Acting : Important question!! by Adrian Pedrin V.

Adrian Pedrin V.

Important question!!

How many of you guys and gals are willing to cross the border and film in Mexico? I get amazing shooting locations and free catering here, the amount of money i save is ridiculous. Im an american citizen and I'm white and tall, why do i say this? Because its been an excuse for some actors to not want to shoot in Mexico, because they stand out because they are white. If anyone is interested in seeing what i was able to do with 500 dollar budget in Mexico(feature wise) let me know and ill send a screener.

Chris Connell

I'd be willing to cross the boarder into anywhere if A- I like the script B- Feel it has distribution potential based on team's prior distribution experience C- Production pays for my travel/per diem (standard stuff) D- I have a decent place to be during the shoot. Not sitting on an apple box in the desert for whole shoot. Those are my thoughts. And I have a passport :) See my profile and inbox me for more info. Thx and good luck Adrian, cool that you are making things happen! -Chris

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