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Joe Nicolosi


I've been in quite a dilemma as of late. What do you all do for jobs when you're not on set? It's hard to commit to a 9-5 for the time being because you never know what's going to come up and when. Gratefully, I have done some Indie work recently that has helped me from going completely broke. Like most of you, all I want to do is act but need something lucrative on the side during the process. Any ideas on jobs that pay and provide flexibility? I'm curious to hear what you guys do.

Charles Howard

Well Joe, you get a regular 9-5 job and work like a dog for a year to become indispensable to the company, then you re-negotiate in the following year for the time flexibility you need. That's what worked for me, but it did require stepping back a bit from acting during that first year. By the way, I'm the inventory control manager and purchasing agent for a worldwide electronics firm. Hope that helps.

Sarah Nadine Sadik

Joe, I work at a school for a before & after school program. It's been hard but you begin to get the hang of swinging an audition here or there while working. It's tough, but like Charles Howard said, you have to work incredibly hard to accomplish both.

Chris Connell

I've waited tables for years. I'm driving an UBER Black SUV right now while I finish my real estate license. Eventually, my long term solution will be real estate to support life/acting. But for now, the UBER Black lets me turn off the app whenever I want so I can got to auditions, as I'm about to do right now! ;) -Blessings.

Rebecca Caldwell

Learn how, and manage social media accounts for businesses, photoshop or editing. All can be done from home if you've got the know how, and reliable Internet. Plus, you stay in the industry sort of, so you're still being creative.

Suzanne Bronson

I work as a caregiver. It's great because I set my schedule. If I don't want to work, I don't have to. (unless I have a regular) but it would still be easy to schedule auditions around that. You can work a anywhere from a 2 hour shift to a 24 hour shift. Ideally 3 12s is perfect as it leaves the rest of the week for me to "work" on my acting career.

Aaron Echegaray

It's definitely a difficult balance. I've been a fan of high end coffee shops, and it's nice doing early morning shifts and having the rest of the day free for the actor work.

Matthew Cornwell

I did substitute teaching for high school in my early years. You got choose each day whether you wanted to work or not. It only paid about $80/day (back in the early 2000s in Atlanta), but it flexible.

Mark Roman

I created Vegas90210 (dot com) as a street act in Hollywood, then Vegas, so I could develop my improv comedy and get paid (as opposed to stalking open mics). As a result, I got some nice press from none other than Tom Lennon as well as paid gigs from time to time at Beacher's Madhouse at the MGM Grand Vegas and The Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood. Create your art and if it is good, the right people will notice. This globe is a small town when it comes to entertainment. C'mon, we're competing against reality TV, right?!

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