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Egypt Reale

Dealing with Sharks

One thing I'd like to give to my fellow creatives is a bit of my way of thinking when it comes to the "dealing with sharks" in this industry. I am sure you have all heard about the big money types who are the heads of this or that - the "who's who" as they say. The ones who can be a bit aggressive and in a way "cut throat" when it comes to the business of the entertainment business. Although, BIG business types can be "sharks" and can be intimidating to a creative person - there is one thing I have found that helps - with control. I find that big business types are the way they are and that is great - it is necessary to be tough in business and they are good at it. I, just smile and nod and continue to move forward because I keep in mind what the artist must never forget and that is, that the shark is the shark but the artist is the OCEAN and without the ocean the shark can not exist. So why be intimidated by a shark. Grant them the right to be what they are use them for your benefit - if they are willing to play your game your way - if not move on - there are plenty of sharks to play with - know you hold all the power.

Chris Connell

Thanks for sharing Egypt. Good stuff. Reminds me of the movie "Swimming With Sharks" and show "Entourage".

Egypt Reale

LOL Thanks

Dorothy A. Atabong

Hi Egypt, walk away thats what to do. I came across a nice experience guy who was willing to help me out when I wanted to shoot my short. He was going to introduce me to his contacts but wanted to do my budget for $1000, Something I could do on my own. Keep in mind this is a 15 min low budget short film. It was very tempting since he was more experienced and has been in the haul much longer and made such nice promises. I was glad I told him I would think about it and walked away.

Egypt Reale

I can understand that. Good job.

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