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Can and how can a parent be ones agent?

David W. Potter (Credited As Gordon T. Emerson)

They can... But seldom a good idea. But just because they are not your agent does not mean that they can't be on set. Think about it this way your agent is working to get you work they have contacts in the business that will help get you auditions and hopefully callbacks which led to WORK. Do your parents have such contacts? Do they a background in Entertainment contract law? do they really know a good deal in a contract from a bad one?Do they understand residuals, multi-market deals, proper pay rates, perks, per diam, and a whole host of other things to factor in? As a parent I get their interest in wanting to look out for you and your well being. But Also to factor in if your agent isn't working out you can let them go and get another. Ever fire a parent? It isn't pretty. LOL Are you taking classes? Real classes not just through some company taking your parents money, but from people in the business that can help you learn the craft. And while they are teaching you they can work with your parents on the ins and outs of the business. I'm not an Agent, I Direct and Teach, but not in your area. I lend you this advice only because I want you to be successful and enjoy this craft, as I have for over 40 years. Be careful out there, learn your craft you never really stop learning. Never sign anything without READING it. Always have a lawyer look over your contracts, before signing. Check out everybody before you take work with them. Including whoever you end up with as an agent. Never PAY to do an audition, that is a scam. Never agree to go alone to a photo shoot always have someone with you, as a minor this should not be a problem for any legitimate production. Gook Luck and be well

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