Acting : Be kind. by Zedrick Restauro

Zedrick Restauro

Be kind.

You are an actor. You have dedicated your life and yourself so that stories may be told through you as a vessel. Remind yourself that this craft is a selfless one, not a selfish one. When you are criticized, ridiculed, and laughed at by your choice to pursue this, just give them a knowing smile and walk off. Because you know they're wrong. We are actors because of the love we have of the craft, and through this love of it, we understand the selflessness of it all. Giving yourself up for a story. It doesn't matter if you have tons of lines, 1 line, or a reaction shot, who you are is in service of a story. And someday when you have enough success in the industry, you'll get to have a choice which stories you want to tell, hell, even write them yourself. But until then, you sacrifice a lot, in service of the stories you can be a part of. So when you walk out of that audition room, don't walk away thinking of things you didn't end up doing, or how what you had planned to do didn't happen in there. Look back and BE KIND. Choose one thing you did that you loved. Choose another thing if there's more, and there usually is. Someone advised me to do this recently, and I practised it after an audition, and man did I feel free. As actors we get caught up on things we don't have, things we haven't achieved yet, and the hurdles we have to get through. So remember to stay positive, and stay kind to yourself. This will radiate onto other aspects of your life: in how you treat others, and how you are perceived in the audition room. People are drawn to kindness. Not selfish, needy doucheface Shia Lebeouf types.

Tony Fisher

Good advice. Think it applies to almost all creative areas.

Amanda Toney

Awesome post, Zedrick!

Leona McDermott

Fab post. And I second what Tony said :)

Zedrick Restauro

Thanks Tony, Shannon & Leona! I appreciate it. Good to know that it applies to other creatives as well. :)

Zedrick Restauro

You're welcome Alessandra! Stay positive and best of luck with your career!

Tony Fisher

I know how you feel Alessandra, I did 17 applications this week. Im laying odds on not hearing anything back. All I can do is keep trying and keep creating, why; because its what I love.

Zedrick Restauro

Thanks for sharing Tony! Love your spirit & perseverance. The pursuit of this craft does get disheartening and disenchanting sometimes, but those times that we do win (the triumphs of getting an audition, landing a part, getting an agent, making fans of a casting office), oh man does it feel amazing!

Cylinda McAlister

Yes all goo stuff, we have to keep going until we hit the right audition for us. There may be a lot more no's then yes but that just isn't the one for us. Never give up....:))

Tony Fisher

Yes, couldnt agree more. Got given a "no" today but each "no" brings you one step closer to a yes.

Jonathan Jules

Thank you for such motivation today

Zedrick Restauro

Very true, Cylinda and tony. All the no's lead to those yes's, when the time is right and when we're ready for them. You're very welcome, Jonathan!

Jorge J Prieto

Just read your post, Zedrick. I was deeply moved. You are a true artist, wised beyond your birth years. I follow in each performance the advice I learned and practiced many times on stage and acting classes which is simply " behave truthfully in imaginary circumstances." And like you said, BE KIND to oneself and to another. Cheers, my friend and thanks for sharing your wisdom with ALL of us here and where ever life takes you.

Zedrick Restauro

Thank you Jorge, your response means a lot! Wishing you the best. :)

Charlotte Talley

Amen this is good advice thank you

Zedrick Restauro

You're welcome Charlotte! :D

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