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Mark McQuown

Mark McQuown

Saddleback Community College, Theater Arts Department

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September 2011
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About Mark

Mark Mc Quown is an Award Winning/Produced Playwright/Screenwriter and Novelist with credits on the IMDB at for the film “PJ” (2008) starring John Heard, Vincent Pastore and Robert Picardo. Mr. Mc Quown’s early publication history was for Petite Magazine in Los Angeles in the 1990’s. Since then Mark has been honored as a Quarter Finalist in the 1997 Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellowship with “Pier 21”, as a Semi-Finalist in the 1998 Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellowship with “The China Tiger” and a Quarter Finalist in the 2000-2001 Scriptapalooza with “Jane, The Legend of Mountain Charley. “Graduate School” was named the fourth place winner in The 2006 Winter Script Network Contest in Los Angeles. Mr. Mc Quown just finished his first 317 page fiction novel, Marlowe, about a mouse who learns to speak, wear a suit and saves the world from a voracious viral epidemic that kills all animals in its pathway.

Mr. Mc Quown is the recipient of the 1997 Santa Clarita International Film Festival, Animation Division Winner with “The Rocking Horse Christmas”, the 2000 Telluride Independent Film Festival with “The Tahoe Signal”, the 2002 Telluride Independent Film Festival with “Dot Gone” and the 2002-2003 Key West Independent Film Festival with “Pier 21”. He was a Finalist, along with co-writer Donna Lizzio, in The International Family Film Festival, Animation genre with “The Cat and The Rat”, 2005 at The Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City. Mr. Mc Quown’s play, The Resurrection Of The Snowbird just received The Finalist award in the Stage Writing Category for The Moondance International Film Festival, Boulder, Colorado 2015. Mark’s new musical, “Dragula” just performed as a Staged Reading, Dance and Singing presentation for the Los Angeles Theater Festival at The Complex Theaters on Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, Oct 2, 3rd. http://www.dragula.band.

Mark possess an MFA in Directing from The School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA and is a member of The Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA, Actors Equity Association along with The New York Dramatist Guild and The Association of Los Angeles Playwrights.

Unique traits: Actor-Director-Screenwriter/Playwright-Designer-Artistic Director


  • "Blue Dream"

    "Blue Dream" Comedy Kyle has a marijuana leaf growing in the palm of his hand and he must find a way to remove it before a Mexican Cartel, cuts off his head and serves it on a platter, wearing a sombrero. This is a comedy, a dramedy and a parody about pot, pot smokers and the new rage about weed in this country.

  • "The Keys To The Kingdom"

    "The Keys To The Kingdom" Comedy A young couple living in a suburban townhouse, are so lost in the fast lane, they don't realize that a homeless man has moved in, built a room in their attic, changed their food and cleaned their house, until the real House Keeper discovers Otis but he lies to her and says he is the room mate until he falls in the house and sues them for damages. 

  • "Marlowe"

    "Marlowe" Animation A brown Virginia mouse moves into the room of eleven year old Cole who believes the animal to be an alien and teaches Marlowe to speak and wear a suit. Marlowe repays this by saving the family and a compound of people and animals from a fiercely hungry viral epidemic that almost destroys the world's population of animals. This is Part One of "Marlowe" from the unpublished book Marlowe by Mark Mc Quown

  • "Morgan"

    "Morgan" Budget: $1M - $5M | Fantasy In the 6th Century AD, King Arthur battles good and evil in a story that has plunged forward in time to the present where Morgan, a modern day teenage Witch, fights the battle in her home, her class room and on the blood drenched deserts of Syria fighting ISIS and ISIL with the help of her half-sister Morgause.

  • Hunters

    Hunters Budget: $100K - $1M | Crime Drama Men and women Big Game Trophy Hunters are beingkilled world wide, at long distance, by an Animal RightsActivist who continues to evade the police until he makesone fatal mistake.

  • The Rocking Horse Christmas

    The Rocking Horse Christmas Action Adventure Animation Seven year old Cody must save Christmas for his New England family with the help of his dog and two animated mice.

  • "420 Friendly Street"

    "420 Friendly Street" Comedy Drama An art student in Los Angeles is failing his classes when suddenly opportunity jumps up in the form of a house for one dollar at an auction and suddenly his life is changed completely from a transient to a home owner with a very famous address and a line of paraphanalia..

  • "Graduate School"

    "Graduate School" Comedy Drama A group of students meet in a mid western university and form friendships which help protect them from the sexual predators who stalk the hallways of higher learning in the form of faculty and staff.

  • "Safari"

    "Safari" Action Adventure A mid western family wins a six week paid vacation down the Blyde River Valledy Gorge in South Africa but the vacation turns out to be straight from hell and only their love for each other and National Geographic saves all the lives in this family.

  • "RE"

    "RE" Comedy Crime Family Historical Musical Romance In 2500 BC in ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh cannot make rain come and save the country from drought so he is replaced by a tomb painter who parts the skies and brings the water down.


  • Devil Dogs

    Devil Dogs (2015)
    Film (short) by Lindsay Holt (War) Art director A photojournalist embeds with a team of five Marines during two days of fierce urban combat in one of the deadliest battles of the Iraq War, the fight for Fallujah.

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party (2012)
    Film by Linda Palmer (Comedy) Art director Ben and Julie's annual Halloween Party is about to go off the Richter scale, when their single, high maintenance girlfriend drags in a homeless guy, thinking he's a party goer, because SHE needs an escort. Not only has she dated everyone there; unbeknownst to her, Ben has invited her lame ex-boyfriend in hopes of reuniting them. As she spends the night avoiding her ex, and the other undesirable guys in attendance, she interacts with a colorful assortment of party peeps. Between disappearing fortune tellers and over crowded jacuzzis, she questions if real love is even possible. The irony; the only person she's the least bit attracted to, is the homeless man! Written by Runaway Productions

  • The KW Project

    The KW Project (2012)
    TV Movie by Sandra J. Payne (Talk-Show) Art director

  • Unsolved Mysteries

    Unsolved Mysteries (2002 - 2008)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Art director Host Robert Stack presides over an investigation into unsolved mysteries ranging from murders to UFO sightings. Through reenactments and interviews, viewers are presented with the known facts of each case. Anyone with additional information is then urged to contact the show's producers via a toll-free telephone number. Written by Kevin Ackley <kackley1@aol.com>

  • P.J.

    P.J. (2008)
    Film by Russ Emanuel (Drama and Thriller) Writer, Producer A man who has witnessed a horrific accident retreats within himself. He barely talks, and doesn't even know who he is. He is brought to a hospital where the resident doctor tries to get through to him while the doctor is fighting his own life's demons and an out-of-touch supervisor who wants the man permanently committed. Written by Anonymous

  • Teen Nick

    Teen Nick (2007)
    Television (Talk-Show) Art department

  • The Chelsea Handler Show

    The Chelsea Handler Show (2006)
    Television (Comedy) Art director Comic Chelsea Handler mixes her stand-up routine with taped spoofs, shorts and sketches.

  • Look @ Me

    Look @ Me (2006)
    Film by Todd Wade (Thriller) Production designer Tina Tremaine works for a banking investment company and runs a fantasy website featuring herself. As her modeling career is about to take off, she's kidnapped by one of her Web subscribers. He locks her away in his house in a windowless room wired with sound and video. While her friends and the police start a search, he visits his psychotherapist. Is there any way she can aid in her own escape or will she have to depend on others? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

  • Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003)
    Television (Comedy and Talk-Show) Art director A mix of celebrity interviews, musical performers, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real people with extraordinary stories and talents, hosted by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Endurance

    Endurance (2002)
    Television by J.D. Roth (Family) Art department The successful spin-off series of the ill-fated "Moolah Beach" would still focus on the teams living on the beach on which it does. But unlike "Moolah," groups of eight are about to collect Pyramid Pieces just before sending one team to the "Temple of Fate." Eight colored teams (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and gray), each one consisting of a boy and a girl compete to win an exotic vacation by winning physical challenges and to be the first team to collect all 10 "Pyramid Pieces," in this teenage "Survivor" show. Winning these pieces involves two separate missions, the first challenge is an "Endurance Mission," and the winning team of that challenge will earn a Pyramid Piece, including the "Samahdi," which will handicap an team of their choice in the following challenge, which is the "Temple Mission." The missions are very important to win because the winners have the privilege of picking any two teams to be sent to the "Temple of Fate," where each team will compete... Written by Gary Richard Collins II (hugsarealwaysinorder@yahoo.com)

  • Dahmer

    Dahmer (2002)
    Film by David Jacobson (Biography, Crime, Drama, Horror and 1 More) Art department Before his arrest and conviction for serial murders, chocolate factory worker Jeffrey Dahmer hunts Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for young attractive males to turn into unconscious (eventually dead) human sex toys, current acts which often prompt memories of earlier killings and of dealings with his suspicious but unaware father. Written by statmanjeff

  • The Chair

    The Chair (2002)
    Television (Family and Game-Show) Art department Host John McEnroe offers players the chance to win up to $250,000 by answering a series of seven questions. A player's heart rate is continuously monitored, and if it goes above a certain threshold ("redlining"), he starts losing money and cannot answer until it slows down again. As the game progresses, the stakes and redline penalties increase; also, McEnroe may set off a surprise or two to force the player's heart rate up. Written by Alan Back (ajback@yahoo.com)

  • The Teen Choice Awards 2001

    The Teen Choice Awards 2001 (2001)
    Television by Morris Abraham (Family) Art department

  • Primetime Glick

    Primetime Glick (2001)
    Television (Comedy and Music) Art department Jiminy Glick, a character first introduced on the The Martin Short Show now has his own show. His gross incompetence and clueless confidence shine in conversations with various celebrities. There's also an opening monologue with Glick that usually involves his bandleader Adrien VanVoorhees (Michael McKean), plus commercial and movie parodies featuring other characters. Written by Anonymous

  • Temptation Island

    Temptation Island (2001)
    Television by Andrew Perry (Reality-TV) Art department A real-life dramatic series where boyfriends/girlfriends travel to a romantic place to quiz and fascinate the strengths of their relationships. Once the location has been selected, the couples were then introduced to singles and then break-up with their former partners until the last day of their stay. Throughout the run, they each had the chance to answer questions pertaining to themselves and their recent dating partner. It's here where they will find out if what they believe what their dream date is the one they really want. Written by Gary Richard Collins II (hugsarealwaysinorder@yahoo.com)

  • Friends or Lovers

    Friends or Lovers (2000)
    Television (Game-Show) Art department

  • The 2000 Radio Music Awards

    The 2000 Radio Music Awards (2000)
    Television by Margo Romero (Music) Art department Star-studded music award show live from Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino.

  • Big Brother

    Big Brother (2000)
    Television (Game-Show and Reality-TV) Art department I början av september 2000 flyttade nio kvinnor och män in i det specialritade huset på Kvarnholmen i närheten av Stockholm. Utmaningen kan låta enkel men är i verkligheten långt ifrån en dans på rosor. I 102 dagar var hjältarna i TV-serien sida vid sida, fullständigt isolerade från familj, vänner och resten av världen - ingen telefon, ingen radio eller TV och inga tidningar. I huset fanns allt nödvändigt, men absolut ingen lyx. Written by Robert Olsson <revisorrob@hotmail.com>

  • Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney (2000)
    Television by James R. Stein (Reality-TV) Art director

  • One Love: The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute

    One Love: The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute (1999)
    TV Movie by Lewis Friedman (Documentary and Music) Art department

  • Soul Music Festival: Part 5

    Soul Music Festival: Part 5 (1999)
    TV Movie by Chuck Vinson (Music) Art department

  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour (1999)
    Television (Game-Show) Art department

  • Divorce Court

    Divorce Court (1999)
    Television (Reality-TV) Art director An American nontraditional court show that revolves around settling the disputes of couples going through divorces.

  • Blind Date

    Blind Date (1999)
    Television (Comedy, Reality-TV and Romance) Art department Men and women who don't know each other are set up on blind dates and a camera crew follows them around to record how the date went.

  • The Best Commercials You've Never Seen

    The Best Commercials You've Never Seen (1998)
    Television (Comedy) Art department

  • Sin City Spectacular

    Sin City Spectacular (1998)
    Television (Comedy) Art department

  • Hollywood Salutes Arnold Schwarzenegger: An American Cinematheque Tribute

    Hollywood Salutes Arnold Schwarzenegger: An American Cinematheque Tribute (1998)
    Television by Bruce Gowers Art department Hollywood stars gather to honor the film career of Arnold Schwarzenegger with movie clips and humorous stories about the famous actor.

  • Pearl

    Pearl (1996 - 1997)
    Television by Don Reo (Comedy) Art department Pearl is a mature woman from modest up-bringings. When she realizes she missed out on a lot, she decides to go back to college, in spite of her grown son's protests. She makes a bunch of new, but weird, friends and is constantly in conflict with her snob philosophy professor. Written by Steve Richer <sricher@sympatico.ca>

  • 70's Soul Music Festival: Part 2

    70's Soul Music Festival: Part 2 (1996)
    TV Movie by Chuck Vinson (Music) Art department

  • The 1994 Billboard Music Awards

    The 1994 Billboard Music Awards (1994)
    Television by David Grossman Art department

  • Clean Slate

    Clean Slate (1994)
    Film by Mick Jackson (Comedy and Mystery) Actor Pogue is a private eye with a problem: every morning when he wakes up, he has total amnesia, waking up with a 'blank slate'. Since he is in the middle of a hot investigation and has a developing romance, this is less than convenient. Written by Reid Gagle

  • The 1993 Billboard Music Awards

    The 1993 Billboard Music Awards (1993)
    Television by James Yukich (Music) Art department

  • Roc

    Roc (1993)
    Television by Stan Daniels (Comedy) Art department Roc Emerson, a city garbage collector, balances the pressures of work with the everyday crises of family life in an effort to do what he thinks is best for his wife and kids. Most of the episodes were fairly typical sit-com storylines, but occasionally more serious topics, such as racism, were dealt with. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <rocher@fiberbit.net>

  • MTV Video Music Awards 1992

    MTV Video Music Awards 1992 (1992)
    Television by Bruce Gowers (Music) Art department The ninth annual MTV Video Music Award show. Hosted by Dana Carvey.

  • The Fifth Annual Genesis Awards

    The Fifth Annual Genesis Awards (1991)
    TV Movie by Michael Tobias (Documentary) Art department Awards show looking at the best films and television shows related to animal rights for the year.

  • A Woman Named Jackie

    A Woman Named Jackie (1991)
    Television (Biography and Drama) Actor

  • Fourth Annual Genesis Awards

    Fourth Annual Genesis Awards (1990)
    Television by Michael Tobias Art department

  • Oppenheimer

    Oppenheimer (1980)
    Television (Biography, Drama, History and War) Actor Biography of the American physicist who led the U.S. effort to develop the atomic bomb during World War II, only to find himself suspected as a security risk in the 1950s because of his increasing ambivalence about the effect of his life's work. Written by scgary66

  • Centennial

    Centennial (1978)
    Television by John Wilder (Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance and 1 More) Actor This is the story of the evolution of the town Centennial, Colorado. It follows the paths of dozens of people who come to the area for many reasons: money, freedom, or crime. It also shows the bigoted treatment of the Native Indians by the advancing US colonists. It is topped off with a murder mystery that takes 100 years to solve. Written by Tony Berkoff <aberkoff@hq.caci.com>


  • International Independent Film Awards, Encino, CA, Screenplay Division, 10/28/15 A Winner in

  • Fade In Awards, December 2014 Quarter Finalist, Semi Finalist (Sept 2015)

  • The American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, 2007. Quarter Finalist

  • The 2006 Jury of Peers Screenplay Contest. Semi-Finalist

  • The Winter 2006 Script Showcase Contest. Fourth Place Winner.

  • The 12 Annual Network Fiction Screenplay Contest, 2005. Quarter Finalist

  • The International Family Film Festival, 2005. Finalist in Animation genre

  • The 10th Annual Fade In Awards Screenplay Contest, 2005. Quarter Finalist

  • Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Contest, 2001. Quarter Finalist

  • New Century Writer’s Award Playwriting Contest, 2000. Quarter Finalist

  • The Chesterfield Screenplay Fellowship, 1998. Semi-Finalist

  • The Chesterfield Screenplay Fellowship, 1997. Quarter Finalist


  • UCLA

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