alysia will run an exclusive monologue workshop, something she usually only offers in private coaching environments. She will choose volunteers to workshop a monologue from the Emmy-winning show BARRY! Once you sign up you will be sent the monologue we'll be workshopping in class so you can practice. Let Alysia help you reset as an actor and leave eager and ready to get to the next level in your career!       

How To Grow Your YouTube Audience And Have Your Film Reach Millions

Learn directly from Producer Michael Wormser, whose online distribution projects have reached over 30 million viewers! Never has there been a more opportune time than now for filmmakers to directly reach a global audience. YouTube has not only provided the mechanics to do so, but also provides the bandwidth, platform, and global audience - all at the low low cost of FREE hundred dollars! Yes, that's right, FREE. Thousands of people across the world are using this platform to earn a living telling their stories, creating content based on their vision and their voice… Now it’s your turn to help carry your message to the masses. Many people create wonderful YouTube channels that go unseen. Stage 32 is here to help make sure that doesn't happen to you! In this Stage 32 Next Level Webinar, your host Michael Wormser will teach you how you can harness YouTube to create your own network of content for your film and build a massive fan base. Michael will show you brick by brick how you can turn your film into tangible content, culminating that into a functioning channel, and ultimately helping you get to your target goals and have your film reach an audience of millions of viewers. Your host Michael Wormser operates Level 10 Films, a film and digital production company. Prior to that he served as Head of Production at Maker Studios, Executive Producer at BlackboxTV and recently partnered with YouTuber/Actor Joey Graceffa to produce the hit web series Storytellers, which has received over 6 Million views to date. Michael also produced the YouTube Movie Smiley, starring Shane Dawson and Toby Turner, that currently boasts over 30 Million trailer views, and the Hulu series Tease for Fox Television Studios.

Avoid Legal Disputes on Your Film or TV Project: How to Protect Yourself Across All Departments

Ever get to the post-production part of your film only to be stopped and have to do several reshoots stretching the budget way over? Ever pitch your work only to have to halt negotiations with a buyer due to chain of title? Ever show your completed project only to not be able to sell it due to legal issues it is warped with? Well look no further because this webinar is designed to help you avoid these pitfalls and make sure all your ducks are in a row legally to avoid having your film stopped in its tracks.   COMMON LEGAL ISSUES Often times your Stage 32 Educator Kennington Groff receives numerous calls from individuals claiming (1) that someone stole their idea, (2) we had a verbal agreement and then a falling out and (3) I thought I could use all the materials and whole facility as I wanted. Sadly, without proper detailed agreements in place, there is not a lot that can be done for these disputes. One of the most important things an aspiring writer, producer, talent or any other job working in entertainment someone can do is make sure to get a detailed agreement in writing. While you may think this will cost a lot of money upfront and is not worth it, it will be far cheaper and more beneficial to have these agreements in place upfront than trying to recover or solve a dispute on the backend.   ABOUT YOUR STAGE 32 EDUCATOR Kennington is an attorney who launched her own firm and is now working with Lilenfeld PC focusing on entertainment and intellectual property. In addition to her legal work, Kennington worked as a clips producer on Season 4 of Weather Gone Viral for The Weather Channel. Throughout her career, Kennington gained valuable experience working with top entertainment executives at HBO, NBCUniversal, and Lionsgate in their business and legal affairs offices in Los Angeles and New York City. In this exclusive Stage 32 Next Level webinar Kennington will teach you an overview of legal issues that can arise across all departments to make sure that you are protected on your project.  Plus! With the purchase of this webinar you will also receive: Location Agreement A Production Rights Cheatsheet

Your Guide to a Full Time Career in Screenwriting

"Ashley was fantastic. I liked his realistic and honest view on the job. We learned about the upsides and the downsides. And that is the part I’m Ashley most thankful for." -Thomas D.   Wonderful and insightful class. Great look inside the industry from a manager's perspective, with reference materials too. Blunt and honest but very encouraging. -Darren T.   Includes Exclusive Handouts Including Scripts, Query Letter Templates, Contact Lists and More! The truth is there’s a lot more that goes into being a full-time writer than just writing, and every successful writer working today has learned how to balance the craft with the business. And while each writer’s path to success is unique, it almost always involves building your toolkit, finding the right representation, getting noticed, and networking. These elements do not come easy and are not always self-explanatory. If you’re a writer that’s serious about building a career in this field, it’s crucial to learn how writers have achieved their goals in the past and how you can use the tools at your disposal to pave your own path to success. Ashley Berns is a long-time literary manager who worked at respected management company Circle of Confusion for 15 years before opening his own company, Leigh Hill Management. Over his career Ashley has represented writers and directors including Tony Jaswinski (THE SHALLOWS), Gary Whitta (ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY), two time Academy Award nominee Lucy Walker (WASTE LAND), Nicholl Fellowship winners Alisha Brophy & Scott Miles (INSIDE JOB/Netflix), and BAFTA winner Tinge Krishnan (INDUSTRY/HBO). Ashley also serves as executive producer for the Showtime series WORK IN PROGRESS.  Over the course of four sessions, Ashley will dive deep into the steps you should be taking to build your writing career and the strategies, tips, and advice you can use to find your place in the industry. He will work directly with you in a class setting, focusing on four major aspects of a writer’s career—building your toolkit, finding representation, getting your work and yourself noticed, and networking. In addition, Ashley will provide material for future use including: Successful screenplays, particularly those that started as a query Management and agency lists Successful examples of queries TV pod deals, feature producer deals, film festival lists etc. If you are a screenwriter with the hopes of writing full time but aren't sure where to start, start here!   WHAT TO EXPECT This class is designed for beginner and intermediate students looking to learn the ins and outs of screenwriting as a career This is an in-depth, practical, and detailed class with significantly more content than a standard 90-minute webinar. This class will consist of four sessions, each roughly two hours in duration. In addition to the presentation-style lessons where Ashley will be walking you through various elements of building a career in screenwriting, you will have the opportunity to ask him questions during each session. Plus, to stay motivated and inspired, you will have access to a private, dedicated Stage 32 Lounge where you can communicate with your fellow classmates throughout the process. To see the full class schedule, see below under "What You Will Learn".

Get The Inside Scoop From Film Investors On How They Make Decisions

Have you ever wondered what the people you want to invest in your projects are thinking? Wouldn’t it be great if you could be in the room for the conversations and debates that lead to a project getting the money needed for production? This is your chance to find out. In this exclusive Stage 32 webinar, the co-founders of the film finance company Creativity Capital will answer the most commonly asked questions from producers and filmmakers just like you while sharing exactly what investors are thinking when they’re choosing projects. Creativity Capital co-founders Patrick Fischer and Richard Kondal have spent the last seven years financing films for Netflix, BBC Films, Universal Pictures, and many more. They specialize in financing solutions for global content productions. Patrick is a film producer and creative entrepreneur who has executive produced over 40 films, including the BAFTA-winning UNDER THE SHADOW and the acclaimed documentary feature MCQUEEN. Richard is a film producer, passionate entrepreneur, and post-production veteran. He has spent the past decade working in the film industry with well-known directors such as Mike Figgis, Stephen Frears, and Michael Winterbottom. In addition to answering your most pressing questions, Patrick and Richard will discuss how to structure your finance plan, how to approach investors, and how to close the deal. You will have an insider’s look at what goes into choosing which movies get financing and why exclusively from this webinar. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to see how you can set your own project up for investment success!  

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