Bill Montei

Bill Montei

MEG Filmworks

Post-production supervisor, editor and sound designer in Hollywood, California

About Bill

Born and raised in Hollywood, California in a show biz family,
Sound Designer and Post Production for over 65 feature films.

Directing and editing music videos in 4k UHD.
In house 4k UHD from capture through delivery.

Green Screen, TelePrompter, Steadicam, Glidecam,
Cine Prime Lens, Super 35mm 4k UHD Digital Film Cameras
Phantom 4 Pro 4k Drone
Foley, ADR, Sound Design, FX Editing, Final Mix for Feature and TV

Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Pilot and
FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor specializing in Instrument Instruction in
Technically Advanced Aircraft. (CFII, MEI, CFAI, IGI, AGI)

Name: Bill Montei

Lives in: Hollywood, California

Company: MEG Filmworks

Occupation: Post-Production Supervisor, Editor, Sound Designer, Director, Sound Editor, Foley Artist, Music Supervisor and Sound Mixer


  • Justice

    Justice (2003)
    Film by Evan Oppenheimer (Comedy and Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Drew is a cute, dorky comic book writer who's still struggling with crippling grief over losing a close friend to the World Trade Center attack. After his friend's death he yearns to do something meaningful as a tribute to those who died. He cooks up the idea of an "everyday hero," a character based on an average New Yorker without super powers. Drew's idea is that we all are heroes in our own way. The idea of course is lambasted by Drew's colleagues. But after he selects an unwitting person to base his character, Justice, on, the comic becomes a surprise hit. Things get sticky when nosy Village Voice reporter Mara becomes determined to find the true identity of Justice... Written by Anonymous

  • P.S. Your Cat Is Dead!

    P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! (2002)
    Film by Steve Guttenberg (Comedy) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Jimmy (Guttenberg) and Kate (Watros) are in the middle of a break-up and completely oblivious to the fact that they're being a gay guy. Kate splits, leaving Jimmy alone in the house with the burgular (Boyar). They confront one another, start talking (?), and suddenly Jimmy's wondering if he's really, you know..."sensitive". Written by Anonymous

  • The Confidence Man

    The Confidence Man (2001)
    Film by Tripp Reed (Crime and Mystery) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Trust, loyalty and betrayal. Don't even trust your best friend! Policeman Stevie Grimes never lost his trust in the police force but has been suspended a few months for accidentally shooting and killing a young boy. Because of lack of evidence in court and with some help from his former partner, Stevie soon finds himself working as a policeman again. When Stevie returns to the police force he is bound to a desk job. Stevie misses the action of the streets and asks his former partner who has been promoted to lieutenant, if there are any interesting assignments available, the lieutenant knows just a case that Stevie can work out perfectly. The lieutenant and Stevie do however share a dark secret... It wasn't Stevie that shot the young boy but somebody very important within the police force, Stevie took the fall out of loyalty. There is a big chance that the murder case will reopen and the lieutenant fears that this time Stevie will point out the real killer. To prevent this from ... Written by Lance_Burton

  • Monsoon

    Monsoon (2001)
    Film by Jag Mundhra (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Harold Robbins' Body Parts

    Harold Robbins' Body Parts (2001)
    Film by Craig Corman (Action, Crime and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Ty's pal J.J. frames him in a murder and cocaine theft in Hong Kong in 1992. Ty's wife Rachel may be in on the con, so, when Ty gets early release from prison as a gesture of good will from the city's new Mainland government, he doesn't bother to look her up. But she finds him in Southern California to warn him that J.J. wants him dead. Whack J.J. first, she tells Ty, so he heads for Manila where J.J. runs a lucrative business under the cover of exporting tropical fish. But what is that business and who's pulling the strings? With the help of Inez, a young Filipina prostitute, Ty gets to the heart of the matter even after Inez no longer has the stomach to pursue the guilty ones. Written by <>

  • Consequence

    Consequence (2000)
    Film by Samer Al-Asadi (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Never Look Back

    Never Look Back (2000)
    Film by Frank Zagarino (Action and Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Jailed ex-fighter Donavan Wallace strikes a deal with the prison warden for early parole - he is to go into a town to pick up a mysterious crate. He finds himself framed for the murder of a local waitress but before being thrown behind bars once again he is able to retrieve, and then hide, the crate. Donavan manages to break free from jail but finds himself pursued by various conspirators who are after the contents of the crate. Written by IvanWong

  • Nightfall

    Nightfall (2000)
    Film by Gwyneth Gibby (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer When a distant planet's six suns slowly disappear, the population is overwhelmed with fear and superstition.

  • Ophelia Learns to Swim

    Ophelia Learns to Swim (2000)
    Film by Jurgen Vsych (Comedy) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Ophelia is a bimbo living with her father and brother in the L.A. Valley. Her Dad expects nothing from her, except to clean the house. Her boyfriend Hamilton seems supportive, but Ophelia experiences troubling nightmares. In them, she reenacts scenes from her favorite film, TITANIC...but Hamilton is encouraging her to jump off the railing ("Go ahead, the water's warm!") and pushing her off the driftwood. Ophelia, like her Shakespearean namesake, can't swim and has a pathological fear of water after her mother drowns . One day, Ophelia's brother Larry brings home a broomstick he stole from "some witch." The family is startled when a real witch shows up on their doorstep demanding the broom, which Ophelia has broken. A new magic broomstick from Denmark costs $7,500. The witch demands either Dad sell his beloved pickup truck, or hand over his daughter. For Dad, it's no contest, and the witch takes Ophelia away on an upright vacuum cleaner into the night. Ophelia becomes the witch's ... Written by Jürgen Vsych

  • Held for Ransom

    Held for Ransom (2000)
    Film by Lee Stanley (Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer In rural Florida, white trash JD, his wife Rita and their mate John murder a bus driver so they can kidnap five high-school students and demand $250,000 ransom per head. The kids are held captive end constantly threatened by JD and wife in their miserable swamp home in alligator country. The brothers Glenn (a cocky, dumb but popular jock captain) and Bruce (nice and bright) Kirkland and Dexter Martin, neglected son of a penniless Newyorker and the class's boxing-ball, must overcome or at least control their strife to deal with JD's envy-driven abuse. The girls must play in to his adulterous appetite. The ransom is questionable, so a matter of anguish for the parents. Several family secrets play a crucial part in the outcome. Written by KGF Vissers

  • 21

    21 (2000)
    Film by Eli Frankel (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer After attending the funeral of a friend he hadn't seen in three years, Justin Sellers decides to reunite four of his old friends for one final weekend trip to Las Vegas. As the events of the weekend unfold, they each learn to confront the life choices they have made and the men they have become during the final days before college graduation. Written by <>

  • White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf

    White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf (2000)
    Film by Victoria Muspratt (Action and Adventure) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Three teenagers are stranded in the wilds of Northern Canada after a plane crash and they must call upon an ancient Native American spirit of a legendary white wolf to help them survivie.

  • Point Doom

    Point Doom (2000)
    Film by Art Camacho (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A Hollywood talent agent's girlfriend thrusts him into a world of strip clubs, drugs and deadly motorcycle gangs.

  • Strike Zone

    Strike Zone (2000)
    Film by J. Christian Ingvordsen (Action) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer In Sofia, Bulgaria, Lt. Col. John Hart, Lt. Rick Burns and an elite team of Navy SEALS are on a mission to stop the transfer of missile guidance technology to a Mid-Eastern country. The system's computer control is hidden in a fake archaeological site - the Lost City of Rajkumar. Written by IvanWong

  • After Sex

    After Sex (2000)
    Film by Cameron Thor (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Five 1990s Californian couples, wed but one, illustrate or contradict the sexual relationship theories of two TV talk show hosts. The women shamelessly presume all men, including theirs, to be unfaithful, yet embank on a girls-only trip to LA, which turns orgiastic to the point of adultery. Back home, loyalty and other complications arise, whether to tell the cuckolded partners or protect one's own buddies. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Easier Said

    Easier Said (1999)
    Film by H. Todd von Mende (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels

    Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels (1999)
    Film by Michael Roush (Comedy and Horror) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A sleepy fishing village is terrorized by a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles.

  • The White Pony

    The White Pony (1999)
    Film by Brian Kelly (Family and Fantasy) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Leah is eager to visit her uncle's ranch in Ireland, until her attempt to ride her cold cousin Shannon's horse results in Silky's being injured, and her ordered not to ride again. When she meets Lucky, a leprechaun who only communicates with her, she learns that the beautiful white beast she's glimpsed from afar is in fact legendary unicorn Uafus, who needs help retrieving her horn to return to her own world. Now Leah has to juggle secretly helping Lucky, whose reasons for helping may not just to be out of kindliness, putting up with Shannon, and trying to win Uncle Jaques' trust by entering her newfound "horse" in the local race. Written by Anonymous

  • The Auteur Theory

    The Auteur Theory (1999)
    Film by Evan Oppenheimer (Comedy, Mystery and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer At an absurdly self-indulgent student film festival, the directors of the (mostly terrible) short films start getting killed off one by one and a budding British documentary filmmaker decides to investigate.

  • The Last Best Sunday

    The Last Best Sunday (1999)
    Film by Don Most (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer, Composer A teen girl enjoying a rare free weekend from her religious parents is suddenly confronted by a young Mexican intruder, who randomly chose her house to hide out. Seems he was badly beaten by two local thugs in a racially motivated attack and he took his revenge on the two. This put him on the run from the local bigoted sheriff. Slowly the two reveal their emotional baggage and become genuinely attracted to one another. Written by John Sacksteder <>

  • Knocking on Death's Door

    Knocking on Death's Door (1999)
    Film by Mitch Marcus (Horror and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Two paranormal scientists attempt to document the spirits which reside at Hillside House. They track down the murderer of a little boy, whose ghost is still alive. What they don't realize is that by discovering the murderer, they might be the next two humans to become ghosts. Written by Mike

  • Last Chance

    Last Chance (1999)
    Film by Bryan Cranston (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer, Composer The Last Chance is set in a Californian Desert where a woman living without a dream meets a man who lives by his dreams. When faced by their Last Chance, the choices they make could destroy what was or they could discover a glowing future.

  • Diamondbacks

    Diamondbacks (1999)
    Film by Bernard Salzmann (Action) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A hard core group of militant American Militia soldiers plot to take over a NASA ground tracking station. Goal: to blow up The Space Shuttle!

  • If I Die Before I Wake

    If I Die Before I Wake (1998)
    Film by Brian Katkin (Crime and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A suburban family is held hostage and terrorized by three intruders while their sixteen year-old daughter first hides, then exacts her own brand of terror on the assailants. Written by Christopher Landry <>

  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day (1998)
    Film by Worth Keeter (Action and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer An embittered satellite expert gets the opportunity for revenge against the USA by aiding terrorists in a plan to destroy the country's military base.

  • The Christmas Path

    The Christmas Path (1998)
    Film by Bernard Salzmann Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Shia Labeouf's first starring role in a magical Christmas tale...

  • This Is My Father

    This Is My Father (1998)
    Film by John Putch (Documentary) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer The story of William Putch and his life's work: The Totem Pole Playhouse. A summer theater inconspicuously tucked away in the blue mountains of south central Penna. With a career span of over 30 years and more than 300 productions, Putch brought the experience and culture of professional theater to a rural community known mostly for its farmland. Written by John Putch

  • Whatever It Takes

    Whatever It Takes (1998)
    Film by Brady MacKenzie (Action) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Two Los Angeles cops go undercover to investigate the distribution of steroids to wrestlers and body builders.

  • Tainted Love

    Tainted Love (1998)
    Film by Jag Mundhra (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Invisible Dad

    Invisible Dad (1998)
    Film by Fred Olen Ray (Comedy, Family and Fantasy) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Doug Baily's father is weird, but a strange machine in the garage now makes him invisible too. Its a roller coaster ride of fun and hijinks as Doug tries to turn his invisible dad back to normal again. Written by Tim Briscoe <>

  • Devil in the Flesh

    Devil in the Flesh (1998)
    Film by Steve Cohen (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer When Debbie Strand is sent to live with her elderly grandmother it is the easiest thing she could have done until things go terribly bad. Her grandmother is too controlling for Debbie and will not let her have a life. Debbie had enough and beats her to death with her cane. Now her eyes are set on her new teacher, Mr. Rinaldi. She finds out that his girlfriend is out of town and erases all her messages on his answering machine. She will stop at nothing to get him even if it means murder. Now the easiest thing for her to do is to kill for what she wants. Written by Kyle <>

  • A Time to Revenge

    A Time to Revenge (1997)
    Film by John Harwood Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • The Journey: Absolution

    The Journey: Absolution (1997)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Sci-Fi) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Most of Earth has been destroyed by an asteroid. A small military colony, New America, has managed to survive in the Arctic. When a soldier goes missing at the colony, authorities send Ryan Murphy to investigate.

  • Catherine's Grove

    Catherine's Grove (1997)
    Film by Rick King (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Undercover cop Doyle is working on a serial killer case that's left a trail of dead transvestites. Then, moonlighting as a private eye, Doyle and his girlfriend are hired by a rich young man to find his sister. The search leads to her mysterious uncle, and the possibility of becoming the killer's next victim. Written by Anonymous

  • Shades of Gray

    Shades of Gray (1997)
    Film by Jag Mundhra (Action and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A beautiful LAPD sketch artist moves back to her hometown in order to forget her past.

  • James Dean: Race with Destiny

    James Dean: Race with Destiny (1997)
    Film by Mohammed Rustam (Drama and Biography) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Casper Van Dien of STARSHIP TROOPERS stars as James Dean, whose remarkable talent and rebel attitude took Hollywood by storm. But as Dean's star begins to rise, his passionate affair with Italian ingÃ�©nue Pier Angeli (Carrie Mitchum of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) angers her disapproving mother (Academy Award nominee Diane Ladd) and studio chief Jack Warner (Mike Connors). How did a broken heart, reckless behavior and his relationships with Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo and director George Stevens (the legendary Robert Mitchum in his final screen role) lead to Dean's ultimate race with destiny? Connie Stevens, Joseph Campanella and Casey Kasem co-star in this revealing biopic that goes behind the myth to tell the true story of the superstar who lived fast, died young and left a legacy that changed movies forever. Bonus Features Trailer Deleted scenes English subtitles

  • Strategic Command

    Strategic Command (1997)
    Film by Rick Jacobson (Action, Drama and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Rick Harding is a former Marines officer, now working in the FBI as a chemical weapons designer. While packing up for the night, a group of armed soldiers led by wanted criminal Carlos Gruber, break into the FBI research lab. They steal large amounts of a newly created germ warfare chemical called Bromax-360, loosing two of their men in the process before escaping into the night. Written by IvanWong

  • Alone in the Woods

    Alone in the Woods (1996)
    Film by John Putch (Comedy, Crime and Family) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Two dopey kidnappers get more than they bargain for when a super-smart ten year old which gets separate from his parents, which also uncovers their plot....and swings into action, Home Alone-style.

  • Cashing In

    Cashing In (1996)
    Film by Anne Dremann Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Rule of Three

    Rule of Three (1996)
    Film by Fred Calvert (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Roger meets and marries Sam, then becomes concerned about her fidelity and asks his best friend Roger to try and seduce her so that her true love can be proven.

  • Moving Target

    Moving Target (1996)
    Film by Damian Lee (Action, Drama and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A bounty hunter with a pregnant wife who is urging him to get a regular job gets framed for murder and trapped in a war between Russian gangsters.

  • Fugitive X: Innocent Target

    Fugitive X: Innocent Target (1996)
    TV Movie by David Heavener (Action, Drama and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer, Composer Lets play games. Games of death. Adam Trent (David Heavener) is the hunted and what seems like the rest of the world is after him. The least he can expect is to be maimed. Written by Richard Jones <>

  • Terminal Rush

    Terminal Rush (1996)
    Film by Damian Lee (Action) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A local cop tries to save his father and several others who have been taken hostage by terrorists at Hoover Dam.

  • Disturbing the Peace

    Disturbing the Peace (1996)
    Film by Thomas Patrick Smith (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Gold Buckle Dreams

    Gold Buckle Dreams (1995)
    Film Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Bang

    Bang (1995)
    Film by Ash Baron-Cohen (Crime and Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A young woman in L.A. is having a bad day: she's evicted, an audition ends with a producer furious she won't trade sex for the part, and a policeman nabs her for something she didn't do, demanding fellatio to release her. She snaps, grabs his gun, takes his uniform, and leaves him cuffed to a tree where he's soon having a defenseless chat with a homeless man. She takes off on the cop's motorcycle and, for an afternoon, experiences a cop's life. She talks a young man out of suicide and then is plunged into violence after a friendly encounter with two "vatos." She is torn between self-protection and others' expectations. Is there any resolution for her torrent of feelings? Written by <>

  • In the Living Years

    In the Living Years (1994)
    Film by John Harwood (Drama) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer, Composer Dan Donahue discovers that his parents' divorce when he was a boy is negatively affecting not only his life, but his potential marriage to Sue, the woman he loves. He writes a very painful letter to his father Mike in an attempt to resolve the estrangement between them, so that he can move forward with his life. Written by kotrofos

  • Wolfridge

    Wolfridge (1994)
    Film by Jonathan Banhart Waessil Sound Designer, Remix Engineer

  • Cyber Tracker

    Cyber Tracker (1994)
    Film by Richard Pepin (Action and Sci-Fi) Composer Eric is a secret agent currently working as security guard for senator Dilly. The senator is the main advocate for a new kind of police officer: the Tracker, an perfect und nearly unvulnerable android. When Eric realizes that senator Dilly is playing dirty games, he does not only have Dilly's security chief Ross after him, but also those nearly undefeatable Trackers. Written by Oliver Heidelbach

  • Sunset Strip

    Sunset Strip (1993)
    Film by Paul G. Volk (Drama and Thriller) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Young woman gets into the stripping business.

  • Magic Kid

    Magic Kid (1993)
    Film by Joseph Merhi (Action, Comedy and Family) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer Karate action and laughs never cease when a brother and sister go to California to visit their uncle. They soon discover that he's an alcoholic on the run from the Mob who want him to pay up or else Written by &view=simple&sort=alpha" >Khelben "Arunsun" Blackstaff <>

  • Bikini Summer II

    Bikini Summer II (1992)
    Film by Jeff Conaway (Comedy) Sound Designer, Remix Engineer A pair of rich daddy's girls discover a bum and take him home because he is starving. In return, the bum teaches them about the real world and helps them start a rock-and-roll band. Meanwhile, the rich family has problems: the husband likes S&M with women other than his wife, while the wife likes to watch a sexy home shopping TV channel. The comedy has a happy ending, of course, with the girls putting on a rock-and-roll concert at the beach. The movie has lots of girls running around in bikinis and French maid outfits. Written by Anonymous

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