Acting : Just had my first professional audition. by Clint Pardue

Clint Pardue

Just had my first professional audition.

It was horrible! Not the audition part - the people were great. But man oh man did I let my nerves get to me. Talked too fast, flubbed lines, looked like a squirrel trying to cross the interstate.

Stephen Dean

I've seen you act and you got skills! You got it and will crush it next time! :)

Stephen Dean

I've done the same thing quite a few times myself! LOL!

Kim Napier

What did you audition for?

Clint Pardue

It was a web series but I really liked the folks at the production company.

Rebecca Caldwell

Yeah, take it as an educational experience. Then forget it! Good luck for the next one

Shelley Reid

I feel your pain. There have been many times I've auditioned and thought I aced it and didn't get the role. Other auditions I felt I completely blew, I got cast. They may call you yet! If not, file it away as an invaluable experience and learn from it. Here's hoping you get the call.

Owen Mowatt

"I looked like a squirrel trying to cross the interstate" LOL! I got dibs on that! Don't be too hard on yourself. I`m sure even Casanova creamed his pants first time around.

Clark Lewis

Oh I've been there and it's the worst.

Barbara Faye Glover

It's a bitch, everyone would be doing it if it was sports figures and politicians....or is that the training ground for them...I'm looking forward to a Clooney being on my TV and Ban The Bush. Sorry I digress. Look up Paul's Blog Taylor I think,I'm bad, he's a casting director in NYC, great information about auditioning with and without sides. I coach actors too and I audition as much as I can and that's what I tell them, practice makes....never perfect....your not Jesus...but you get skills...Breath always Breath and take it as lightly as those sports figures do....or as Shelley Winters aka Shirley Shrift said, "They are lucky to be getting me, that's what my mother taught me."

Sean O'Connor

I got a callback on my first professional audition for. a commercial. No idea how I got it or what I did well with but I went back. It was a 2 person commercial and when I stepped in to the waiting room, my future acting coach was sitting there. He had been called back too. My fear was realised when they called us in together. I clammed up, a room full of creatives and I dod a stupid improv line. He booked the ad. For 3 months in class he kept reminding me. I've had 30 commercial auditions' or more since then and it does get easier. Focus and breath deeply in the 10 minutes beforehand. You'll do great!

Gadget Griffiths

Have my first professional "in front of camera" audition tomorrow. Only ever been on stage .... Never in front of camera before so probably feeling the same as you right now :-)

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