The Breakdown Webcast: Writing Compelling Characters

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Webinar hosted by: The Breakdown

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We kicking off a brand new month this week with the Breakdown Webcast: Writing Compelling Characters!  

In this webcast, we talk about how to create compelling characters, how to infuse those characters with a specific point of view and a sense of purpose, and how these traits then affect how the character speaks, acts, and even thinks.



"Thanks for another great session, Jason!" - Martha C.

"This is great. Great Session!" - Andriana R.

"This has been really good to start the creative juices flowing, Jason. I love how you were connecting the writer's personal psychological journey to our character's arcs..." - Sarah B.

"Thanks Jason for the education with your passion." - Debbie

"Thank you, Jason. This was awesome." - Chaun L.

"Thanks, Jason. Great info on character and great clips." - Jill H. 



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