Acting : What is my character type? What is yours? by Christopher Trastoy

What is my character type? What is yours?

As actors, we can play any character that there possibly is but the likelihood of us being cast for those roles is a different story. It is very important for everyone to know their character type. (I have trouble with this myself) Your character type is a kind of character that you can believably play on camera. Lets face it, I can not be cast for a film that is looking for an 80 year old Asian super villain. I can not play 80 or Asian with out some type of make up or special effects. What are 5 characters or character types you can easily see me play and audition for? I encourage you to do the same. It would help hone our skills on finding a monologue tailored to our character type.

There is a slippery slope between character types and stereotypes. I do not agree with stereotypes in films.

-Chris Trastoy

Christopher Trastoy

I believe that "What is your character type" should be a sub-tab under the acting section in the lounge. This is very important and many of us, including myself, need to know what other people (strangers) see us as. It is important for a stranger, someone that does not know you, asses your character type because they do not hold the bias of knowing you and your personality. We want to be judged purely on how we look.

Like this if you agree. If you need help on your character type I encourage you to post as well. If you disagree completely with I have to say that is cool too. An opinion is great, but justify your reasoning.

-Chris Trastoy

Stephen Foster

I'm the younger leslie jordan: short, funny & 100% unique!

Egypt Reale

Christopher, You are a very good casting range - you are pleasant, strong and funny naturally. You can play, Jewish, arab, gangster, attorney types, business men, Computer specialists and the funny friend. As a start I would look into all the roles played by these actors for you as casting possibilities - Cristos, Vin Diesel, Mark Ruffalo and some of Jesse Eisenberg roles.

Christopher Trastoy

@Egypt Reale thank you for the feedback. This helps. I am in the process of finding a new monologue and just looking for feedback. Post something on this feed if you would like, and I would do the same.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Yeah, I see where Egypt is going with her comment. I would add on a stone-faced military man and anything that follow suit - bouncers, body guards, firemen, cops.

Egypt Reale

I agree with Tomasz those also work for you.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Just be good at being a character. Period. Range. You get hired because of your range. Accents, Genres. I am 3rd generation New York Show Business(mostly Actors and Musicians) So I have been around this industry all my life my late Uncle Hy Anzell(IMDB) when Woody had him on set he just gave him what he wanted. Just show up and bring your best.

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