Acting : Representation? by Georgia Kelly

Georgia Kelly


Hi guys! I'm on the verge of dropping out of university to pursue my acting career in more focus, but the one thing I'm currently having trouble wrapping my head around is representation. Does anyone have any tips? Advice? Stories from when you first started seeking representation? And what exactly do I require before I send requests off to agencies? Thanks very much!!

JD Hartman

Are you union? Do you have a strong CV filled with speaking parts that are lead or supporting roles? Do you have an accurate and up to date IMDB page? If you don't appear marketable, don't expect a lot of interest to be shown by agencies.

Michael Wearing

Hi Georgina My advice is to stick with your Uni and get your degree. Especially as it is in a related subject. The contacts in the network you create whilst at uni will be invaluable to you as you strive to make a living as an actress... I wish you luck...

Jorge J Prieto

I, second the advice of JD and Michael. Take acting classes, do theater, learn techniques and apply it to your roles. Get that degree if you can. No one can take those two: Your artistry and your degree, ever from you. Follow your instincts and stay positive.

Adam Gary

If you're in Birmingham UK, have you bought a copy of Spotlight Contacts? Once you've found the agents you wish to contact the Agents make sure you research them. Their work ethics, client etc and remember to personalise each and every email. No bulk emails. It's painstaking. And bloody hard, I sent out 50 emails in January and either clashed with other clients or they weren't interested.

Rick Mowat

I think you're on the right track Georgia. With a few exceptions, most universities are not conducive to your acting career. I don't know which school your at but in the US there are maybe two worth attending - Juilliard and Yale and that's because you will make strong connections with other very talented actors and there is cache in going to these schools. But even in this case, most of the graduating class will end up in NY or LA and take classes and start from the beginning. Go to London immediately and seek out the ultimate acting teacher and get in that class. Then submit for as many stage plays, short films, film projects etc as possible. See plays and hang where actors hang. Another thing I wouldn't do is read books about acting technique. Mostly all garbage and will just confuse you. The best teacher is being on the stage. Don't worry about representation at this point. Just pursue your career with passion and abandon and if you do that long enough - agents will find you.

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