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Stephen Marcus


do you think awards are worth it? Or are they just a popularity contest?

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Stephen Marcus I would say, my opinion, though, that my answer resonates with the latter question. In other words, awards are 'platforms' or expressions through which certain subjects of interest are brought to the attention of higher-ups, known authorities and big players ('the gladiators', i call them. In that light, therefore, awards are just worth 'the asserted surface values'

Jose Eduardo Penedo

Unless it's an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe or the Grand Prix at Cannes, Berlin, Sundance or Venice, it should be seen as an achievement on your way to something bigger. But yeah, mostly they're popularity contests. When it comes to film festivals it's just a platform for festivals to "discover" talent that aligns with their ideas.

Kinney Scott

both these dayz films are just eye candy the awards are jewels when we grew up in 60-80 films had meaning and you were real with people on the set

it was afeeling of family no what i mean?

Karen "Kay" Ross

It depends on the award - some are cash prizes, which is nothing to sneeze at since that could help fund your work. Some are opportunities to pitch or network or gain representation, like with Stage 32 contests:, I think it depends on how much faith do you need others to have in your work because a film poster with 2 laurels on it isn't going to catch my attention like 20 will. Winning contests can be a very big marketing tool.

Alun D Pughe

Haha both?! Awards, like so many things in our business, are marketing tools. Do you hire the actor with the Oscar or do you hire the one without? The award suggests that the actor is talented and dedicated so they then are more appealing to the production. The fact that awards are often a bit of a "who you know" process is of course a different conversation! :D


Steve James

If my fellow professionals gave me a prize for my acting, I'd be impressed, thankful, shocked and weepy.

Claude Gagne

A token of appreciation is all. An Oscar! Pretty grandiose, but what about the ones that shone and never did get one? And, why is that? You need to pick one!

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