Acting : Casting Websites - How many is too much? by Emma Wilde

Emma Wilde

Casting Websites - How many is too much?

Do you think it looks good or bad if you are on all the casting websites? I am on the three main ones here in the UK: Spotlight, Casting Networks and Starnow, I also have a IMDBPro page but I have found for casting in the UK its a bit dire! plus a couple of others (which is are free at the moment) how many do you think looks okay?

Alan White

It's probably fine to be on all three. Different casting director's may only use 1 or 2 of those sites, so by being listed on all three you increase your potential exposure.

Michael Longwood Lothery

You can never have to much promotion I rather have to much than too little.

Emma Wilde

Thanks for the helpful comments guys, its always great to get someone's else opinions especially when you are so close to the subject (i.e. me!) lol

Patrick Stephan Marshall

I see no reason why not to expand your chances as much as you can. I personally would not mind. It may seem a bit eager if you are everywhere, but not if you are, where it matters. ;)

Emma Wilde

With Self Promotion it seems More is More!!

Sand Das

Hello Emma, Happy weekend, Nice point to discuss, publicity demands exposure, as much as you can, make it filled with key stats in the form of content throughout web. But you must have one of your own signature branded website to back them up. A lot are there to discuss but motto is still the same. Anyway I have seen your imdb page link is broken in your Stage32 profile, please fix that. Thanks Keep in touch, -Sand skype:

Elise Southerland

Does anyone know of any really good casting sites that are effective here in US preferrably the states New York and Philadelphia?

Alan White

A lot of people use Actors Access ( including my agency. It handles both east and west coast castings. I've only used it a little but I like what I've seen and have heard good things from other actors using it.

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