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Cover Letters

I was scrolling though casting notices on Backstage and many of them ask for a cover letter along with a headshot and resume. Can I get some insight on what constitutes a good cover letter? I don't have a whole lot of acting experience yet and I want to know what kind of content casting directors are looking for in a cover letter. Thanks!

Tony Fisher

Hey Madeline, cover letters can be a pain as I never know what to say. I always use the cover letter as more of an introduction. I talk about what I have done, what I learnt and stress how keen I am to gain more experience. Depending on who you ask some will say a cover letter is essential and others will say its just a formality. As long as your honest about what you have done and what you feel you can do, also you can google acting cover letters if you want more examples. Sorry if I wasn't much help. Good luck.

Bil Gaines

Hey Madeline, I don't have much experience with cover letters, but I work in marketing, so I'd take that kind of approach. A cover letter will do a few things for anyone on the other end reading it: 1) It will show you've got a brain. You don't need to be Robert Frost, but you should be able to write sentences in modern English. If you can't, your cover letter will do you no favors. 2) It will tell them whether you understand what they're looking for. Do all the research you can on the role and the people involved. 3) If you get straight to the point, it will indicate that you won't waste their time. Hello, my name is, I'm interested in this role, here's why I'm a good fit, here's a quick sentence about my history (to show I'm not some unreliable flake, but rather an attractive professional). Sincerely. The people reading the cover letter have to deal with a lot of m

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