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Michael Curtis

I'm Stuck

Hey Guys, I have just been feeling really stuck right now. I don't have an agent and all the casting calls I look at are for extras and occasionally stand ins, but they are rarely fitted for my look. I would love to get deeper into the industry, but as far as budget is concerned I cannot afford to give away large amounts of time doing free Indie work. I work near Atlanta and maybe I just don't have a good ear for this stuff, but if anyone can give me tips/words of encouragement/job listings/ job offers That would be great. Keep rocking the stages and screens of this world guys.

Nick Hoffa

Hey Michael, I'm in LA and don't know anything about Atlanta. But a couple thoughts: - Do they have Casting Director workshops in ATL? That is much more of a direct line to work. - Of course, they take some cash. If that's an issue and you are really committed to this, would you consider taking four or five months with one goal, to make some extra cash that will go directly into classes/workshops/new headshots etc? Basically take the pressure off acting results for a bit so you can make smart investments in your career in six months. Any business needs some initial investment to get going.

Amanda Toney

Hey Michael, we actually have an AWESOME webinar coming up on the business of acting. I think it's right up your alley. You can read more about it here:

Christopher Inlow

Create your own productions. You can rent a stage to have it performed on.

Suzanne Bronson

background is a good way to get experience and make connections. Be professional, make friends with the AD (they do the casting submitted from the CDs). Some directors and talent talk to the background, so just be available. You get paid to learn about filming and to network. Wouldn't put it on your resume though, but signing up with the background talent agencies is a good idea especially since they're free. (Or should be.)

Cynthia Garbutt

I've worked as an extra, also. Why not try other film-related jobs (e.g. runner) at Pinewood Atlanta? At least that will get you deeper into the industry and allow your network and options to grow.

Chantelle Marie

I know the feeling! I'm from the UK but had this exact issue about a year ago. I think this industry is all about patience, something will come along in time but it's very important not to get down or disheartened about it! I do think it's a good idea to invest in some classes just to show potential agents or CDs you're committed to the craft & want to learn more, I understand this can cost a fair bit but it definitely helps in the long run! I saved up for an acting course and after completing it in December I managed to get an agent end of January. It takes time but it will pay off, just keep your ear to the ground and network, network, network!

Richard John Andrews

Keep plugging away. Andy Nyman's book (The Golden Rules?) Is something i heartily recommend.

David Coffey

The only stability in any industry is the one you create for yourself. Unless you get lucky or you are in on the "inner-circle" of that business, everything takes time and perseverance. If it is worth it for you and what you desire enough.

Michael Curtis

Hey, thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it, and thank you for all the support.

Patrick Edward Wynne

I understand your frustration, I second Alle's comment. I recently put my two weeks in at my job and am fully committing to acting. When you devout your time, energy, and effort with burning desire great things will come from it. Good luck, Michael!

AJ Taylor

Michael hang in there. Also I would appreciate any comments about sites like actor's access or explore talent, any feedback or experiences with any of these sites from anybody out there? Thank you.

John William Sammon

Dear Michael. Here are the tips: Join a performing group if you can in the area. Audition for plays (even if you don't get the part, they might remember you next time). Or, volunteer to move props and sets for free (if you have time) on a play. They'll owe you a favor in the future. Find out what show business related events are open to the public in your area as long as they might be low cost or free and attend. Then network the event, meet people. Get an agent. Anybody can do it. All you need is a little time and perseverance and some good head shot photos a photographer friend takes of you for the price of a pizza. Memorize a scene and make sure it showcases your talent to its best, film it and put it on the internet. Send this clip around to people casting roles that fit you. Make studying upcoming casting calls regular required reading on the web. Respond to the ones that seem to be you. Inexperience is nothing if you look right for the part and shower them with sparks in your audition. Having money isn't as important as being able to find some time to pursue acting jobs. Any determined actor finds a way to satisfy both.

Chantelle Marie

I think all these comments have re-inspired ME to keep pushing on & plug away for the break! Some sound advice in here guys so thanks from across the pond too!

Brandon de Vito

I find that, in this era of technology and instant gratification, the nature of what we do has changed in a way which doesn't necessarily reflect the craft. When I find myself in a dessert between roles, rather than walk into studios asking the question, "I'm a thirsty actor, do you have any work?" I take the Van Gogh approach. I go out and expand my community. I do odds and ends projects at houses, which I otherwise wouldn't do. In 2014, I volunteered for light board at a Comedy Club, and found myself doing standup, then part of a Musical Theater Improv Group. That led to founding a 40's style radio show, which led to voice work for Amazon's book-on-tape service. And all the while, I was finishing my own Musical for Fringe in the following year. Every actor understands where you are. It is enough to show up at the venues you love, say, "I am in need of art and community" and partake of what's offered. The truth of art, is that there's no system to it, and you never know where you'll end up. But community is at the core of what we do, and if you're feeling stunted, that's where I'd start.

Mark Schaefer

create your own productions, write scripts, join the theater, etc. etc. Please check out or latest video and LIKE and Subscribe! it's free! We cast actors from time to time for our shows.

Clay Banks

Hey Michael, love to invite you to a workshop at the studio next week. It's open to any actors that are serious about working, not just looking for play time. If you've never been to the studio before, it's free and 2 hours of teaching. I coach actors on the craft, and on navigating through the business side of the industry. Invitation is open to anyone you'd like to bring along as well. Hope to see you there -Clay

Jonathan Roberts

if you are near Atlanta look up local agents, People Store, Jay Purvis, Clear Talent. BUT DO NOT PAY TO BE REPRESENTED

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