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Tasha Osborne

Remembering Lines

What are some ways that have helped you to remember your lines? I know everyone is different so what works for one may not work for another but I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Also, if you get cast for a movie or television show how does that work? I mean, do you have to memorize one full episode of lines each day or a little at a time? Thanks for any advice, tips.

Timisha Lashaun Collins

I usually read over the whole script to get a better understanding. Then I highlight my lines and read only the scenes I'm in back to back. I read one line then repeat it until it's instilled in my brain lol. Having a friend read other lines helps to

Jane Drake Brody

Don't memorize lines; memorize images. Try to do this while you are moving, not sitting. The read and repeat method only works so far because you will find yourself seeing the page rather than the person to whom you are speaking.

Tasha Osborne

Thanks everyone for the replies!

Dean West

First step is find a trusted coach! Learning how to break down the scene will serve your dialogue twice as fast! Tons of free info on my studio page if you just want to go learn and read for free. Dean west acting studio . Com. No spaces.

Tasha Osborne

Thx Dean! I'll check it out =)

Michelle Lulic

Writing down the lines and then just writing down the cue lines -- so you can read and respond out loud -- usually works best for me! But it's extremely time consuming. Otherwise, rehearsing each scene individually with a partner works best. Really paying attention to what the other person says so you can respond truthfully is key. Just my 10 cents! :)

Brianna Ellison

I've always found the best way to learn lines is by getting up and performing it. Rehearsing the scenes on your feet will give you better muscle memory too.

Tasha Osborne

Great suggestions, thanks everyone!

Dean West

Just remember guys, Film/Tv acting is different then the stage. The camera picks up and reads our emotional activity, our vibrational emotion. If you are faking it or are not truthful in your moment then we can see it. That being said, if we work by memorizing Cue lines then we are not living in the moment but "ACTING" If we remember our lines only by rehearsal like the stage then our lines become like a song and began to sound the same every time like a Rhythm. TV/Film should be the first time every time. You can not try and strive to do the scene you see in your head, that again is just "ACTING" you want to be able to let go of all the work you have done on the scene and be completely present so that your dialogue is formed based on the content of the moment or the reply or the action. You must live moment to moment. Get specific in your work or you are just going to be another generic actor, that is good, but not great..

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