Acting : Help for freshman :) by Michaela Drescher

Michaela Drescher

Help for freshman :)

Hello, I am really knew in the acting business and I have a few questions. I hope you can help me :) 1. How can I create a good monologue? How should it look like? How should I play it in auditions? Does it matter if I watch against the air or to the director? 2. How should my headshot look like? (Is the picture attached ok?) :) Thank you so much that you will take your time to read my text. :) Have a nice day everybody! All the best, Michaela

S'alfrico Watson-Grant

One thing you can do if you're in NY is to check out the International Film Institute New York, or the New York Film Academy for students who may be able to assist you with headshot as well as a decently lit monologue, perhaps shot like a scene out of a movie...

S'alfrico Watson-Grant

examples of professional headshot from Merritt Portraits Studio in Denver

Michaela Drescher

Thank you :)

Regina Lee

Check out my friend Uma's conversation about acting with Stage 32 Founder RB.

Debbie Croysdale

I used to do a traditional Shakespeare monologue together with a monologue from a more modern play, as stark contrast. It depends on which establishment you are auditioning in, usually there is a list of prerequisites to follow on the day Eg some establishments give you certain choices, from which to choose one or two, others give the person auditioning free reign on choice. Rehearse , rehearse, rehearse until the words are part of you, and you no longer have to "think" of the words. If you are any good at another patois/dialect, this shows another layer to your talent in reciting monologues, but don't waste time on this if it doesn't feel natural. It's not rocket science, some people are just good at mimicking the way others speak more than others. Video yourself , practice a few weeks on the same monologue, then video yourself again and compare the two. Watch the film and the play (if possible) the monologue is from. Off course these days actors/actresses can hand out DVD showreels/Monologue extracts/Web Pages etc, but with regard to live on the spot auditions, material is unplumbed from deep within. Pick plays/screenplays YOU like the feel of, and go from there.

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