Acting : Method Acting by Peter Oruamen

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Peter Oruamen

Method Acting

The other day I was reading up about Marlon Brando and I came across his method acting skill. There was this instance in class that really struck me. His teacher had told everyone to act like chickens when a bomb is about to go off. Everyone except Marlon Brando went panicky. He was sitting in one corner, brooding like chickens do. When his teacher asked him why he didn't act like the others he said, "I'm a chicken, what do I know about bombs". I thought that was cool. Method acting requires deep introspection into oneself. Its the ability and amplitude of an actor to project his feelings within a character. i think method acting is cool.

Melissa Bonet

My first contact should be understated and not to over sell myself.. OH wait are we on? oh jeez.. now what do it say?

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