Acting : Audition Perspective... by Alyn Darnay

Alyn Darnay

Audition Perspective...

(Alyn on Acting) I’m constantly asked how I’m able to still be happy after auditioning and failing to win the part. The question is why aren’t you? You need to adjust your attitude toward it all. Here’s my secret. Every time I lose a part, I know, “I’M ONE AUDITION CLOSER TO THE PART I WILL GET!” It’s simply a matter of perspective; I never look at it as a bad thing. Just by auditioning, you’ve had a great opportunity to flex your acting muscles and try on a new personality in front of a critical audience. Acting is a hard career road to follow; statistically actors will loose out at auditions 80% of the time. You need to maintain balance to stay on course. Looking ahead is the perfect way to maintain that balance.

Dave McCrea

Yeah Alyn true, it is a numbers game, but I still try and assess what I could have done better and how to improve my batting average

Dan LaRoy

I tend to be happy if I felt good with my performance even if I didn't get the part. If I feel bad about my performance I kind of beat myself up over it though just because I know I can do better. All you can be is the best version of you. Sometimes that's not enough though and that's OK.

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